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Alexander Feb 2021
Chaos in my mind.
I can’t...
Chaos in my mind
I can’t contain it anymore.
Chaos in my mind
It hurts...
Chaos in my mind.
It hurts the people I adore.
Chaos in my mind.
Chaos in my mind.
Inside my head is a great war.
Chaos in my mind.
This thing...
Chaos in my mind.
This thing in me is an uproar.
Chaos in my mind.
Now if...
Chaos in my mind.
Now if it stops then nevermore.
Mistella Dec 2019
A voice is heard often
Like a lion roaring in a den.
He wants to come out,
Roar once again, slake his drought.

But another voice is heard again,
It rebukes the lion and closes the den.
This voice sounds like that of a man
Who wants to do all, but has no plan.

The day isn’t too far
When the tumult will turn into a war.
Face of lion with a body of man, I see,
None is ready to set the other free.

This war of the voices begins with the sunrise,
And ends at the moment I close my eyes.
This is the way where monsters tread,
Head’s alive, while the heart’s dead.
Sapphire currents
          engulf consciousness  
      'neath waves of
   ancient sunken treasure,
delving neath oceans
       cobalt manifests,
   lost riches of bygone eras
   destined to respectfully
        resurface its significance,
     midst new horizons' creations
           as clarity's power deeply inhales
                the depths of salty sea's tumult
Alex Aug 2014
Can one explode inwards? It's hard to know.
I'm putting on a show,
but I don't feel it.
I'm catching smoke and
inhaling fire.

If this is the end then
end it now.
Don't drag it forward and leave me
suffocating in the darkness.
Alone in the unknown.
I am not me, I am
the man in the mirror.
The tumult in my head and heart
Playing with structure and format, written in 5 minutes so..? Outlet-ing.

— The End —