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Born with a purpose,
Born with a curse,
Molded through a past,
Or marked with scars,
She falls a thousand times,
Like stacked dominos,
Hard to put back the way it was,
And so she will be risen,
Like a butterfly  gone through metamorphosis,
Spreading her wings as she rebirths,
ready to reach the peak of  the mountain,
ready for a fight, for a lesson,
ready to understand the reasons,
no guilt trips,
no blame  game,
she learned how touch turn misery into gold,
she learned how to win a rigged game,
and the nemesis would be tremble on its knees,
As she wins the fight,
she's fated to vanquish...
I never thought I would live to see the day
When someone would finally give color and music
To my melting monochromatic world.

I wonder when it started to fall apart.
When our story we fought and gave our all to
would end the way it did.

All our hardships and the scars
that we both shared together slowly mending
while you disappeared off of the final chapter.

Not a single word left behind
you did not deserve to go as you did.
You always deserved better than this.

With you gone and leaving me only to wonder
where we went wrong.

And if I could've saved you somehow.

I think of them often.
darry Feb 22
I don’t know how but you’ve managed to become the protagonist in my own story
In theory, I’m still the main character, but not a protagonist by any means
Maybe that’s why I keep clinging onto you
Because if you’re not there
then where will my story go?
Brian Turner Aug 2020
Centre of the storm
Person of principle
Reaper of the future

Takes to the stage
Leads from the front
Drives us forward

Defender of freedom
Calmer of nerves
She takes my hand
And together we stand
I like strong women in all aspects of life from politicians to French actresses who are given decent roles and stories to tell. 'Women of the world take over..because if you don't the world wil come to an end'.
Molly Eli Apr 2020
She will be tough
Whenever she is spoken to
In the wrong way
She will tell you what she wants
And she'll tell you right away
She will breathe because she can
Not because she needs to
Her heart is solid brick
With not a care in the world
But don't let her indignation fool you
She cares more than you could know
Her feelings have been muddled
By so many years of pain
What if instead of crying,
She just made it rain?
She will step outside into the scorching sun
Let her hair flow
In the dying wind
Don't be bothered to save her
Because she's only ever saved herself
Indignation is dangerous
Unless you're smart enough
Yet another description in my book!
M C Dec 2019
I am more than a passenger.
I am the reactor.
Power sputters, spurts, spews.
I am the greatest factor.
The sole protagonist of my chapters.
This scene's star actor.
Purring ad lib in sync with script,
lapping up rapture.
Kay-Rosa May 2019
stop trying to protagonize me
AuEcologica Dec 2018
Dear protagonist, it is the antagonist writing a simple letter,
I am devoting myself to explain my faithfulness,
The only way I can, my love, for you to appreciate,
I’ll ruin the world, to prove my worth,
I’ll be unpleasant because that is the one path I understand,
How else, how else could you ever hold me?
It is not ballad humanity will sing,
However, please do consider; whom else can ever fathom my desire?
Ruin lies at our feet, fate and destiny is not ours to keep,
If I but for one moment could see your scarlet eyes, I would,
No river,
No god,
No queen,
No king,
No mountain,
No slaughter,
Would stand in the way of my pure black heart,
If I could see your smile as I fall,
As the world is victorious,
As I am imprisoned,
As I crumble,
As I fall,
At least I could see you once more,
There is an orchestra performing when you use that golden tongue of yours,
It is a pleasure; it has always been,
That the demons whom haunt me, you and you alone can control,
It is a paradise, my love, to be the wildfire you extinguish,
May hellfire consume me, as long as the last glimpse,
Is your face, protagonist, this is my faith, my belief,
I do love you, now, let me fall, further than ever,
Though never further than you can reach, my heart.
Mikaela Angela Nov 2018
Will you believe me if I tell you
that my fictional love came to life?

The fictional personality
that I've long been dreaming of
he came to life
what I mean is
he just passed by

I’m trapped between
my dreamland and reality
If I could then I would
stay in my dreamland
for in my dreams, he is reachable
In my dreams, I can have him
and in my dreams
he wouldn’t be with someone else

But in this bitter reality, I could not
I could only stand and stare at a distance

My fictional love came to life
but I'm only a mere helping character
for my beloved protagonist
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