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The windmill spins;
   The sunshine pours;
The game begins;
   We're keeping scores.

I bank a shot;
   It's on the roll;
And putt-putt-***!
   It's in the hole!

A birdie flies.
   I shoot a hen,
And agonize
   A hole in ten.

I lose the game
   And have a ball.
My only aim
   Was golfing small.
Erin Suurkoivu Sep 2016
I created the tools.

I carved the stone and strung the bow.

I tracked the animal’s prints

across fresh snow.

I took careful aim,

steady, steady,

and then let go.

I brought you meat,

the liver & the heart,

and yet you

feast on

Featured along with other fine poems in my poetry collection, "Witch", available on Amazon or through Lulu.
I am sane,
don't ask again
Dig your own hole,
fill it with rain

Silence falls when I'm left alone with myself
Silent songs
Sing from the shelf

I better hold my aim
The sun may shine another day
Let it go don't let it reign
Or every day will feel the same

I better hold my aim
Or I won't get another day
Everybody's just the same
Let it go don't let it reign

I am fine,
don't ask again
In my hole,
feeling the rain

Silence stayed, and I'm face to face with myself
Silent songs
Fly from the shelf

I better hold my aim
The sun will rise now any day
And everything may stay the same
I don't care I'll let it reign

I better hold my aim
The sun will shine a thousand days
There are no rules to this game
Don't let it go, let it reign
Who am I trying to talk to, exactly ?
(Based on original text by Gabrielle Grau)
life's jump  Dec 2018
life's jump Dec 2018
keep me alive long enough to live,
let my compass rust on thoughts of us,
something new.

fear when things are good,
starts when it hurts.
wild, this garden
was make believe?

we can't know forever
but for us,
it was our day.
brackets for contemplating
where we grow

where words belong,
how it feels like
holding on.
aimless. If you're aimless, you don't have a destination or a goal in mind. Aimless wandering through a forest might take you in circles, or worse yet, get you lost. The adjective aimless is good for describing things that have no particular purpose or plan.
Justin G  Jun 2016
I Said..
Justin G Jun 2016
Despite the heart which is froze
Hatred runs fluidly
Like the water in shattered glass
Like the blood in broken bones
Like the flames in our homes    
This hatred
It speaks to me
Like drugs to an addict

When it tells me to shoot
                                         I relapse and
                                       aim for the sky

I said..
In spite of my own humility
Hatred runs deeply
Like the roots beneath the dirt
Like the pain beyond the hurt
Like this poem before your eyes

I despise 
                Way too many lies
                And so little truth

I said..
I hate beautiful  
It cripples me deeply  
For you are my pity
My pain and their pleasure

When I am high
                           I'll collapse and fall
                        Far from this place
                        Of rotten bliss

I said..
Look at me        
Blood misrepresents me    
For I am cut differently
This pain isn't felt
Like the emptiness
Residing in your cup
It is felt
Like a toxic
Living inside the gut
Like these words
Traveling directly
Towards the stomach

I mean..
             Although this addiction kills me
           Hatred is also the remedy
          It is all I need to truly appreciate
          The little love I have left.
Celestite  Sep 2018
Celestite Sep 2018
you were always good with guns
you hanlded them with sence of grace
firmly, gracefully.
I used to be the one you talked to
the one you told your secrets to
the one you would laugh with
the one you would cry with;
but now you talk to her
you tell her your secrets
you laugh with her
you cry with her.
and now i'm crying by myself.
you were always good with guns
you hanlded them with sence of grace
firmly, gracefully.
and there goes my heart.
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