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3.2k · Jan 2021
Echo chamber
Brian Turner Jan 2021
With mighty aplomb
You drop your vitreous 'view bomb'
With unorthodox precision
You squander my decision

You have one filter
And that is to kilter
The views that don't come from a stranger
The views that echo in your echo chamber

Fair pity to those who reach out with an olive branch
To give you another chance
A chance to move away from grief
A chance to turn over another leaf
I learnt about "Echo chamber' behaviour today and how it can apply to extremists. Some people have reached out and changed their views. Echo chambers exist on social media too.
2.4k · Jan 2021
Ride, ride free, ride faster
Brian Turner Jan 2021
Clothed up to the max
I enter the garage to mount my indoor bike tracks
On a digital road we drift
As we press Go on the biking game "Zwift'

Ride fast, ride free
No need to watch out for the tree
As the game takes us on a journey
Hey "ride on' there's Bernie

The sweat builds to a stream
I race on in my digital dream
Watopia world provide us with freedom
A place to gather, a fellow biker's Eden
Daily exercise in the garage on my bike with a resistance wheel and using the cycling game "Zwift'
1.9k · Oct 2022
Catch the sky
Brian Turner Oct 2022
This morning I caught the sky
Right in my hands
Nebulous, Cumulus all in one hand
Brightness, brightness , beaming out of my fingers

Holding it up
The power is unimaginable
I try not to put it out
Then suddenly...
Like a butterfly I let it go
1.5k · Aug 2022
Under the skin
Brian Turner Aug 2022
Can you separate a man from his art?
Can you see under his skin?
Do you judge his art by his views?
Look under yours to see what is true
Why do we judge a piece of art by the artists views?
Brian Turner Aug 2022
Unexpected smile from the lady beside me
As I say goodbye after a day's work in the office
Such joy,  such a great smile , such radiance
Perhaps we can can it?

Unexpected number plate 'Ph1 1LL'
As he undercuts me at the traffic lights
Calm down Phil
It's only 8 a.m the morning
I'm sure you'll get to work ok.

Unexpected gorilla bursts into my home
Heads straight to the office and grabs my laptop
Logs into my old Facebook account
And starts sending illicit messages and naughty pictures
You're welcome mate, grab a banana too

Unexpected kindness from the beggar at the parking bay
Tells me that the meter is broken so don't bother
I buy him a sandwich
'Ham and white bread will do'.
No problem mate enjoy
Inspired by Artist David Shrigley piece of art 'Elephant chooses to stand on your car' Tate Liverpool
1.1k · Feb 2021
We all need a haircut but..
Brian Turner Feb 2021
We all need a need a haircut but..
with the daily news and gloom
we're stuck looking at ourselves on Zoom

Zoom has replaced the mirror
and it isn't getting clearer
The bits and the bytes
seek to hide the rights
the rights of my face
the rights of grace

Shall I 'leave' the meeting or stay?
Shall I use the backlighting ring today?
Time to dial up this mace
Time to learn to own my own face
Funny how Zoom is now our new mirror :)
Brian Turner Aug 2022
Shining lights on a Dalmatian shore
Broken little mirrors on an aqua sea
provides the backdrop for boys wrestling on a concrete diving board

Girls soaking each other with a push button tap
The thin old man in speedos intervenes
One hand holding a roll up
The other gesturing in Croatian

The setting sun behind the city of Split
Is a rusty heat haze for swallows to dart over
Truffle oil fills the air from the cafe
A couple use sign language to speak as the sea roars in

Backs and shoulders covered in beautiful inked art with Angels, crosses and devils
Pine trees provide shelter on the stony beach
Families playing cards and laughing.

The church bells signal it is time to go in
We start up the hill and look back at the sky.
A night to remember and a night to repeat.
#Croatia notes from our regular stay in Storbrec near Split in Croatia
1.1k · Oct 2021
Rust 'n Red
Brian Turner Oct 2021
Rust 'n red
All of the Autumn colours in my head
As I pass by trees and endless hedges

Leaves falling down comfort me from the fall
Leaves bright with colour, nature's call
Ochre, yellow and wine

Hidden cottages behind trees
Hidden animals, light deceives
As it beams through the woods

Past the bend
Autumn smiles at me
Lifting my heart, setting me free
994 · Aug 2022
Perfectly presented
Brian Turner Aug 2022
Perfectly presented
In white linen smock
Perfect smile
And perfect floppy hat

Perfectly seen
Prism of beauty
Axis of arc
Staring back at me

Perfectly grounded
Sereen sapphire lens
Moccasin heals
Treading towards me

In 1979 she walked into my life
Perfectly presented
Perfect smile
And a perfect floppy hat
Recalling images from the 1970s having watched the movie 'The French connection' with Gene Hackman. I was also inspired by Harry Styles wearing a white smock and pearl beads around his neck.
991 · Aug 2023
Morning cycle
Brian Turner Aug 2023
Morning dew, morning sun
Looking out on the morning run
Past 'Byers Keep' ’n' fields of wheat

'Shurlock row', 'Glebe farm'
Watch out little squirrel I mean you no harm
Sound of rubber coming from the tyre
Past the ducks, the stream, field ’n' 'Blantyre'

Beads of sweat on my forehead
I look up and smile
At one with nature, leaving a busy world for a while
Get out and cycle in the countryside :)
958 · Oct 2022
Air Fryer
Brian Turner Oct 2022
You know things are dire
When you study the Internet and buy an air fryer
A material abduction
That comes in a large box with no instruction

You search in vain for something to cook
Struggling on YouTube, you make that look
Of someone lost in absolution consumption
No sense of normal behaviour resumption

With social top trump psychology
We debate 'extra crisp' technology
Creating new food mashups from hell
What comes out of the sliding drawer no-one can tell

After dehydrating decent food
You may find you need to do some good
Switch off that new fire
And bin your air fryer
#airfryer ****** air fryer armageddon
920 · Dec 2022
Iced leaf
Brian Turner Dec 2022
Iced leaf
Like a candy peal
Sitting upright
On a frozen morn

Iced pond
Grass caught upright standing still
Blackbirds frantically seek food
Squirrels bury nuts for later

Iced gate
Someone has been here
Opening it
To start the day
Notes from a frosty UK morning
917 · Oct 2020
Touch symmetry
Brian Turner Oct 2020
Touch symmetry
Touch you and me
Touch a pleasant view
Touch the axis of dew

Touch symmetry
Touch you and me
Touch parochial existence
Touch homicidal resistance

Touch symmetry
Touch you and me
Touch love and light
Touch a galaxy of delight
We need touch, touch defines us
896 · Jan 2021
Picking litter in my head
Brian Turner Jan 2021
I'm picking litter
To clear out the litter in my head
To clear out what was said

With a robot arm
I mean you no harm
It's a mental need
To sow new seed

The needs of the planet
Are called out by the Goddess Tanit
Let's gather more litter
And afray from being bitter
Armed with remote arm I've become a litter picker and picked up a huge bag of stuff on my street today. Interestingly many of the pieces are the same leading to the conclusion only a few are spoiling

it for the many.
888 · Aug 2020
Behind the waterfall
Brian Turner Aug 2020
Behind the waterfall
I stand tall
Time stands still
There is nothing here of ill

All is at peace
Worries have no place
Happiness on my face
More people enter with grace

Join me behind the waterfall
Hear my gentle call
Hear the water calling you
Do not miss this view
Happy thoughts from my trip to a waterfall in Wales this Summer where you can go underneath it.
Brian Turner Oct 2020
Walking to the farm a fox caught sight of me
Up the lane he looked and he stopped
He sat down and waited
Right down on his hind legs like a puppy

I stopped and looked
"What is he thinking?' said the fox
'What is he thinking?' said the man

He waited, sitting there all relaxed
I moved
And he left..
Notes from today's walk. This really happened.
723 · Aug 2021
Brian Turner Aug 2021
When did we become so disconnected?
Was it when we became so connected?
To every screen in sight
To every pixel in the night

When did we stop talking?
Was it when we stopped walking?  
Side by side
Across the countryside

When did we stop writing letters?
Was it when we engaged our debtors?
For everything we need to own
For every in App purchase in the game zone

When did we stop being selfless?
Was it when we became a menace?
To every man and women we see
We take what we want then flee
Reflections on today's society
628 · Jan 2022
January thru
Brian Turner Jan 2022
January thru
January blue
Looking out at dull skies
Wishing you'd come to an end

January thru
Winter's true
Drop in mood
Energy subsides

January thru
Spring's crew
Planning to take us all
From the depth's of the darkness

January thru
Slippery cue
To throw us off life's course
Let's end this remorse
January *****, it really does. Let's get it over
596 · Oct 2020
Alien tongue
Brian Turner Oct 2020
My wife wants me to stop speaking with an Alien tongue
I picked it up whilst sleeping and now use it for fun
A frequent burst of sounds at speed
Enough for human ears to bleed

Burr boopty book, burr boopty boop
Ahta batta batta ba
Ahta batta batta ba
Ahta batta batta ba

I'm communicating with them now
I'm through to their leader Emperor Mow
His tone is full of rage
He doesn't know I'm a man of middle age.

If you start speaking alien to your spouse
And rambling in the middle of the house
Please keep the conversation glee
As we don't need World War 3
I enjoy speaking in alien tongue, please don't stop me :) Ahta batter batta ba is based on the theme tune of the movie "Raiders of the lost Ark'. How's that for a mind warp?
582 · Dec 2020
Lighthouse man
Brian Turner Dec 2020
The lighthouse man doesn't want to know anyone
He sits in solitude
Staring at the swirling seas
Wandering up and down the endless stairs

Fingers and thumbs fat with muscles
Salted sweat on skin
Working on the light fixtures
No word he utters

No visitors today
None scheduled for tomorrow
Steam boils off the kettle
More tinned food in fine fettle

Time stands still here
No interruptions
He meditates on his soul
What there is, he controls

No knowledge he shares
Turning on the light
To ward off danger
To ward off strangers from his world
Imagining life in solitude as a Lighthouse man. I want to go there.
580 · Oct 2020
Hello Autumn
Brian Turner Oct 2020
Hello Autumn
Hello cold start
Hello huddling cat

Hello red leaves
Hello friendly dog
Hello fog

Hello smell of fires
Hello winter pyres
Hello winter tyres

Hello sun breaking through
Hello winter dew
Oh....hello you
Notes from an Autumn walk this morning
550 · Oct 2022
Brian Turner Oct 2022
Something is in the water ..
Something is coming towards me..
It's shaped like a Viking ship..
The front end is the S shaped bow..
Like the Loch Ness monster
The rear a flat stern
Catching the wind
Taking it forwards, then port, then starboard
It's magic, it's an S shaped leaf
Caught travelling on a beautiful day
Notes from looking at a peculiar leaf blowing in the water during my lunch break
549 · Oct 2020
An alien came to my door
Brian Turner Oct 2020
Today an alien came to my door
He asked why I didn't answer before?
I asked which planet was he from?
He said it was something to do with his Mom

She passed and now was up in ths sky
No reason, the other aliens let her die
I said there was nothing to do
Perhaps he could ask for shelter at the zoo?

He said I know that your kind can be good
Is there any way I could spare some food?
I said that English cuisine might not be to his palette
He said that it was probably better than on his planet

Could you not go back to the ship?
He said no, this is the end of the trip
Can't you fly back into the sky?
If I leave I will die

Which planet are you from?
He said with
I choked again..
His name is ...Ben

So, if an alien knocks at your door
Please help him to get some more
Don't assume what you see
Is something ex-planetary
Don't assume that someone comes to your door is an alien from another planet they may need your help.
532 · Aug 2022
Genetically glad
Brian Turner Aug 2022
Genetically glad
Genetically sad
I'm running with momentum over scrag and path
My muscles drag me to the destination

Other's pass by me
Other's I pass
All shapes and sizes
All styles and devices

The view from the top is sublime
Body sore from the climb
The town below think we are mad
Me ...I'm genetically glad
I wake up everyday half I can get myself out of bed without any help.
508 · Jan 2021
Frozen stem
Brian Turner Jan 2021
Frozen stem
Frozen jem
Loud crack step
Loud crack prep

Snowy hill
Snowy thrill
Kids on trays
Kids afray

Snow goes away
Sky still grey
Ice starts to form
Ice becomes norm
Snow and ice in the UK
481 · Mar 2021
Emerging dusk
Brian Turner Mar 2021
Light fades to dark blue
The almost time
Almost there

Birds finish off the days work
People finish off their days work
It's as if time is pausing a little

The next few minutes wander in
Dark blue changes to black
Black forms the night
Looking at the sky tonight I was taken by the dark blue sky. Beautiful.
474 · Jun 2021
Architect of air
Brian Turner Jun 2021
I'm an Architect of air
I exist to sit between you and progress
You hear my name said all of the time
On social media and TV

I am the Architect of nothing
I exist to create nothing for you
Even though my remit is to help you
My pleasure is your displeasure

I am the Architect of broken time
My clock is always off and I'm always late
There is no finish or completion
My mantra is to process air
Input to output with no added value
Do you know people who don't appear to help you do anything? Do you know any Architects of air?
473 · Apr 2022
Flowering tree in Spring
Brian Turner Apr 2022
Flowers dropping from a tree
White glimpses of light
Softly swirling, spinning, spinning
Gently resting on green
Time standing still for a few seconds.
Notes from 5 second glance at a following tree. Mindfulness moment.
472 · Feb 2021
The space in the woods
Brian Turner Feb 2021
There is a space in the woods
Where the light bends in
The bushes form a large circulate nest
I go there sometimes 'n crawl into a ball
It's safe there, safe from harm
Time stands still

There is a space in the woods
Where the temperature is cool and the floor is dank
No technology can find me
No knock on the door
No demands for more

No one knows where the space is
Not even God
He keeps asking me
'Someday I'll tell you' I smirk
Have you ever found safe place to hide in the woods? If not keep looking. When you find it, sit down, close your eyes and meditate.
470 · Aug 2020
Brian Turner Aug 2020
Anticipation keeps pulsing at me
When I want something to be
The surge of excitement is like a drug
I keep wanting it, like a mug

The next job or party event
The next high or personal descent
The next meeting or social entity
The next considered expected positivity

The event goes by
It really did fly
Anticipation fades
The outcome rarely makes the grade
Of all the emotions 'anticipation' is my favourite. Think about it if we didn't have anticipation what a poor world we would be in? "rarely makes the grade" refers to the outcome of an event never living up to the hype of the anticipation.
440 · Mar 2022
The first bee
Brian Turner Mar 2022
The first bee landed on the open
tulip just then
He stopped and worked away
Did you see it?

He wasn't interested in me or the the news
Just focused on his work
and left....
First bee
428 · Feb 2021
Brian Turner Feb 2021
Sunken screed below me as I run on the wooded path
The path guides me through the light and darkness
My footing is uncertain

Mucky soil below as I run through the copse
The path guides me through the ups and downs
My footing is more firm

Solid tarmac below me as I run on the pavement
The path guides me safely from oncoming harm
My footing is founded

The paths of life are there for us to take
The footings may be different
But the destination is the same
Just mulling over the different paths we take as I run regularly
424 · Nov 2020
Trail running
Brian Turner Nov 2020
Trail running
Running into the sun
Running up n' down grit
Running to stay fit

Salt dripping from my head
All my body stats read
Sand gives in beneath me
Wind n' forest set me free

Taking on a hill
Tearing down a drop
Stones scattering at my feet
Dogs and runners meet

Sweat now a stream
Endorphin rush from a dream
Pace at its best
10k done, now time to stop, time to rest
Notes from trail running this week. I have a target of 50km over five days with new trail running shoes
Brian Turner Aug 2020
Come ye to the meadow of the tooth
Lay down, take nature by the hands
For Autumn is braking aloof
Come join us at the meadow of the tooth

Blackwater invites us to view
The abundant bounty of our youth
Rope swing is first for me
Watch out your napper is near that tree

Break out the picnic full of choice
Scream out your pleasing celtic voice
We leave nothing there to see
Except warm memories of the birthday glee
Memories of a friend's birthday party when I was around ten at the river Blackwater in County Tyrone, Northern Ireland. We used a rope to swing into the clean water. A 'napper' is slang for head.
405 · Sep 2020
capture the stars <^>
Brian Turner Sep 2020
capture the light
capture the stars
be the spirit

dance on rainbows
dance on cars
be the spirit

smile when down
smile, don't frown
be the spirit
Inspirid by the line 'capture the stars', an artist from Soundcloud
396 · Oct 2022
Brian Turner Oct 2022
Give me your noise
On the Internet, on the airwaves
Give me your chaos
In the house, in the streets

Let's hear the sounds
Of metal grinding against bone
Let's hear you taking it all
Destroying that phone

Staple me to the floor
Do your worst to it all
Be the devil incarnate
Join the foray, join the mall

Tower above us
Show us your rage
Be the worst you can
Rattle that cage
Listening to Nadine Saw 'Out the way' inspired this
392 · Nov 2020
The last leaf
Brian Turner Nov 2020
The last leaf just fell on me
Did you see it?
It was yellow and cheeky
Crept up on me behind my back and swooped over my shoulder

There will be no more leaves this year that's it
No more colour for us to see
Roll on Spring
Roll on colour
Notes from a walk this morning
392 · Aug 2022
Induced Autumn 2022
Brian Turner Aug 2022
Induced Autumn, induced coma for the world
Tramping on crispy red leaves in Summer
The birds aren't showing up as much now
Something is wrong, something is very wrong

Chestnut trees are dying or trying to survive
Severe cracks in paths and roads
Like earth scars from a violent encounter
Something is wrong, something is very wrong

England's green and pleasant land has become
England ***** brown and unpleasant land from air
People walk their dogs without noticing
Others raise their heads to the sky and ask why?
Notes from looking at England from 35,000 feet and walking in the countryside recently.
387 · Feb 2022
Calmer skies are coming
Brian Turner Feb 2022
Calmer skies are coming
Through nimbus and cumulus
From cirrus to alto
They are coming

Calmer words are coming
From rhetoric to echo chamber
From missile attack to mortal danger
They are coming

Kinder people are coming
From torrid social media to ignorant stand
From punch to outreached hand
They are coming
Hope for the future
386 · Jan 2022
Night running
Brian Turner Jan 2022
Running at night
Guided by a torso mounted light
Stepping from the the pavement
Into the darkness

Into the wood
Scanning the forest floor
Looking to avoid the trip
Looking to find the way out

UFO lights turn out to be neon lit dogs
Jumping up steps, jumping over logs
The full moon provides more light
To guide me into sight

Cool air hugs my legs and face
Warm sweat heats my torso
The dark park is silent now
I smile as moisture drips from my brow
Notes from my winter runs with a chest mounted light.
381 · Dec 2023
Wandering willow leaves
Brian Turner Dec 2023
Wandering willow leaves
spinning in control
no sound
nature's quiet bunch
getting on with it with no fuss
as they reach the ground I look up
to see more take their short journey
Watching willow leaves shed each year is a joy
377 · Jan 2021
Modesty blaze
Brian Turner Jan 2021
Modesty blaze
Modesty haze
Walking towards the next day
Walking to struggle for something to say

Modesty blaze
Modesty graze
My left knee takes a blow
My left hemisphere full of snow

Modesty blaze
Modesty anew
Winter draws in, how time flew
Winter continues, my time to cue
Winter can be like brain fog
377 · Mar 2021
Brian Turner Mar 2021
Pulse of breath
Pulse of heart
Beating beneath me
Beating to tell me that you're still there

Pulse of night
Pulse of light
Beating through me
Beating to tell me that life is still there

Pulse of wind
Pulse of fire
Beating at me
Beating to tell me that touch and feel is still here

Nature's rhythms
Nature's beat
Nature's rhythms
Nature's pulse
Imagine a world with a pulse....there is no life without it. Pulse is everything.
369 · Aug 2020
The Protagonist
Brian Turner Aug 2020
Centre of the storm
Person of principle
Reaper of the future

Takes to the stage
Leads from the front
Drives us forward

Defender of freedom
Calmer of nerves
She takes my hand
And together we stand
I like strong women in all aspects of life from politicians to French actresses who are given decent roles and stories to tell. 'Women of the world take over..because if you don't the world wil come to an end'.
Brian Turner Dec 2020
Dusk draws in on the shortest day
The darkness frames the end of the longest year
I walk towards the future with nervous excitement

Dogs great people excitedly at doors not knowing what lockdown is
People great dogs knowing what lockdown is
Animal ignorance trumps human evolution

Roll on the new year
Roll on longer evenings of light
Roll on 'the end in sight'
Goodbye short days, hello New Year
360 · Mar 2022
Cloud people
Brian Turner Mar 2022
Cloud people, living in the clouds
Wondering what it was like for the 'ground born'
City scapes, towering above ruined land masses
Avoiding the shame of centuries of negligence

Sealed solitude, as we ensure our cocoons survive the pressure at 30,000 feet
Video relay, of the ancient times skipping in fields and harvesting crops
Self sustenance, as we protect our supplies and start a new life

Tribal allegiance, as we maintain a strict discipline of following the 'sky script'
Remote sensing, looking for residual life on the ground
Next gen, as we build the mother ship
To take us off this broken planet
A bit of Sci-fi. What would it be like to be born in the sky in the future?
350 · Nov 2020
Vaccine Scientists
Brian Turner Nov 2020
Using mRNA
They seek to save our DNA
With no thought for themselves
Into the unknown they delve

To create something new
A kind of  'S protein' stew
Not only for the rich and greedy
Focused on the unwell and needy

They fight this new scourge of mankind
Leaving no avenue behind
The greatest minds on this earth
Will be the Gods of our rebirth
Celebrating the relentless efforts of the vaccine creators. Hurrah!
348 · Mar 2022
Brian Turner Mar 2022
Blood spelt sweat
Poisoned stick at my throat
Rush of adrenalin as I stand at the edge
Here's to being at this place again

The place, a false flag of declaration
The place, a false red light when it's green
The mind is detached from the body
And declares harm and evil is on it's way

The battle begins and I push against an invisible enemy
The first attack leads to no victors
The second like a punch in the gut
I kneel in pain, but the body is not hurt

Rotten forest leads to rotten homes and rotten people
Passing through the swamp of social deity
I cross a bridge with breaking timbers
Suddenly light breaks through a small gap and the toil ends
toil, struggle we go through it sometimes, is it real or imaginary?
Brian Turner Jan 2021
My destiny is becoming quicker
I'll bound to be a middle aged litter picker
I see the cans and mackie dee's wrap
I see the hedges full of crap

I walk around the block 'n shake my head
I come across discarded plastic 'n shake with dread
The old woman waddles with her ID badge
I'm on a mission, watch out Madge

I envisage buying the remote grabber
You know the one that'll make me madder
All I need next is a bag
To pick up the sea of discarded ***

I see an old guy bending over
Perhaps he's checking that there is some clover
Perhaps he's comes to get rid of blue
No, no, no, no he's a middle aged picker too
On my daily walk I belive my destiny is now to become a middle aged litter picker, give in, give in they call to me :)
341 · Oct 2022
Dangerously attractive
Brian Turner Oct 2022
Dangerously attractive
Sentient being
Sitting opposite...
God has given her a full hand

Seriously smooth
Androgynous clothed alien
Knows her place in society
Plays the room

Confidently quiet
She eyes up the weak in front of her
And turns her head back to the glass wall
It's not time to preen

Smiling nervously
The weak gibber and gabber
Trying to place a hook
But the sea is vast and the catch is not biting
Notes on sitting opposite a very naturally attractive being.
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