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Oct 6
My wife wants me to stop speaking with an Alien tongue
I picked it up whilst sleeping and now use it for fun
A frequent burst of sounds at speed
Enough for human ears to bleed

Burr boopty book, burr boopty boop
Ahta batta batta ba
Ahta batta batta ba
Ahta batta batta ba

I'm communicating with them now
I'm through to their leader Emperor Mow
His tone is full of rage
He doesn't know I'm a man of middle age.

If you start speaking alien to your spouse
And rambling in the middle of the house
Please keep the conversation glee
As we don't need World War 3
I enjoy speaking in alien tongue, please don't stop me :) Ahta batter batta ba is based on the theme tune of the movie "Raiders of the lost Ark'. How's that for a mind warp?
Brian Turner
Written by
Brian Turner  United Kingdom
(United Kingdom)   
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