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What colour is white?
Paint a room and have a look
Now look closer

What colour am I?
Paint my face and have a look
Now look closer

What colour is anything?
Light dances over backgrounds
Shadows darken our vision

Take a moment to consider colour
View it with innocence
Renew your vision
I have been painting a room 'white'. Have a look at the 'colour' of a wall. Then have another look. Is it the same as what you thought it was?
Flickering sunlight
Bursting through hedges
Bursting through trees

Flickering sunlight
Dancing off my glasses
Dancing off the masses

Flickering sunlight
Glorius days
Flickering sunlight
Entropy rays
Notes from today's walk in the countryside where the sun kept flicking at me over hedges and trees.
Using mRNA
They seek to save our DNA
With no thought for themselves
Into the unknown they delve

To create something new
A kind of  'S protein' stew
Not only for the rich and greedy
Focused on the unwell and needy

They fight this new scourge of mankind
Leaving no avenue behind
The greatest minds on this earth
Will be the Gods of our rebirth
Celebrating the relentless efforts of the vaccine creators. Hurrah!
I planted hope today
With bulbs and seeds for Spring
Everyday hope takes us
To a new strong place to cling

I planted love today
With acts of kindness and good
It seeks to combat the online hate
It seeks to stamp out the rude

I planted thought today
To lead us from the affray
Positive thought takes us to a different space
A space of grace

I planted us today
The roots have taken strong
The branches are bearing fruit
It's where we belong
+ve start to Tuesday
Brian Turner Nov 11
When I was wrong
Were you quick to judge me?
Were you quick to make sure I was vilified for it?

When I was wrong
Did it make sense to comment?
Did you think I did it deliberately?

I'm not the signal for attack
I'm not the first line of defence
I'm the guy who wants to move forwards
I'm the guy who wants to mend the fence
Notes on everyday efforts to move forwards
Brian Turner Nov 9
Mid November 16 degrees
Mid November should be time for freeze
Mid November leaves drop still
Mid November eating ice-cream to chill

What has happened to our seasons?
What has happened, so many manmade reasons?
What have we done to change the planet?
We must do something positive now ******!
16 Degrees Celcius in the Uk today. 9 November 2020
Brian Turner Nov 9
Like some form of re-animator
I morph into a new creature daily
To surprise you

My nails grow talons naturally
My hair becomes thick and black
Huge spikes come out of my back

My breathe gets hot and fiery
My smell of that of a fox
I stare at you and dribble
As you settle down and watch Googlebox
Poem made up whilst watching TV . Inspired by the movie 'Re-animator' and "American Werewolf in London'
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