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May 2017
It never dies but never stays the same
And I must admit I like to watch it change
Cause the world is empty and I am as well
Skipping down to the sound of a funeral bell
But I still love and I'm still alive
Give it time; I'm sure I'll turn out fine
Lonely only in my mind

Something I can't grasp but
Makes me feel so self-aware
A little bit of sorrow
To compliment an empty stare
That never lies
But truth be told, I've paid my fines
And I've never felt better
Than I do when I

Let it all unwind
Ease the burden of my crimes
And hesitate or meditate on what I'll leave behind
Thinking of the end never made it get here any faster
And if I've got to be thinking all the time

Yeah, maybe
Free will is a little bold
Everyone is bought and sold
The sale is final and denial
Never helped out anyway
Maybe living for a dollar is as bad as they say
But make no mistake
I wouldn’t have it any other way
Saint Audrey
Written by
Saint Audrey  Neither/I don't even know anymore
(Neither/I don't even know anymore)   
   Shanath and ---
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