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J Apr 14
I came and
I saw her;
she laughed,
and I was
J Feb 26
We’ve had our time,
albeit too short.
We’ve had our chances,
but somehow, I still
managed to **** it all up.

Third time’s a charm,

Maybe, that’s why
I never got enough of you.
Maybe, I never will.
Maybe, you really are
the woman of my dreams.
And maybe, it is supposed
to stay that way...

...a dream.
Third time’s a charm, perhaps?
J Feb 18
Little did she know,
I love her
and the chaos
in her heart.
J Feb 12
I kept running away.
But no matter which
direction I go, I don’t
know if it’s the right
way. When I feel that
I found the right way,
I can’t seem to go
too far.

Maybe I left my heart
at the place where
I gave it to you, and
you left it there, too.
Right. Right. Left. Left.
It doesn’t matter.
J Feb 9
Some people go
to great lengths,
others wait
their entire
lives to find
“the one”.

Some will luck out,
and some will
be out of luck.
But the true
lucky ones
are those who
went looking in
front of a mirror,
and found it.
Have you lucked out yet?
J Feb 5

It is that
we keep

the labels.
Dangerous in large doses.
Could be toxic if too much.
J Feb 3
Truth is,
most of us
are junkies.
chasing for
that hit,
paying with
our hearts,
all for the
high we get
from the
sweetest drug
called love.

I promised
myself that
I’ll be sober
and clean.
I need to
get you
out of
my system.
Out of my system.
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