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Nayana Nair Mar 2018
My life is divided into different rooms
as is my heart.
For as long as I remember,
from the time I used to care for decorations
to the time I am too lazy to clean up.
From the moments of sweet solitude by the window
to the clinking glasses and winking eyes.
The room belonged more to them
than to me.

And I often found it unsettling,
as if on a night
when I would be hiding under covers
not knowing what to fear,
someone would knock at the door
and with that knock, would come a pair of shoes
and a set of clothes, holding a person
whose face, motive or aim
would soon be inconsequential.

And slowly she would drag me
out of each room,
snatching away each memory that she touched,
knocking down my bookcases filled with my escape,
tearing away the wallpapers
behind which I hid my unvoiced cries.
The doors would be shut on my face,
leaving me out in a storm on a moonless night,
leaving me alone to face all that I didn’t know of
taking away all that I know.
Raviha Hussain Mar 2018
"Opportunities are never lost; they are just found by someone else"

"You'll end up where you are headed if you don't watch out"
Life rules
Puspanjali Sahu Dec 2017
Traveled for months
to reach at the coast
though I know
rest in not something
my wings could love for long,

sky is the place
I belong
Postman Aug 2017
I am on board on a train
silently making noise
as it crosses miles
amidst wet and velvety green
at times charming spring
sometimes like a romantic dream
or a novel better than the best
often sailing through the blazing sand
like an Arabian adventure 
it feels as the desert drills 
my soaked pores to sow 
the dry seed of aging
as I go on living like a carefree kid
at the doorstep of sweet sixteen
though the real past 
has been anything but
aim based frenzy fragments 
into frivolous pursuits 
Dos and don'ts clouding vision 
lazy days slipping out of hands
it's time to take a decisive action
that is to determine whether it will be
a terrible death on the sandy Sahara
or a walk in the Himalayan clouds.
Arlene Corwin Aug 2017
The Meaning Of Life, What?

Peace, love and happiness.
Three words we miss
In every sense.
a) fail to hit it, fail to get it,
Even though it is the tar-get.
b) We miss it as we’d miss a bus,
The muss of ego messing up, missing us.
c) We miss it as in pine for, yearn for:
Miss in every aspect.

Peace.  We don’t e’en know its meaning;  
Shunning, running fast away from…
Yet we want it.

Love.  And that?
The ***?  Caress? Compassion and philanthropy?
Who cares for me and only me?  
Love, what?  All that?
Yes, probably.

Last, happiness.
Contentment without need for rapture;
Focused in the niceness of the now
No matter how
The outer world appears.
No matter what
Emerges as and from your lonely lot.

The meaning? Socrates:
He knew that he knew nothing.
But his nothing had the ring
Of truth.  Though youth
Can’t know it doesn’t know,
The issue stays the same,
Theme worthy of its  noble aim:
Life: What? The meaning of?
Peace, happiness and lovely love.
The meaning of its process,
More, patently not less.

The Meaning Of Life, What? 8.24.2017
Circling Round Reality; Definitely Didactic;
Arlene Corwin
Yes, what?  Aim to find out. And it.
Ronjoy Brahma Nov 2015
I heard the voice of the world,
The color of the ocean I saw by my heart,
The sky very surprise but beautiful,
Life is guilty but its true meaning.
O smile! You stay always on my lips,
Sadness to make happiness and peaceful life,
As the sun, give the light in my journey,
O song! Come on sweetly my mouth.
You order to keep in mind and heart,
Birth I grow up with feet,
Think all the country to travel,
I dream like the river and hope.
O rhythm! My birth is for you,
Soft in your heart beautiful flowers bloom,
Happily flows rivers and wind,
O sun! You give light every my days,
I write a poem to my cutie,
And sing the songs for all mates,
I write the story to my world,
And to live for the childrens.
Like the clouds of heaven and sky,
I hope to see the world,
We born alone, we all die alone,
But I will die like the river.
BladeRunner Aug 2017
Dont remember
  the last time
  I walked
  my head up
So high

    Not looking
  at my feet
Shoulders hunched

But looking up
  So hopeful


Falling stars
    my only aim
Wishing you
    fell for me
Hoping you
   feel the same
Mable Erina Aug 2017
Oh, God, that- that smile
Look at her
Those teeth, the way the left side of her lip curls up first.
Lord, her smile, it shows so much.
This little girl trying
Trying to break free.
Jesus, that smile, it just glows every time I see her
So why, in pictures, do I not see her?
Oh- God... that beautiful impeccable smile.
The one that lit up my day, my world.
The one that made my heart warm.
The one that stoped tears and made babies laugh.
That could bring pride to her mother's eyes and fear into her father's
That smile--
Is gone, and so is she.
A piece I wrote at work. My coworkers found it.
Diya Aug 2017
Without a positive vibe,
I am a sadness gatherer.
Without a goal of my life,
I am a homeless wanderer.
I haven't yet discovered the goal of my life ...the goal I can struggle for in the battle of life. .hope I discover it soon!!!...
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