A secret undiscovered
What was that thing you mentioned?
Keep changing stories round til
We run out of happy endings
Maybe I was mistaken
Is that a risk worth taking?

If I don't fall apart
Could I catch the bits of falling star
If I replay the words you said
Could I somehow make this right again?

Or do we fall apart?
Memories go bad before they're gone
Just how we live this life
It isn't right.

Saying no one's to blame
I bet that's easy for you to say
You say you're not to blame
Isn't that easy for you

And in the morning light I
Woke up with your reflection
A picture perfect doll that
Sparks the best, my recollection
Igniting passions left so
**** unattended

So quick to move ahead
We might've left it wrong again
Is there anything that we could save?
As we dig another shallow grave

And then we fall apart
Memories turn bad, and then are gone
Burning fragmented lives
Turn on each other, out of spite

And you say no one's to blame
I bet that's easy for you to say
Saint Audrey Sep 29
chasing shades across the borderline
Living shadows leave me misaligned
Shaking hands, release compounded ideas
Violent dreams

Slipping farther from an open mind
Blue and broken, for end of time
Parting ways, never could decide
Just how it should be

Counted down all the time i spent
Reuniting with my arguments
Running lists of all types, worthlessness
Not that hard to see
Saint Audrey Sep 29
Could you stay the same
For just one more day

Could you stay
The same
One more day

Do you feel that weight?
Starting to shake
Distant thunder begins to roar

I exist through sleepless nights
And the chances
As the first few drops start falling down

Pleasure and pain
Human traits
Vying for attention in the back of lucid nightmares

Everyone is the same, after all

Could you stay the same
Saint Audrey Sep 21
Everything will fade away
But I'll still be staying here
In my crumbling dream

Nothing for this ache
Bright against the light of day
The centerpiece

For the first time, in a long time
For the very first time...

Vacate every side in space
One last chance that we could take

Moth writhing in the flames
Never meant to be
Drawn up to the ledge I found
waking soulless sleep

For the first time, in a long time
Maybe for the the last time...

Take a deep breath
Sort out your answers
Take off the mask
Look through your own eyes, again
Take a deep breath
Brace for impact
Saint Audrey Aug 26
A single word, all that comes to mind
For thought, or setting things aside

All the glowing neon signs
And everything that I try so desperately to convey
I just can't find the right words

It's got to have rain
No doubt
And light as well, so long as it's gray
Or neon red, with hues of blue
As long as its night
Or something tangible in white
Something representing past days

Ages ago, but familiar feeling as well
Ages, only years maybe
As long as its different

Some otherwise abandoned alleyway
Shipping bay turned rave
Abandoned shopping malls
Frozen over lakes

Minimalist design
Clean, and insulated against

The heart of the woodlands
Something like a cabin where
The lines between the outside and
Not are too disjointed to
Make a distinction

Maybe half the magic comes from
The inability to capture outside of
The occasional photograph that strikes
up some match
A spark or something
I don't know for sure
But if I capture it maybe
I don't have to feel it any more
I'm not sure if I'd be any
Or just worse off.
Saint Audrey Aug 25
It's still not ok
But then again, when has it ever been

Keep on screaming "its ****** up"
Take back your words, but you'll never take back enough
I've got a feeling over time
You'll stumble over what you didn't want to find

Keep throwing bricks against the stone
Chipping away, until you wear it down to bone
And you've broken everything away
I'm leaving you to rubble, burying your turn of phrase

And keep on screaming "its ****** up"
Save the world, but It will never be safe enough
And all your pity is in vein
Tripping over syllables, you never planned to say

It's not ok
But when has it ever been

It's still not ok
But I'm guessing that's the way it will stay

So keep on pouring out your guts
Slick as the ropes that I never thought I'd cut
And break yourself against the stone
Amid the bricks, you'll quickly find yourself alone

Not sure what to say
Not looking so happy now
Never a bad day
Still not ok
It's still not ok
Saint Audrey Aug 4
Another sunbeam, lost along the way
Remembering, long gone summer days
When the world was calmer
Everything sounded clear
But now your words keep falling
Ever further from my ears

Another sunbeam, lost along the way
lost to the elements, that pull like tidal waves
eroding further
Now the chaos reigns
Lost amid its shadow
Til its slowly pulled away

Do you think you'll look back at this moment in the same way
Since its not so disimilar
Since it sparked that particular memory

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