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J-Long Sep 2022
I feel like I'm running
But the line's getting further
I reach for the sky
As i start to fall faster
And all of my hopes
Are put out to pasture
When i reach out to life
But keep falling right past her

"Don't worry about the ground,
Its just rising up to great me.
Think about the peace I'll feel,
When mother earth gets to eat me
Though i tried so very hard
That I'm convinced that life did cheat me
Here I am just falling...
As if she already beat me"

So i do away with logic
Expel any rational thought
Always better at my worst,
Oh you must've forgot
So bring out Despair
And famine and Rot
Let them do their worst
Before i show what I've got

I've lost this fight before
But since then I have changed
Started speaking with the beast
Cause he often seemed so pained
Now we fight as one
And i have no need to feel ashamed
This time I'll be victorious
Cause the beast is now unchained
J-Long Aug 2022
Gather around
Listen to my voice
I bring you news
And i bring a choice
Some shall lament
While others rejoice
But a decision will be made
When i hear everyones choice

The town is in peril
The streets filled with chaos
People turned meek
While others become callous
The leaders have met
And come up with a plan
To rid the town of demons
And return the streets to man

Either put up the walls
Return to the old ways
Or survive the demons
And live in chaos for all your days
The decision is yours
So choose wisely
The demons are harsh
But the old days should not be taken lightly

Let the people speak
And decide their fate
I pray you choose quick
Before its too late
The town is being overrun
At a steady rate
So the final decision
Will be announced at a later date
J-Long Aug 2022
Some people rejoice
As the walls come down
And the sun shines again
On a once dark town

But for some
It is judgment day
As the demons of the town
Come out to play
The atheists plan
As the religious pray
But it was those same prayers
That brought them here today

A town with no walls
Has no protection
As people come and they go
With no discretion
But maybe now
The people will have more satisfaction
When the walls come back up
At their own suggestion
J-Long Aug 2022
Oh my brother!
Bringer of light
Made from the fire
Oh what a sight
Why anger father?
Why try to fight?
It doesn't matter
You will have my might

You called to us
We answered your call
But we had no chance
Though we gave it our all
We tried to run
Some tried to crawl
But in the end
We caused our fall

Oh the fall
Oh it was heated
Curse the ground
By whom we were greeted
On earth's throne
You were seated
But no compensation
For how we were treated

Our brothers love you
Talk of your greatness
Follow every command
Oh what blindness
As for me
I'm filled with sadness
I should have known
Should have seen your madness
J-Long Feb 2020
An old man stares at his suit of armour,
With the weight of the world
Upon his shoulders

Armour which at one time
He wore proudly,
Worn down by war and all its horrors

He had made a vow
To only dawn it,
In the darkest of hours

And as his world darkened
He emerged...
Ready to face whatever death conjures
J-Long Nov 2019
What makes you
Want to start a war?
What fact of life
Absolutely shakes you to the core?
Is it maybe
The exploitation of the poor?
Or that you'll never again
Hear extinct beasts roar?

As i go through life
I am left with one question
What will it take
For our cancerous existence to see regression?
Will it be a massive reduction
In our population?
Or a global catastrophe
Causing planetary evacuation?
Maybe its time
For such a situation
A forced act of unity
Being the best choice for such an occasion

But in the end
What is it all for?
Many have died
For what we now consider folklore
Have we really surpassed
Those who came before?
Even though we hate natural plants
Enough to start a war?

The world is truly ******
And there's not much left to do
The only ones who will really suffer
Are those left after me and you
So maybe its time we band together
Make the world look spanking new
Give hope back to the young youth
And to those that already grew
J-Long Nov 2019
Every night many kneel down to pray
Praying that they wake up the next day
Some just go out and have fun
Taking the opposite choice of a nun
Either way their day is done
Internet lovers still surfing
Night time turns into morning

Daylight comes for all
In some places with a rooster call
Days are for all the busy bodies
Nights for all those with hobbies
Though both are great for tv binges

Killing time playing on pc
Internet surfing to watch a movie
Linking memes to friends
Laughing together till the day ends

Having fun
In an attempt to pass time
Making money
Sometimes by committing crime
Everyone is different
Live you own life
Free from fake commitment
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