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Summer Michelle Jun 2016
I know you're talking
I hear you

I know you're watching
I can feel your stare

I know you notice
When I leave the room

But it's how it feels
When all you are
Exists but it's not alive

I know you're talking
But I don't know why

I know you're watching
But why do you care

I know you notice
But why is it me

Slowly I stopped living
But I still existed
I was still breathing
  Jun 2016 Summer Michelle
I was born with love, from my poet's heart
From his thoughts, he gathered my parts

I couldn't bring him praise, for his shining words
Silent without glory, I was left unheard
This is my tribute to all those poems which had beautiful words inscribed in them but they still failed to reach many of the readers it should have.
I know many of the poets in here could know for what I was trying to say in this short poem of mine.
I can feel, the poem too feels bad for it!
Summer Michelle May 2016
I faced my devils
Now you're facing yours
Are you keeping me around for security
Or do you mean it when you tell me
That you love me

I broke myself down
I bled myself dry
And it seems to me
That I'm watching with my broken eyes
As you do the same

I found my way back through the pain
That my method acting brought me
And now I can only sit and watch you
While you take your pen
And follow in suit

I'm trying to be okay
I'm trying not to push you away
But the devils I forgot to face
Are the ones that arise when love
Is at stake

I believe you when you say you love me
But it's been a while since I've been loved
And every time they leave me
For every reason they said they loved me
So forgive me

I'm still broken
I am whole in more ways than I ever was
But I'm still broken
When it comes to the thought
Of losing you
It's been a while since I've had the chance to write anything.
  May 2016 Summer Michelle
she hides
her tears
in the

she walks
around with
her heart
on her

she talks
about all
the things
everyone else
is too
afraid to

she thinks
about way
too many
things but
can still
force a

she knows
that in
order to
be loved,
you gotta
love yourself

And that's
what she
is trying
to do.
It’s the year of you and don’t you forget.
Where happiness sits at the top of the list; but
smiles are reserved for those who deserve
the gems of your affection, shining so bright.

You’ll embrace those that enrich your existence.
The guardian angels and mad hatters, who
make your soul tap dance to the music of the mighty,
whilst unleashing a belly laugh like no other.

You’re a working woman who’s a work in progress.
Learning the art of adulthood
whilst darting in and out of Neverland,
a commute full of surprises.

You’ll see the light, or maybe just sense.
Realising that grades don’t measure success,
those pointless paper squiggles have nothing
on you.

It’s the year of you and you should be excited.
Because great things lie ahead for the
dreamers with a passion, so open your eyes
and get ready.

© Sarah Mullaney
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