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Zack Ripley Aug 2021
It's just another day in the life of me.
Just another day; nothing new to see.
It's just another day in the life of me.
Just another day I wish I didn't feel this way.
It's just another day in an endless war.
Just another day my heart feels sore.
It's just another day, but it's almost done.
Just another day I pray that tomorrow
will be more than just another day.
Zack Ripley Jun 2021
If you feel like
you've been going through hell,
if you feel you've thrown
all your coins
into the bottom of the wishing well,
if you feel like
you want to scream and yell,
I want you to know
it's okay to let yourself break.
Because there's only so much
people can take.
And when you make a mistake,
just know it will be okay.
Because tomorrow's another day.
Zack Ripley Jun 2021
Whether you Wake up to
silence or a rooster call,
darkness or light,
love or a fight,
You still woke up.
Day or night, even if your hope is gone,
You woke up. So keep moving on.
Because however it happened,
You woke up.
And that's another chance to change things. Another chance to live.
Anna Postrero Oct 2020
And I’m not gonna lie, say I’ve been alright
Cos it feels like I’ve been living upside down
What can I say?
I’m surviving
Crawling out these sheets to see another day
What can I say?
I’m surviving
And I’m gonna be fine, I’m gonna be fine, I think I’ll be fine...
Zack Ripley Jul 2020
Another day here.
Another day gone.
Another day wishing
I had somewhere I belonged.
Another day comes.
Another day goes.
Another day with nothing to show.
Another day begins.
Another day ends.
Another day with no new friends.
But in spite of it all,
I still hold on to hope
That someday, someone will help me
Be more like a river
And less like a wall
Title based on song by MacKenzie Phillips, featured in 90s Disney show called so weird.
Zack Ripley May 2020
don't let yourself be swept away
By the promise of another day.
And if you have something to say,
say it.
Because no one knows
Exactly how long we get to stay
Zack Ripley Mar 2019
Where there is darkness there is light.
Where there is wrong there is right.
But where is it tonight?
Is it in the alley down the street?
Or is it right beneath our feet?
The truth is it's with you.
You can call upon this power
when you feel you are about to meet
your darkest and loneliest hours.
Whatever way it takes form, be it a friend movie or song,
if you let it, it will help you weather any storm.
Happiness can be achieved by all
when we find the courage to break down our walls.
It may make you vulnerable but that's okay.
Believe in your power and you will live to find another day.
Zack Ripley Dec 2019
It can be hard to find your way
When you watch the sun drown
In a sea of gray.
But it's okay.
The sun will come back another day.
Emilio Aug 2019
Trying to create a melody;
Like a path where I can follow
Do Re Mi ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Let the music flow

Sometimes, you just have to let it go
Because it's just another day
A day to learn and grow
And when there's no other way
Just another day.
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