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K Balachandran Jun 2018
clatter in attic,
cloud army rehearses war dance;
cleans dusty armour!
Aditi Kumar Jun 2018
I wish I'd said hello to you at the door,
Rather than wait for you atop a white horse, at the bottom of a tower.

I didn't recognise you.
I've only ever seen you in armour.

So that's what your face looks like underneath your helmet.
And your hair is curly
I never would've guessed.

I wanted to sing your praises
when you made my heart stop.
But all my wide eyes did
Was see you pass right through me,
Without so much as a glance.
It's no use waiting for a perfect person to show up and love you. Smile back at everyone who bothers to smile at you in the first place.
Lyn-Purcell Feb 2018
Just because they

LOOK better doesn't mean they

ARE better.

They've only donned their

armour to hide their

demons BETTER.
We all do this but some master it early and better than others.
J Jan 2018
No, love.
I am not a knight in shining armour.
My armour is bent and dented and
cracked, and underneath it are cuts
and bruises and scars from the horrors
of the countless battles I've seen, and
some of them almost did break me.

No, love.
I am not a knight in shining armour.
But if you'll have me,
I'm prepared to take a vow and swear
an oath of fealty and devotion and love.

You need only ask.
You need only ask.
Lyn-Purcell Dec 2017
I've been fighting so many battles...
My sword is weeping
My shield is dented
My armor bloodied

The magic in my eyes has long
since been robbed from me.
Though are I times I want to
roll over and die,
I don't...

One cannot be strong all the time
But I try not to let others see the chinks in my armor
Of my mind
Of my soul
Of my heart

I'm so tired...
But now,  at least,
my heart is now accepting a concept I have always known.
I now sees that grave reality.
Been absolutely hellish...but I'm still here. Least I can write about it when the going gets tough....
Happy Christmas Eve, everyone
Lyn-Purcell Nov 2017
Wolf howls, wait and see
With love, the greatest armour
Rises from our souls
© Poem by Lyn-Purcell
Karoline Oct 2017
Covered in my shining armour,
carefully hiding all the love that I harbour.
Straight back, head always held high,
never showing them how hard I try.

Don’t offer a smile, they may not smile back. 
It’s better to fake the strength that you lack.
Pushing away the dream of true love,
covering my heart like a hand in a glove.

“Resting ***** face”, “intimidatingly fierce”,
sunglasses covering all of my tears.
“You’ll be happy alone”, I tell myself,
dreams of marriage pushed back on the shelf.

But then how is it, in the end of the day,
when I lay down in bed, it’s of true love I pray.
When the armour comes off, and I’m true to my soul,
I feel something missing for me to be whole.

I stretch out my body, my muscles are sore.
Bruises and marks from the armour I wore.
Like light through a crystal, it all becomes clear,
my shining armour was created by fear.

What I thought was my helper, was always an enemy;
pushing potential soul mates far away from me.
Keeping me away from all that I wanted,
all caused by memories of which I am haunted.

“Strong independent woman”, “single by choice”,
most times I don’t even believe my own voice.
But at night without the armour, I see the true me;
my soul and my heart both rejoiced to be free.

It’s time to be brave, let them all see;
the love. the kindness. the vulnerability.
I’ll take off the armour, piece by piece, over time;
true strength comes from within, and I see this is mine.
Madhu Jakkula Jun 2017
I wear my skin like a black shining armour
protecting myself from the scars left by you not letting anyone see,
holding secrets within me
leaving your mind to wander,
masking my pain
to reveal a perfectly imperfect me!!
Simon Soane Mar 2017
No armour made me feel strong,
until you
came along
and infused every
***** with staunch
and bold
and sun.
David P Carroll Nov 2016
As I hold my love
In my arms I breath
Easy smiling
At her holding
The woman I love
In my warm arms
She smiles and
Cuddles into
My me I whisper
Into her ear
Your my
Beautiful princess
She smiles
And whispers
Into my ear
Your my knight
And shining armour.
David P Carroll
Knight And Shining Armour
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