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J Oct 2020
I catch myself
wondering what
it feels like to be
loved by you.

I’m almost certain
it would be blissful;
as if my heart’s 
gonna burst into 
gazillion pieces,
and like stardust, 
float across the 
infinite cosmos.

But it is a distant dream.
And it’s time to wake up.
I wonder.
J Oct 2020
Indeed, she’s a
shooting star;
fleeting, cutting
through the
night sky.

What joy to
have seen
such fire.
What misery
to know she
will never
be mine.
J Jul 2020
we see things
clearly when
we close
our eyes.
J Apr 2020
The truth is...
we don’t love
the person
we love
because they
love us back.

We just love them.
No reasons.
And quite frankly,
that’s what makes
it so liberating.
Love freely. No reasons.
J Dec 2019
She is but a dream;
a dream that would not fade,
even long after waking up.
And will remain a dream.

A meager attempt after a long break.
J Apr 2019
I came and
I saw her;
she laughed,
and I was
J Feb 2019
We’ve had our time,
albeit too short.
We’ve had our chances,
but somehow, I still
managed to **** it all up.

Third time’s a charm,

Maybe, that’s why
I never got enough of you.
Maybe, I never will.
Maybe, you really are
the woman of my dreams.
And maybe, it is supposed
to stay that way...

...a dream.
Third time’s a charm, perhaps?
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