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So I've been going this way or that,
"Searching for someone with the answers,"
All my life I've simply been searching for a
Simple path, of trails that can lead you to realistic love,
Beggars can't be choosers, winners won't be losers,
We're all here for the same reasons, under the same sun,
Different homes-with different worlds we come from.

So we're all human beings, a great big human race,
A family of love that keeps building walls
And finding wars that just pop up
From out of the dark for someone's
Fear or another person's hate.

I've given in to temptation by your ideals,
Sure!  Given the moment I'd try my fate
With lady luck!
My only question isn't where did this all
Come from, but instead-how does it all add up?
Alisha Shibli Jun 27
What’s the point?
To struggle for the unknown
To suffer uncertainty

What’s the point?
To believe in a bright future
While living in the dark present

What’s the point?
To have people who care
Who only offer sympathetic stares

What’s the point?
To lose a bit of you everyday
Trying to build a fuller you for tomorrow

What’s the point?
To try and keep everyone happy
While feeling miserable inside

What’s the point?
To anything...
True love must assert a soul binding liberty -
But what is right in you, seems like a crime within me.
Your favor leaves me nothing else to require,
You answer my every wish and long out-run all my desires.
What more can I expect while I live?
All your princessly diadems that you so sweetly give -
On that: there you pause; then sighing, you said,
This is justly destined for your worthy head.
For when from my toils I shall at long last rest,
This latest augment of this life - oh I’ve been so blest.
Your lawful issue shall to my lap once again ascend
To the collateral damage of my heart that somehow you end.
My love, though oppressed,  moves toward your light -
Dauntless  –  secure  – full of a native fight.
Of every royal virtue that you surely must possess;
Never be still dear, be the bravest, be you, be the best.
Your courage knows no foe, your truth to proclaim
It is your loyalty that I hope is your biggest fame.
Have mercy on this nave my dearest find,
For surely you must be of the forgiving kind.
Why should I then repine against Heaven's decree,
That somehow, someway - you fell in love with me.
It's not all about being loved - it's all about truly loving....
Johnny walker Jun 17
Sometimes left wondering what It's all about this oh
so complicated that we live
and Is the end game to It
Question I quess that I will never get any answers too
I been asking the same questions all my
What the meaning our life
and of all that we do throughout our life what's the real purpose of
And the end of our days when  all said and done I'll still be asking the question why and what Is our end game finally to
Questions I've asked all my life when all said and done what will our end game really be
what's a poem really a question or an answer
twenty six years here and just more questions
You hid pieces of yourself,
In places you would never look.
Hidden within those inner landscapes;
Unable to remember their names.
Johnny walker Jun 10
And at times my life has been
a long and never ending road I have walk throughout my life never seemed
to reach an
A road forever stretching
out In front of me the more
I walk then more road appears but one day
I'll reach the
And then maybe when I
take that last and final walk towards the light I'll get
some anwsers to
tell me what life
was all
My just long never ending road that I've walked throughout my life asking questions along the way but as yet I have no answers
I'll have to wait my time
Mya May 23
When it comes to drawing
I feel that not even one dot
would be considered perfect.

People may say it could be the closest thing to perfect
but if nothing in this world is perfect
my art is the farthest thing  
from it.

In math
I can solve a perfect square equation
but not all have perfect answers
they are just right answers.
Rickey Spence May 20
I used to think I was doing good,
Then came, something to compare myself to.
If you only understood,
That has its ups and downs as my goto.

In one hand, I know where I can grow,
But in the other, I’m such a failure.
I inevitably will either plateau,
Or crash, or find my savior.

There are three outcomes I see,
Only one seems favorable,
The other two look so unfree,
These facts are surely averrable.

Thank God I’m among such quality people,
His will is the best place I can stand.
Not just stand – run! Even up a steep hill.
He’s put me here and I’m guided by His hand.

I will always look pretty decent,
If I compare to the right ones.
This is not new – not recent,
A tradition, on and on it runs.

Balance, a difficult achievement.
Either I’m feeling low or high.
My mind feels no bereavement,
But my emotion, I can’t quantify.

Side by side, I always scrutinize,
Am I on level with their standard?
The oil tanker of my pride, capsize.
As I drown, drag me landward.

God, If I compare to you, though,
I fail every time, incessantly.
An inimitable aspect ratio,
I fear I am done – dreadfully.

So why do you reach down,
And cover me with righteousness?
Not a lie, your reputable renown.
Ignore those whose words are libelous.

You show mercy to the worst,
When we humble our pride.
None are too far accursed,
We are righteous, you decide.
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