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Jenny Moran Nov 2019
I canʼt erase the feeling of your lips
Trailing their way up and down my thighs
The way your teeth dig into my hips
The playful smirk while staring in your eyes

My mind still constantly thinks of you
The way you feel pressed against my back
I know Iʼm really not supposed to
But I miss your fingertips dancing around my neck

I donʼt know how you have such a hold on me
I canʼt even control my own thoughts
Itʼs getting harder for me to even see
The if thens and the what nots

Your eyes, they take me to a place
I really think they do.  
No, I think we need some space,
Baby, that's all you.

You laugh, you scream, you cry.
Embarrassed I'm seeing you this way,
You're beautiful with tears in your eyes.
I don't know what else to say.
I’ve been battling all of my emotions through poetry recently, so here are a few :)
Blake Oct 2019
If we take that one step,
which swallows both our pride and worry of embarrassment,
That one step of me grabbing your arm while you passed,
or you clutching at mine as my face is painted on the pavement,
would everything be resolved?
or would only more hateful words be spoken?
Years later I still cant be sure of our end.
REM moments
are where dreams begin
under the eye-lids
the activity pulses
with movement
all that's seen
is quite extraordinary
you're climbing an unconquerable mountain
and the ascent is so effortless
nothing hampering
what you've always
had in mind
this vision so live like
all your night imaginings

men and women
over the ages
have bought their dreams
to fruition
the first step
in nocturnal reverie
as they strove forward
on successes golden road

yep them dreamers
of the REM set
achieving much
through accessing the mind's
phantasmagorical corridors
Josh Feb 2018
I've been here before.
I've breathed this air.
Let it take
as long
as it is going to take
and breathe.

I've tasted it before,
this air,
cinnamon and grass
ale pulled from the cask
old plasters pulled off at last
and broken scabs,
and there is salt and there is sugar
in my tears.

A giant circle,
each head laid on the next shoulder.
We are together.
Mara W Kayh Mar 2017
What is it about you
that makes my desire
an open wound

sealed with
compassionate touch alone..

Why is it
I  wince,
haunted by thoughts
adorned and quelled only by you.

Paint me like a master
With traces of  your stained hands
along my gaping silhouette.
Heal me with finger tips tainted by mine own blood.

Draw me into your murderous self,
Love me back to life.
Spontaneous write from a heavily beating heart
Anie Rose Tiu Mar 2017
As I lay my bed at night, I'm begging my covers to hold me tight.
Already closing my eyes but you're still in my sight.
Hugging my pillow while looking at the window.
Touching my own skin, I hope it was you I'm feeling.
I'll just do it over and over again pretending you are here.
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