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Abdullah Ayyash Oct 2020
I want to scream my deepest fear
Uncover my deepest sin
Admit my wrongdoings
But the ice under me
Is very thin

The lion inside of me
Who scars the jungle
And fight an army of angry men
Can't fight the loneliness anymore
Or the sadness, deeper within
His lioness has gone
His lioness has left the den
© Copyright
Abdullah Ayyash
October 31st, 2020
Ashley Rowan Sep 2020
Sometimes I’m laughing at my own loneliness

But in my head I’m fierce like a lioness
Kara Shirlene Aug 2020
Women were made to roar.
So don't tell us to calm down.
We'll shake and howl,
And then stand proud
As we fix each other's crowns.

Women were made to speak.
So don't silence us when we scream.
We'll stomp and rave,
And then release
The lioness within- Strong & Brave.

Women were made to lead.
So don't pretend we won't.
We'll rise and march,
And carry on fiercely,
Every sister rooted in her strength.

Women were made to bleed.
So don't act like we are weak.
We'll shed our skin,
And be renewed,
Ready to roar again.
©KSS 4/2020
Kairosclere Jun 2020
This, a story
Of love and endurance
A survival match
Among the wilderness
From a house displaced
Lived a cat
Out of place,
In this cruel world.
He changed his hues
Trying to fit in
This troubled cat,
Only to seek a soul
Much like its own.
He loitered about
Day and night long
Picked prey by hounds
Clean, from all use,
By these bunch of hyenas
That saw the cat
As everything
But their own.
Trying to escape
With each tick of the clock
From an inescapable fate
Which led him
To his cub.
As their eyes met,
Their souls intertwined,
He had found his world
Alas, one he could
Never call "mine"
With the days
Of their lives
Brimming with joy
The cat found himself,
Rediscovered, stupefied.
He decided
That a life
Without her, a lioness,
Would amount to nothing,
A life given meaning
Simply with every
Breath she took.
Alas, she breathed
For her lions instead,
Where she was one
Among the royals,
As entitled.
The cat, heartbroken,
Lost himself once again
The way he claimed back
From the void
He lost, once and for all.
As his cub
Grew with grace,
Into a fearless hunter
It finally reached him
They they might
Never live together.
Yet their small lives
Are still bound
By little promises made
He is,
In her broken mirror's world,
A black cat.
Tara Apr 2020
Find me, chase me, pin me to the ground
I am yours, fierce lioness
Yours to hunt and hound
Hurt me, hit me, throw me to the wind
I am yours, fierce lioness
Yours to scar and skin
Toy with me, free me, let me run away
I am yours, fierce lioness
Yours to mark as prey
Watch me, stalk me, make me ******* fear
I am yours, fierce lioness
Yours to catch like deer
Wound me, eat me, use me for your game
I am yours, fierce lioness
Yours to **** and maim.
Max Neumann Mar 2020
a lioness above
clouds chilling
in freezing iceblue fog
quite willing

to attack and to shock
earth to **** and disturb
to swallow and gobble
each life fully and fast
Today is a good day.
My lioness
golden and soft
soft as a silk woven dress
strong as an elegant lioness
I have adored you since your time began
and I will adore you till my time ends

Oh lioness
fair and so sweet
sweeter than any candy
I will never forget your face
aged for a lifetime but still the same
as the day I fell in love with your grace

My lioness
standing tall
on a rock in my backyard

My lioness
you are not far
you are always in my heart
Copyright Barry Pietrantonio
Nik Bland Oct 2019
No, better than girl
Better than playground crushes
Summertime blushes
Fleeting rushes
And cheeks, those flushes
Not girl
But woman
Etched in notebooks
Eyes that look
Through soul
Grace visions
Pinpoint precision
In technicolor
Electric, but wireless
In 4320p
High dynamic range
And legs for days
I see you
And wild in you ways
Like watching for the
First time a nature
And knowing the lion is king
But the lioness, the hunter
Not cub I seek
But grown

In technicolor
A world not her own
But give it time
As she toils
And breaks
And creates
And tries
And amazes
And blazes
And screams
And relaxes
And I stand in wonder
Under the weight
The awe
Of her
In technicolor
In worlds lost to the black and white
Of conformity
And distortion
The contortion of which
Make her seem small
But she not
She is technicolor
Made for IMAX screens
And this boy
Hoping to prove to be
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