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J-Long Feb 2020
An old man stares at his suit of armour,
With the weight of the world
Upon his shoulders

Armour which at one time
He wore proudly,
Worn down by war and all its horrors

He had made a vow
To only dawn it,
In the darkest of hours

And as his world darkened
He emerged...
Ready to face whatever death conjures
MyLinh Mar 2018
My heart stiched back
My stomach now flutters
Your arms are my walls
You are my knight and shining armor
My cries become laughs

My calls are useful
My lips on yours
I'm here with you

Only you

Others look
They see my smile
My walk becomes better
My thoughts becomes cleaner
I am who I was and I'll never change

I am here with you
And no one will tear us apart

And no one will ever stop me from loving you
AnolikeAkau Apr 2017
Tell me.
How would you feel if you knew,
That January of last year I wrote a suicide note and nearly acted on it?
I'd like to know how you would feel.
Jordan Rowan Dec 2015
You can refresh your mind
Discover what you need to find
"It will be just fine"
We'll see
It seems you're out of line
And you've gotta find the rhyme
It'll come back to you in time
Just like me

There's somewhere else around
In another town
Where I've heard you've been found
Paying dues
It's not like I'm blind
But I can't see the signs
They'll come back to me in time
Just like you

I'm not a crying man
But I did way back then
When you said it had to end
That I was free
But now you're finding out
I'm hard to do without
For you, I've had no doubts
Just like me

It's personal again
But I can't believe it, my friend
You're back here again
What can I do?
The attitude has died
It's grown up and realized
It had to come back to me in time
Just like you
LovelyBones Aug 2015
My friend and my enemy for so many years
Bringing me constantly back into tears
Holding me back, taking control
Watching and laughing while taking her toll
Making a home in the back of my mind
Discovering secrets that no one could find
Giving me feelings like never before
Quietly whispering, not anymore
Satisfaction as you waste away
More and more bones everyday
Deceiving and lying, warping your thoughts
Leaving you dying, shaken, distraught
And after your life's been too close to hell
She moves on to the next, without a farewell
Marisa Lu Makil Jul 2015
And now
Even now
After working so hard
Not to love you
I find myself
With butterflies
Every time
You touch me.
Putting his arm around me, hugging me, touching my cheek with hiis thumb. Why does he have to keep playing with me?
Girl On The Wing Nov 2014
I saw you
Walk in late
And sir down with her
I remember whem
She would have been me
I saw you

I saw you
Look over your shoulder at me
And whisper
I saw you

I saw you
At the end of the night
You took her by the hand
Ducked your head
Avoided my eyes and my thoughts
And left
I saw you

I thought you were gone
I thought I was free
But you were there
I saw you

— The End —