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Always be honest to yourself.

Good things happen to those who are unafraid to let their souls walk its own path.

We are meant to be free, so be it.

All the love, my friend.
May your journey
begin **
xtine Apr 4
how straightforward can you be?
it intrigues me to see how your confidence
replaces your fear of taking risks

the complete opposite
of my cautious being,
stopping at every intersection
wishing to avoid every single hazard
There are times when I wish I wasn’t so afraid of what the world has to offer.
JK Casilda Dec 2018
Under the same satellite that I was afraid to crash right at me
I recite what you said was your favorite of all my poems
Wide open
But you were holding my hand, dancing
in the moonlight that I've never appreciated before
'cause I was too afraid
by it's hidden, yet bright eyes following me,
naked with all of my secrets
But you were holding my hand
And I was
With you
Unafraid to die
This is a response to a poem entitled Satellite by Alfonso Manalastas, a spoken word artist in the Philippines. It was a poem about anxiety, and the way it embraced me felt like this.
Joe Postove Aug 2017
Sensitive and Unafraid
Nestled next to God
Whom she claims to know

One day
She took in a crippled stranger
Who was blind and corrupt
Unable to live, unwilling to die

She did not smile at first
Unsure of the blind and corrupt man
Though he was as afraid of her
As she was awesome in her fearlessness

She taught God and happiness
He was an anarchist

Slowly she understood
That the stranger did not know what she knew
So they came to an accommodation

Each would grow.
Joe Postove is a writer and former radio personality living in Israel
JayceeJellies Feb 2017
Even if the golden jellyfish are disappearing
I'll always have one with me.
The best one out of them all,
has never left or let me fall.
If I sank deep enough before,
their lake would've consumed me;
left me poisoned and faded.
but with him I'm unafraid
I'll drown in his arms
before I worry about pointless things.
Ellentelligence Jul 2016
Beyond and above it all
the scrapes of furious hounds
lies a nest of hopeful dreams  
growing silently in a wondrous wood
unafraid of the world around
All dreams can be achieved, if we stand unafraid.
Pauline Russell Mar 2016
You can't frighten a man with death, when his not afraid to die
So when your knifes and guns don't scare me know that is the reason why
There is nothing more dangerous than one that doesn't care
So you had better tread lightly, you better beware
There's nothing more dangerous than one not affraid of death
Unafraid to take that final breath
I'll have a smile when I walk the reapers way
So all you ******* go on and bray
About the beauty of life and all them lies
I have lived this life, it's only made me cry
And I am not affraid to die
Concept: I am a hermit crab leaving its shell for the first time. The ocean is vast and I am unafraid.
cannot grip the thought
of loosing everything
and everyone.
but oh my darlings,
one day our corpses will be underneath the ground;
and our souls will be dancing with Angels;
the loved ones we lost so long ago.
do not fear death,
for death brings you home.
and home is where we all belong.
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