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An achromatic  photo
a tumbling rock

                              A snow packed peak
Every inch of stone covered in weighted white
Rolling and growing...
growing and rolling...
the only sound heard, ice kissing ice
And my screams
Do you hear it?
The avalanche of my life
It has a sound unlike any other
A crescendo  of every experience compounding on my soul, demanding to be seen, heard, felt, feared

Warning level 5 avalanche
Please evacuate the area for personal safety, hazard may cause more calamity
Mark Wanless Nov 2019
i saw a man waiting for a rat
     to come out it's hole
     so he could eat it

the snow was menacing but i
     did not notice i passed by
     no avalanche ever came

standing naked on a small ledge
     anxious waiting to drop hard
     i masturbated and left
Blade Maiden Aug 2018
The dream is wonderful
but empty
until filled up, til it's full
filled with the idea of you
Love is like an avalanche
what a beautiful word for a disaster
how willingly we work on our own sabotage
Aren't we just the most silly creatures?
Feeling for another, one of our most valued features
Feeling recklessly even if something breaks
never stopping no matter how high the stakes

Snow came for me eventually
covering me up completely
For I am loved momentarily
I am frozen in place
waiting for spring
to sip on sweet juices once again
to leave on your chest nothing but flowers
I wait and count the hours
til the avalanche comes for me and devours
all that is in me
Pyrrha Jul 2018
You said I was a snowflake,
You told me that our love was rare and delicate,
But I've found that snowflakes collect together to become dangerous and cause devestation,
A force of nature.
You told me love was like a snow flurry,
But ours was an avalanche.
This was origionally only two lines.
Uta Jun 2018
Do not laugh and mock nature of how it is,

for it can bring disaster whenever it wants and how it wants,

from volcanic eruptions to tsunamis,

we are nothing compared to it.

Our weapons today won't stop avalanches and earthquakes,

nature is far more powerful and stronger then us then we think.

Of course, there are people that know this,

but some may think that humans,

are stronger than nature.

In what way really?

As I see it if nature makes up her mind she could swallow us all at once if she decides to do it right this instant.

But she won't, know why?

Because nature is fair and knows how to control herself,

but humans aren't so we only know one thing,

and that is,

Comment and tell me what you think!
Inga M Jan 2018
they resemble an avalanche rather than a summer's heat
my parents
Viseract Jun 2017
And here I am just chillin alone, so cold to the bone more frozen than Frozone
Hypothermia, doctor doctor
Got places to be can't you fix me up faster

This avalanche is ever-lasting
Pass the parcel the pain aint past it
Waiting on a whim is it really worth it
Honour and duty but so close to deserting

Flee and be free of fear containment
Constricted and closed off, self-enslavement
Harden up and be tough, roadworks and pavement
Detour and derail to prevent persuasion

Tactical retreat the feet beats down
Live to fight another day or be six feet under ground
The silent treatment is a healing sound
But the heart beats cleanly too lost to be found

No map could make or break this problem
I got a little lost now I'm tryna solve it
Never used the stars to guide my path
But if i have no faith I'm ****** to die fast
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