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Jules Harper Oct 14
I’d die someday falling for actors
With no respect for people around them
Of how bright the ray they fill the space with
And how it affected these dreams that I dreamt

The ***** of warmth and comfort they are
Like the yarns of my heart is getting played
With the powerful paw hiding the sharpest of claws
Ready to strike, while I’d knowingly stay
I don’t know what would happen first: me succeeding in this career path or me getting lovesick-induced heart attack because of these actors’ charismas. Stage people are scary as hell. Pray that I make it out alive.

Also, how do you start talking to a person? Like idk, I’m not the most confident person but I’m in the best state, better than I’ve ever been. Like he’s so adorable is one big reason, but the fact that I’ve never truly loved affects my acting and I want to fix that. So well, I’m letting myself truly feel for the first time and I’m sort of ready to risk it all.
Ashwin Kumar Jul 27
Whenever I start work
You are the first person
Who enters my mind
It is you who I think of
Whenever I am feeling low
Because your smile is so magical
That it makes me forget all my worries
And step into a whole new universe
Full of happiness and love
Peace, Hope, Freedom
Wonder, Warmth, Gratitude
And above all, sheer positivity
Your laugh transports me to seventh heaven
When you cry, I cry along with you
Because I feel your pain
When you are angry, I feel your righteous indignation
And it makes my blood boil
Such that, I feel like punishing the person
Who dared to wrong you
You are indeed an amazing actress
Blessed with exceptional talent
And at the same time, willing to put in the hard yards
And unwilling to let success go to your head
Not to mention, you are a wonderful human being
With a heart of gold
A person who is not afraid of speaking her mind
No matter how mercilessly our society might judge her
Well, I've had my share of celebrity crushes
However, you are something else, entirely
And I don't want to put pressure on you
But I am sure you will become a huge star
As long as you remain the way you are
Wish you all the very best
And last but not the least
Please keep smiling, as always
Yet another poem dedicated to the one and only Aishwarya Lekshmi.
I S A A C Nov 2021
you are my forbidden fruit
so sweet until the notes of bitter bubble up
so perfect for me until your other side shows up
duality, inability
to see beyond your own body, beyond your own needs
what am I to you?
what am I if I do or don't?
you tried to tie me down, tried to quiet my own
voice, displeased with my need for reciprocity
to engulfed in your hypocrisy
I almost lost me, in your rapids, distractions
too many factors, actors, and games
too much struggle, rebuttals, and vain
so much vanity you drove me insane
and I have never driven a day in my life
Pyrrha Nov 2019
Don't fall in love with an actor
All they want to do is play the leading role in your heartbreak
They are just rehearsing for someone else while they fake their way in and out of your life
They steal the spotlight in your eyes and take all the credit they can carry
They treat love like an audition
Then they run away like you're Macbeth and let their ego swallow you whole
Isn't it funny how sometimes
you don't know who you are until you see it
in someone else?

I had never seen myself performed before,
my reflection moving on its own.
"Who does this guy think he is?
How does he know me?"

Sometimes I wish you did know me.
Aaron LaLux Sep 2019
but you can’t fool Me,
I see your sadness for exactly what it is,
in between fake laughs false compliments,
& passive aggressive insulting attacks,

I see your sadness that you hide behind those name brands,
Drew House with fake smiles can’t fool me nor impress me,
the only way to get ride of your darkness is to let it go,
share Yourself with others like Shia did with #IAMSORRY,
made some mistakes a couple hundred times but it’s okay,
find a Purpose like Justin admit your mistakes & say Sorry,

you’re beautiful just the way you are, mistakes paved the way,
you are a living Self Portrait,  put your colors on display,
& admit you were so concerned with your own heart,
that you didn’t see the Heartbreaks that you made…

from poem #5 of THHT3: The Hollywood Hills Trilogy 3
available worldwide 9/9/19
Penmann Jun 2019
****** up by now?
I know exactly how you feel.
Visit our page and
become Helen Mirren
three simple steps.
No regrets.
Paylei Rose Mar 2019
The audience goes silent
As the curtain starts to open
There on the stage is a whole other world
Maybe one from this galaxy
Sometimes from the next
But nevertheless the actors preform
The characters evolve as the show goes on
Then comes the ******, you thought we were done
So many twists and turns until a conclusion
Oh, the scene is now over
The curtains have shut
The drama is done
These actors take off their makeup
But still inside them lives
The character they played, the character they once lived.
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