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7.7k · May 2014
don't romanticize my pain.
I guess you could call it poetic how by the age of 12 I had no recollection of what happiness tasted like on my tongue. Some would say it was tragically beautiful.
But it was not poetic, nor was it beautiful,  but it was tragic. It was so very, very sad, and that sadness is only doubled now that people see sorrow as glorious.  It is not glorious. It is not strength. It is a lump of iron in your chest and stomach and it eats you from the inside, out and you have no right to think that blood stained wrists are anything other than tragic. So very,  very tragic.
6.5k · Apr 2015
Prayers and whispered wishes
To Greek gods, false gods,
Rulers of fictional realms
And still prayers echo
For strength, love, compassion;
You hold Hera in your soul,
She never bowed before mortals.
Nor averted her eyes from Zeus,
Not when storms thundered
Not when the skies shook
Lift your head, child of time,
Look them all in the eyes
And know that you have a goddess
Coursing through your veins
You are infinite, golden, ageless.
They will write songs about you
And men will weep as you leave

You've no need for prayers
3.5k · Apr 2016
The hyenas cackled maniacally , gasping and choking and she lunges at them, jaws snapping, eyes glittering gold. Throats were torn and yet the laughing continued, wheezing and guttural, shakey with their final breathes. Life leaves them and she roars to her enemies; She was sunlight, she was stardust, she was the warrior queen.
((About me trying to fight depression))
I am in constant torment
Preaching self-love and self-joy
and not needing someone to validate me
But I will throw myself under buses
into gutters and rain
for people who don't appreciate my stars
and give me dirt in return
I will let myself burn under fires
of 'yes's instead of 'no's
and repeating I love you
when I've never felt more alone

My heart beats, its steady
and rhythmic drum
But it does not beat
for me.
Messy and rushed
2.2k · Aug 2016
Dagger Boy
He is all lines and sharp angles
I am soft curves and extra padding
But it doesn't matter so much
When he's holding my hand
Intertwined and all jumbled up,
Or when he's kissing me
Closed eyes and only nerves
How strange to think the knife
Could learn to love the butter
2.0k · Jun 2016
Similes of the Soul
pure as the moon on darkening nights
radiant as the stars and growing, growing
bright as sunshine, gold, gleeful
warm warm warm
crisp and fresh as a spring breeze
full of life, deep roots gaining strength
gentle, gentle
buoyant as a bird's wing, joyous
freedom freedom freedom


Messy as an unkempt room
scattered and complicated
desolate as the drying desert
burning burning burning
lost and mewling, blind as a cub
clumsy and careless
volatile as active volcanoes
destruction destruction destruction
cold as rain and tough as hail
harming, harming

Beyond the sun there is
*violence, violence
I want to be so bright
that people want to orbit around me
but i am a supernova
consuming all who stray too close
1.9k · Nov 2019
my loneliness is larger than me
heavier, too
my loneliness the thick blanket
good for hiding under
my loneliness shields me from demons in the dark
but provides no warmth
my loneliness a cold fire I still sit beside
palms upturned, craving peace
my loneliness the war that rages unending
bodies left in a ****** wake
my loneliness the vultures swirling
I have never been very strong
my loneliness knows this, as she knows
all my other bitter secrets
my loneliness licks her smiling lips
opens her screaming maw
my loneliness is larger than me
deadlier, too
1.8k · Jan 2014
Re-uniting us with words.
I know you and all your little antics, I know how you hesitate every time you go to say my name because the memories and guilt and feelings will roll off your tongue like the tide, and you are too crowded to let anyone else drown in the sweet sound of your voice. I know how you lie awake at night trying to piece together every shard from that mirror you broke when you were 9, and how nothing quite fits anymore, you have lost parts of your old self and your clumsy hands will break an imminent future because you know not what needs fixing and what just cannot be helped. I live in your every bated breath and am often reminded why it is such a wasteland, I know how your heart can turn colder than the cloud of air exhaled when you sigh and shake your head at the world around you. Do not think for one second I do not know you, because in the three years I have loved you we have shared secrets, stories, memories and love, yes, for a time, we shared love. But that is a time long since passed and now I reside in the marks on your skin where your father hit you, I inhale the smoke from your lungs caused by people blowing their blackened words down your throat and making you feel less like the crimson sunset you are and more like the rainy days. You are beautiful and I wish you could see that from my perspective, I wish you could see how your eyes reflect the colours of the ocean and I wish to be lost at sea, I wish you could know that I think your heart is a galaxy, not a black hole, so you need not worry about all my rusted parts chipping at you because your strong arms will bring these dead eyes back to life, like they have so often. I want you to know that you are perfect in my eyes, flawed, yes, but no less perfect. I want you to know I love you.
1.7k · Nov 2015
Strength is subjective
sometimes strength is not
how many weights you can lift at once
or the many burdens you can carry alone
not even how your heavy heart can still beat
sometimes, strength can simply be
waking, again and again,
facing the same agony each day
and yet still waking each morning
facing the sun and the rain
and being brave
1.7k · Mar 2016
I am the sea I drown in
I felt empty;
every possible notion
of happiness, and the brilliant light
that once stood so stark
against this aching, hollow dark,
had been eclipsed
by the encompassing knowledge
that i was an undersea mountain
forced to stand alone and unmoving
and watch as the faces i knew
pass me by, onto calmer waters

I stand inconsolable in my emptiness
it is a captivating and terrible thing to behold.
1.7k · May 2015
A Boy I Loved
His arm was a dot-to-dot
of needle marks and scars
you join them up together,
*'existence broke my heart'
1.6k · Oct 2016
She calls herself Icarus
You were,
a sun to her
bright beacon
her flame
her fire
her summer warmth
and still, now
a sun
her burning
her ruin
everything in flames
and ashes where
love used to sit
her heart in ember
and you
still torching the world.
1.6k · Jan 2014
They think I'm coping
its a daily struggle
you don't wake up one day
and the pain is gone
you have to fight it away
every single time you breathe
and whilst doing that,
you also have to smile
because you can't let people know
just how helpless you are
you can't let people realize
that you're weak
because they'll use it against you
they always do
so you put on a brave face
and mock your own pain
in the hopes that it will throw them off
the scent of your bleeding body
and the truth is, in all honesty,
you need so much more help
that you let people understand.
you're taking painkillers
when your body doesn't hurt
which is ironic, because i suppose this means
you're sicker than you thought.
This is my body
This is my home
I will become the sun
at the centre of my own universe
But I will not allow
the timber walls of this heart
to burn away in cinders and ash
I will become stars and align myself
With the harmony of the Earth
Planting my roots in rich soil
And grow, until I am a mountain
Of living, thriving, beautiful, Oak
I will be the sun and the earth and the stars
and the dark night shall call me daughter
When I howl to the waxing moon
*You have embers inside you
Let your wildfire burn
I never fell in love with you
Falling implies disillusion
As if i didnt know exactly
What i was in for
When i looked into your eyes
And found constellations
That i had searched for
My whole life

It implies a failed understanding
Like i had walked off a long pier
And suddenly found you there
In the water, holding me
Instead of rushing to the water
Knowing you would be there
To catch me when i dropped
And never drowned

I never fell in love with you
I grew love for you
A slow budding bloom
That became a vibrant blossom
Ever growing, ever changing
I swelled love for you
It rising and falling
Like an unsure tide
On a new-formed shore

I built love for you
A home of it
All bricks and mortar
In the sacred parts of myself
Where you are always welcome
To walk through the door
And never fall.
You are my parachute
1.5k · Jun 2016
The moon at midnight
Upon a silent sea
Casting Her glow, iridescent
The waves break in hushed tones
Upon sandy shores, glittering,
In the dark of night
Receding water leaves behind
Pale bodies, sleek and stunning
White and whiskered
Drinking in Her magnificence
They shed their skins
Walking arm in arm upon this earth
Creatures of both land and sea
Naked and gleaming bodies, thrive
Beneath the stars, unseen, unheard
Quiet and graceful as the lull of the ocean
Dancing, singing, siren voices
Until the first light of dawn breaks, then
Back into their silken selves
The tide rolls in, and out again
Taking with it
The moon's sweet daughters.
/Aye, she belongs to the sea
The moon, her mother and the land,
Agh, the land be her lover
For at night she visits and joyous,
Joyous in the moonlight she sings/
1.5k · Jan 2016
Concept: I am a hermit crab leaving its shell for the first time. The ocean is vast and I am unafraid.
1.4k · Mar 2014
My pessimism disease
Death is everywhere
It surrounds us like a cloak
And engulfs humanity more often
Than the darkness envelopes the moon
You can see it in the trees
Bare branched and broken
You can see it in the news
Another tragedy hitting the screens
You can see it in your own eyes
As you scratch at half healed scars
I don't know why people fear death,
After all, it seems to be the only thing
That makes sense in this world
From the moment we are born
We begin to die
And if that isn't poetic,
How could life ever be?
1.4k · Mar 2014
chivalry is dead
The cold bites
And the wind hisses
The rain spits
And the sun dies
The kids mock
And the teachers gossip
The depression hits
And the anxiety twitches
But nothing
Is as cruel
As you
1.4k · Dec 2016
Sun glitter
I am dotted with happiness
Like freckles on my sun-kissed skin
I bathe in the light and I shape it
Into sculptures of beauty
Reminiscent of the face that births such joy
Eyes sapphire blue, an ocean expanse
Of kindness and hope
I am drowning and disappearing
Becoming the sun that glitters on the water
We dance like that in unison, eternally
1.4k · Oct 2014
New storms for old lovers
You are the heavy rain,
I am the grassland
plagued with drought.
Love me, cover me,
help me heal myself.
1.3k · Aug 2015
Requiem of Stars
I want to be swallowed up
By shooting star's blazing tails
And the universe's
Infinitely expanding space
Black holes and black planets
White dwarfs that supernova
I want to be caught in the debris
Of the chemical dust and gas
Floating on the light
Of a thousand dying suns
We become giants
And we become supergiants
I will exist in the empty space
As air and grit and starlight
I will become dark matter
I will let the dark matter
1.3k · Jun 2016
Learning to enjoy emptiness
Faceless monsters in the dark
In every shadow inside my heart
The drum of blood and shaky knees
These nightmares live to devour me
In the moonlight, I lie awake
Waiting for the dawn to break
But no sunlight ever nears
Blocked by forcefields of my fears
In a prison of my mind
The dark became my friend in time
I walk with her and she with me
We eat the light so greedily
Always hungry, never full
I cannot resist the shadows' pull
In my lungs and in my bones
The inky ghost made herself a home
This is how to friend your fear
But am I the puppet, or puppeteer?
1.3k · Sep 2016
The Girl Who Drank The Moon
Once upon a time,
there was a girl who drank the moon
gurgled and guzzled until it filled her,
moonlight shimmering through her skin
and stardust lingering in her veins
she was waxing and waning
and the tides followed her small feet,
every month she shrunk into herself
before being born anew
glorious and whole and bright
bright enough to rival the sun
and how the sun loved her so,
his gaze warmed her back every day of her life
kissing her softly as she grew into the silver
that was her skin, her hair, her eyes
and how the night welcomed her
she could hear stars whispering
see adoration in every glimmer
the girl grew and grew, and the silver shone
and she longed for her sun, his warmth
and for the stars, her friends
every night she would shine
she could light up the world with that shine
white and silver and brilliant
she was love incarnate
and so
was loved in return
I feel little of anything
The stars are pinpricks to the sky
And the moon is so cold
She is a glacier in that darkness
I would be an iceberg too
But even now I cannot find
Any desire to be anything but empty
This hollow shell isn't cold
Nor does it burn with sorrow
It simply is. And you are too bright
You are too golden and warm
To let yourself be dulled by me
Go gently, please
Find stars and suns that will not
Reduce your night sky
To undending black
The title means 'I am too tired to be lovable'
1.3k · Jul 2015
I can't help thinking
I can't help thinking
That my legs are the size
Of wide ravines
Carrying ***** blood
Through its tributaries
I can't help thinking
That my stomach holds
Toxic waste
Ruining me from
The inside
I can't help thinking
That the darkness outside
Has stretched inwards
Corrupting the light
I once held in my eyes
I can't help thinking
That I'll always think the same
the wolves howling at my door are baying for my blood and i cannot drive them away. screams pierce the morning air like shrieking bullet aimed for me, my eyes grow tired from lack of sleep and my stomach churns from the mere thought of last night's meal slowly digesting into more fat for people to **** and poke at. 6 cups of coffee later and i am no less awake nor any happier, my mother is in the kitchen making soup for work tomorrow and my brother still sleeps, lucky as he is, not to be plagued with nightmares that scream at him to wake up. Sitting downstairs in my pyjamas on the computer talking to people who can at least make me smile for a brief few seconds. Daring to draw in my notebook pictures of monsters that lurk under beds and between my sheets, whispering the same things that my mirror hisses at me when i look too far into the flaws lurking there. I look out the glass door in my living room and see a shadowed beast snarling at me from the patio, baring its teeth in anticipation for when it can finally draw blood, crush bones, and swallow my pale flesh, rendering me lifeless and stained with a darkness that has left marks on every indent on my skin. I bare my teeth back trying to scare the monster away, but she and i are one and she sees through my facade, knowing i am not as brave as i pretend. The sound of my dog barking draws me out of my haze and i bury my face into his golden fur, hoping that his sunlight coat will be enough to chase away whatever has nestled itself into my veins and capillaries. We stay like that for a few minutes, with silent tears warm on my cheeks, until i compose myself, finish off my coffee, and return to gazing at this screen where i type my confession.
I can still hear the wolves.
1.2k · Jan 2015
Not yours, never was.
He takes me by the hand
And he kisses my red lips
He says
'Baby, you're mine you're mine you're mine'
And I look him in his green eyes,
I let the ash from my cigarette fall
And I tell him
'No baby, I am mine, I am mine, I am mine'
1.2k · Aug 2018
The masks we become
Legacy girl writes hollow poems
In the petal-pressed pages of her notebook
Breadcrumbs of who she is
And who she longs to be
There is an ocean between the two
Starlight dreamer gazes up at the moon
They weep together about all the many ways
The world can scar a person
The moon looks at her nightchild from a high heaven away
And sings of her craters and how she overcame every one
Forest nymph sits on the shoulders of her favourite tree
Tells him about her day and of the flowers she smells but does not pick
The leaves are whispering gossip to each other
Birds are bringing her shining things
And she tells the birds a story of Icarus
She says ‘you do not have to fear the sun’
She is the sun, and she would not harm them
Not them or a single growing thing under her warm gaze
Legacy girl jumps down from the tree
Crosses the hill and three fields to the ocean shore
There are whales waving from the horizon
And beyond that, in the sweeping red hue of the moment
The girls are close enough to touch

Her hand makes ripples of her reflection
1.2k · May 2015
The oldest religion
Such fury in her old bones
Ancient anger, generations deep
Like the roots of trees
Sunken and embedded into earth
wild woman

Forest nymph
She who thrives on sunlight
And grows ever upwards
With the flowers of her home
wild woman

The Moon's child and silver sun
Ebbs and flows with the waves
Riding currents and rips in sea
Under the nightly tide
wild woman

We are the bones of the earth
We are the stem that reaches sky
We are the strongest currents
*We are wild women
1.2k · Oct 2013
The Messy Poet
I am cynical
I am lost
I tie anchors to my feet
and complain when I drown
I am clingy, corrupt
I need so many people
yet I push them away
when they get too close
I am broken
I am scarred
I build my walls
and I tear them down
I'm lonely, tired, sad
I am a mess.
Make sense of me?
1.2k · Oct 2013
The thought
of her name
on your lips
and your hands
on her hips
sends goosebumps
to beneath my skin
I tremble
from a non-existent cold
my lungs stutter
and will give out
along with my heart
which will shatter
into a million pointed shards
that stab and cut me
when I think back to us
and my name
on your lips
your hands
on my hips
I suppose
I was not
do you really care or is this just another fabrication in a half dream that my mind has created to trick me into thinking there is something worth holding on to? Will you still be here in a month's time like you promised, or will you find an excuse to rid yourself of me and all my bruised parts? Are there stars in your eyes or are those the shimmering reflection of the sun in the water filling them? Will you hold me when i am frail or will you drop me when i weaken us both? You have been my best friend for quite some time now and my adoration for you runs deeper than these cuts and scars, the same ones you helped me overcome and prevent. It is also true that you have been the cause of some, on the nights where tension built and we sent hateful words to each other in a desperate attempt to rid ourselves of the hate and bitter hellfire in our hollow bodies. I do not yet know if this friendship will be my destruction or salvation, all that i can do is trust you as much as i can and hope that i have poured enough of myself into you, that you know the pain you would be causing if i am betrayed again. Maybe when i see you i should smile, but things are complicated and i cannot bring myself to even make my eyes look happy. I hope you understand this. I hope you know me and every atom of my self. I hope you like what you see.
1.2k · Dec 2014
Be your own God.
I will create oceans and rivers
From the tears that flow from my eyes
And they will envelop the shores
Formed in the crest of my torso,
The valleys that lay in between my *******
Will protect wildlife from the raging winds
Of my breaths, and the shaking earth
Of my heartbeat
My thoughts will form stars and planets
And I will create my own galaxies
My fingertips will be the roots of trees that will stretch ever onwards
I will grow and I will grow
And I will destroy as I please
No laws hold me
For I am my own universe
Unbidden, unbound.
1.1k · Sep 2018
The Sixth Sleep
I have been a dream
I have been a tempest
And a flood
And a raging fire
I have been the creeping dark
The terrible sun
I have been the ghost that knocks my plants over
I have been the spilled soil, too
The branch that taps against my window
I have been a car crash
And a mirror
And a stunted cry in the night
I have been a brilliant sunrise
A bloated ocean
The ghost of my father
I have been the cracked rib of my mother
The snakes’ yawning mouth
Eve herself
I have been a leaking tap
A righteous man
A little sin
The blade and the wound
I have been the wolf and the howl
A bulbous moon
I have been a dream.
There is a quiet thunder to the way she walks, and a heavy rainfall when she leaves. She treads water trying to reach islands that will house her but cannot reach the shore before her hurricane mind carries her away to new homes, homes she finds in people, and often the wrong people. But she is strong and stands like the tallest oak, letting gale force winds bend her branches so that she may feel what is to live, but never has she broken. Her voice is the sound of birds in the spring with all the melodies and lullabies of the early morning, she has a light in her that is both the sun and the fireflies and it will illuminate your heart should you ever let her in. Sometimes she is wilted but even beautiful roses have thorns and she draws blood if you try to pick her petals. She is the earth and the wind and the sky and though her roots are strong she is not always smiling, but just like a flower she grows from the ground up and all will gather to awe at her beauty when she sees it within herself.
I wrote this for a friend because she needs reminding that she is stronger than stormy thoughts.
1.1k · Sep 2016
I am in your orbit
We move in correlation
a human constellation
you are my infatuation
i shine at your affection
but in watery reflection
you're unsteady, an evasion
i reach out for your attention
receiving only your impatience,
my sun, whats your obsession
with comets in far directions
am i not your one exception,
your moon, your connection?
but i move past your perception
fade with stars and imperfection
i ask you only one small question
was ours love, or a reaction?
1.1k · May 2016
I begged the stars and I begged the sea
To take the world away from me
I want to walk through starry shores
Cosmic beaches, ocean floors
I begged the land and I begged the sky
Lend me wings that I may fly
I begged the storms and I begged the stones
Give me lightning, give me a home
I begged the mountains and I begged the trees
Sing to me upon a sleepy breeze
I begged the roads and I begged the rain
Take me from my mortal pain

And so the goddess did oblige
For within the forest I now reside
I am the flowers I am the stream
I am the sun's bright morning gleam
I am the dark that eats all things
I am lonely wolfish scream
I am whom upon wind breaks
I am the threads that do create
I am life, and she is me
No mortal knows such harmony
1.0k · Oct 2015
Crusades against echo
My thoughts are too loud
It is like shouting into empty rooms
And hearing naught but echoes,
Constant and crushing
The heaviness of their hollow sound
Like lead weights that pulse
Until your mind is flooding
And you are drowning.
I am drowning in my thoughts,
These lead weights are anchors
I will sink beneath my silent words
For to speak them means inhaling
Letting their sorrow fill my lungs
They have already taken my mind
They'll not have my breath, too.
1.0k · Dec 2014
Love is but smoke now
We are burning
We are burning
Oh god the pain
My kingdom
Your kingdom
No light, just flame
Ashes around us
Cinders within
Embers are burning
And I, with him
We are burning
We are burning
Oh god the flames
We are burning
We are burning
**No love, just pain.
1.0k · Mar 2014
Is love worth the risk?
It's strange
And irrational
But I am so
Of falling in love
I think my family
Is cursed
I just found out
That my cousin's
Fiance, other half,
missing piece
Passed away
In a deep sleep
Into an even deeper one
And my mother
Lost her husband,
Love of her life,
her rock
To a reckless driver
On a road he didn't return from

I'm scared of falling in love
Not because of
The possible heartbreak
Or childish trivialities
But I'm so scared
That one day
Suddenly, out of the blue
In a blaze of cruelty
From whomever
Dictates our fate
They will just be
1.0k · Apr 2016
The ocean has a voice
Lilted notes upon rising tides
Drums of crashing waters shore
Water rippling and ocean sighs
A crescendo of a tempests roar

The screech of gulls taking flight
Melodious wind in water caves
Marvel here at the ocean's might
With the orchestra of the waves

See here the figures, singing loud
Harmony salty, sweet, and strong
Ocean creatures awed and cowed
At the hurricane of the siren's song
Testing out rhymes again

I want to be in the ocean where no one can find me
i'll find you under that sunset
where we first said goodbye
a bond that we formed-
two hearts full of ice,
we'd melt away in the summer
and be open to love
a friend that I fell for
an angel sent from above

you told me roses are red
and violets are blue
but winter soon came
and my heart tore in two
i promised to love you
and i did all that i could
until your very last breath
as i promised i would
the roses have wilted
the violets have died
the ice creeps back to me
as the light fades from your eyes

your wounds were exposed
your armour was cracked
my love couldn't fix you
(a skill that i lacked)
and you're under the ground now
your eyes closed for good
I'll see you soon darling
meet me in that wood-
where we kissed for the first time
and you said your goodbye
i'll see you by morning
sweet light of my life.
There is a certain absence that echoes when it rains
I can feel it, in the storm of my life
And I can feel your absence as much as the rains'
You, today, I knew you were looking for me
When the bus pulled up and our eyes met
And it was like this chasm between us
Was closing and reopening in turbulent uncertainty
And we smiled at each other but with such sorrow, too
We spoke and laughed and I could almost forget
How terribly imperfect things between us are
I forgive the you that I know no longer lingers
I ask you forgive yourself, achieve inner peace
If we could escape to other lives and exist together
recreating ourselves far from judging eyes, I would
I would ignore the scolding of my mother
And the wrath of my friends
They don't know you like I do, don't love you like I did
I don't know if I still love you, or if it is just twin souls
Connecting again in joyous reunion
But I was looking for you, too
1.0k · Feb 2014
Marking myself
One cut
Two cuts
Three cuts
Come on now
Whats just one more?
Four cuts
Five cuts
And lastly
Nothing bad
Its just a nick
Seven cuts
Eight cuts
Nine cuts
I have missed this
I last did it... when?
Cuts and scars
Across her legs
One day
I think
I'll wind up
1.0k · May 2014
He is the foundations
On which I build my strength
He is the sunrise and sunset
Bringing a smile to my face,
He is the constant friend
The trusted one
My best friend, my anchor
My wings to keep my head
In the clouds where dreams lay
His kindness is more than I deserve
And more than I can ever repay
The beacon that guides me to light
When all I see is darkness
He is my sweetest friend,
The eye of my storm,
The strength of tranquillity,
He is all of this to me.
All of this and more
My friend Jack. Who has seen my ugly faces, both literal and metaphoric. Who guided me out of storms.  Who kept me grounded. I am more thankful that he found me that I can say♥
I had my chance and I missed it.
Threw it away because of one friends ****** opinion
Don't get me wrong I was mad for a while,
You, with your body next to a girl that isn't me
Sleeping innocently, I don't think you could hurt me like she said you did.
You were my sunrise man, my sunset, and everything in between.
You were every shade of black and white
And I threw that away because I questioned my trust in you.
Why?? Why did I do that?
Because now you are next to a girl who isn't me
And you love her
And she loves you
And I miss you
But I'll never tell.
You be happy, I had you and I gave you up. That was my mistake, and your opportunity.
I'm sorry, I miss you, don't come back.
1.0k · Apr 2014
the miles between family
She is far far away
In a place I cannot reach
My darling sister
Grown, and more beautiful
Than the turquoise seas
And the floral meadows.

On the other side of the world
Where times and seasons are different
Our conversations are choppy
Sometimes not speaking for weeks
Sometimes talking for hours

Blood of my blood
Keeper of secrets large and small
Most trusted friend
Dearest companion
Far away is she
Far from her little sister
Far, so far
From me.
1.0k · Apr 2014
There is more than just oxygen
In every breath I exhale
There is every syllable I never spoke
Every word that danced along my tongue
But always stayed behind my teeth
In a breath, there is sorrow and
Every drop of joy my lungs could fathom
Spinning and twirling
In the back of my throat
Itching to be spoken, released
But unwilling to go
I linger there in a half breath
Just a second too long
The words die and the silence floods
In my oxygen I exhale my truths
My promises and remarks
Ghosts of sentences never worded
And I return to a mere breath
Pain sparking in my eyes.
I have never spoken a word.
There are things
I never got to say
Trapped in my ribcage
And now you shall never
Hear them
994 · May 2014
stranger in skin
Do you ever get those days? When the only thought running through your mind is 'I want to go home'
But you are home. You are in your bed with lungs that don't feel like yours and a pulse that sounds more like a drum and you can't hear anything but your own intrusive thoughts and you want to go home. To a skin that doesn't feel like a strangers and to a heartbeat that doesn't sound like his or hers or theirs and you can't, you can't, you can't just simply 'Go Home.'
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