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My lioness
golden and soft
soft as a silk woven dress
strong as an elegant lioness
I have adored you since your time began
and I will adore you till my time ends

Oh lioness
fair and so sweet
sweeter than any candy
I will never forget your face
aged for a lifetime but still the same
as the day I fell in love with your grace

My lioness
standing tall
on a rock in my backyard

My lioness
you are not far
you're always in my heart
Copyright Barry Pietrantonio
Nik Bland Oct 2019
No, better than girl
Better than playground crushes
Summertime blushes
Fleeting rushes
And cheeks, those flushes
Not girl
But woman
Etched in notebooks
Eyes that look
Through soul
Grace visions
Pinpoint precision
In technicolor
Electric, but wireless
In 4320p
High dynamic range
And legs for days
I see you
And wild in you ways
Like watching for the
First time a nature
And knowing the lion is king
But the lioness, the hunter
Not cub I seek
But grown

In technicolor
A world not her own
But give it time
As she toils
And breaks
And creates
And tries
And amazes
And blazes
And screams
And relaxes
And I stand in wonder
Under the weight
The awe
Of her
In technicolor
In worlds lost to the black and white
Of conformity
And distortion
The contortion of which
Make her seem small
But she not
She is technicolor
Made for IMAX screens
And this boy
Hoping to prove to be
Abdullah Ayyash Feb 2019
I want to tell the world everything
I want to uncover my biggest sin
I want to admit what I've done bad
But the ice on the lake is really thin
I'm the lion who scares the jungle
Even a crowed of armed men
I rule thousands of acres by myself
Nobody can get near or step in
But I can't hold back the burning fact
That makes me crying deeper within
How can I go on with my life
When the lioness has left the den
© Copyright
Abdullah Ayyash
February 7th, 2019
Yuki Jan 2019
The lion is called
king of the forest
for its beauty only
because it is well known
that the one who
fights every battle
is the lioness
living under her
hungry king’s thumb
and remembered
by no name at all.
the old saying:
“make love, not war”
never made too much
sense to me.

love is war
and we’re always
fighting for it
like a soldier in combat
because something inside us
tells us that we need love,
(probably from being
at birth)

and for those who dream
of it be labor less

failure is among them

and for those who put in
too much overtime

failure is among them

and for those with hardened shells
that preach they don’t need love

are desperately screaming for it
on the inside with hearts made
of softened clay

our bodies and minds and
feelings are always changing
and the idea to love or be loved
by one single person almost
sounds absurd but for those
who actually can make it happen
is a rare and miraculous thing

it’s amazing what a woman
can and will do for you
after she puts on her eyebrows

like a lioness who hunts and provides
but somehow allows the lazy lion
the credit and reputation
he doesn’t deserve

out of love
out of war
always fighting
Maria Etre Feb 2018
Every time
you run your hands
across my body
you melt a layer
of bashfulness
to reach
my raw core
that one
that roars
with you
About confidence in one's skin with the other
Joe Thompson Sep 2017
Inside the house,
my cat is a cat
napping and lounging all day;
but outside the house
she’s a wild jungle beast
silently stalking her prey.

Inside the house
she’s all cuddles and purr
and a nudge so loving and mild;
outside the house–
crouched and ready to pounce–
she’s a lioness fearless and wild.
My wife asked for a poem with metaphors. This is what I wrote her
Miranda Renea Jun 2017
She's the slow sort of lover,
The kindle stiking the blaze.
She burns like hot coals; melding
Skin with skin like molten metals.
This wildfire will not be tamed;
Will not bend to any whim.
She grows ever stronger with
The passing summer wind.
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