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Mehek Jun 2019
I'm a stormy landslide
And you're an earthquake
A disheveling tide
Tide that caresses me
While I subside
Subside to heathens
The heathens whose embers forever collide
Collide in the arms of your feigned stride.
To no one in particular.
They call us when things are bad.
When no one else can help.
When all their ways have failed.
When life is over.

They release us.
When war is inevitable.
When the enemy was won.
When all is lost.

They force us to help.
When they can't help themselves.  
When bad does more than good.
When plans fall to the ground.

They call us the bad guys.
Well we are bad.
But not evil.
We have honour among thief's.

Who are we?
The last option.
The one who are thrown under the bus.
The Suicide Squad.
Danielle L Cook Sep 2016

the lyrics to Heathens

*you might be one of us
I repeat, not Poetry.
Ariel Aug 2016
All my friends are heathens.

We live in sin, we die to spend,

the gold…

Were hopeless, were homeless,

Wandering the roads.

All my friends are heathens

Slaved by gold.

We're gutlessness, were soulless

Filled with woe.

There good men, were bad men.

Filled with greed.

Acknowledge the sin that Lies in me.
Inspired by Falloutboys Heathens suicide squad.
Hannah A Apr 2016
It is life that is shooting at me from the underground,
the souls begging for forgiveness
all comas exposed
until they haunt you
burn you out alive
in a ring of fire
in a countless sky
such breathless world we know,
we don't know about.

— The End —