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Nov 2021 · 295
I know that there are Gods inside me
Because I have seen them
at 13 when I tried to let Wrath out through my wrists,
15, an attempt to drown Calamity with prescription pills
and Famine, too, looking down my empty throat
After my stomach was hollow, with only Grief inside of it
I have seen Lust in the way I ache for more sunlight
at 17 in the summer where I regrew Joy,
fed her small scraps until she could devour
the whole world, and me
the Pantheon inside of myself 19
All of us a maelstrom in my blood
but Pride, forefront
King of kings on my tongue
He says look at the shrine you have made yourself
Holy, and still growing.
Aug 2020 · 444
The drip finally stops
I whisper your name into the darkness
And the tender light of dawn weaves it back to me
In a sunbeam that eclipses my eyes
I awake gasping with the taste of you burning my throat
You should not have followed me into the light here
All my memories of you are red rooms and bedsheets
Music with a heavy bass and the moon catching
On the sweat of our skin
I was always cold around you
Our heady breaths misting the air
You the tundra I travelled through
Crawled along the ice sheet of your body
Cut myself and crept bleeding
Hypothermia was quick gasps and a long exhale
Toes curling and frostbitten
I think the kisses you blew on my neck killed me
Or at least, I do not remember spring
Only your outline on the bed frosted over
I alone in a dark room with every star hidden
They say in an avalanche you can’t remember which way is up
And victims dig deeper trying to free themselves
In this, I do not know if I am the stiff fingers in the snow
Or simply the weight of a thousand lifetimes that were not for us
But I know intimately the unearthed corpse found 6 months later
Finally thawed enough to scream again
Moan a name that was not yours into a darkness
One that you had never touched
Even so, I wake up sometimes with numb lips
Icicles dripping from my doorframe
And your name melting on my stomach
I told you once I’d love you when hell freezes over
You told me ice was the great scalding of the world
I don’t think that’s true but sometimes
My tongue remembers
Feb 2020 · 235
I have been in faraway places
searching for my shadow
in the night I feel her holding me
and it is so cold in the midday sun
where am i
where am i  
where am i
Feb 2020 · 198
I dont want to get better i just want to have courage
Nov 2019 · 1.5k
my loneliness is larger than me
heavier, too
my loneliness the thick blanket
good for hiding under
my loneliness shields me from demons in the dark
but provides no warmth
my loneliness a cold fire I still sit beside
palms upturned, craving peace
my loneliness the war that rages unending
bodies left in a ****** wake
my loneliness the vultures swirling
I have never been very strong
my loneliness knows this, as she knows
all my other bitter secrets
my loneliness licks her smiling lips
opens her screaming maw
my loneliness is larger than me
deadlier, too
Oct 2019 · 298
I sit here, using the pen I stole to write this
And wonder if you see my face in the steam of your coffee
Like I hear your voice in the half-murmurs of everyone around me
I count 11 empty seats in this cafe and see your ghost in all of them
When I met you, you smelled like ground beans and woodsmoke
Velvet against my mouth, I had become addicted
To your taste, both bitter and sweet
I would cup your face in my hands and tell you
That there was more warmth here than any drink
Your hazelnut eyes crinkled and we would laugh
Throaty and dark, I melted into the hum of it
When you left me, every glass in the house shattered
I was made entirely of cracks, overfull and leaking
My heartbreak a great chip that grew only larger
We touched for the last time and I felt the fire of you
Found it scalding against my cheek
The whisper of a bonfire as you walked away
Only tar black and thick against my rasping throat
I choked on every memory of your lips
Still, sat here, in this room that is all you
Only 2 empty seats now, enough for us
Enough for our ghosts to laugh together
I pack away the books, the stolen pens
Leave my latte, grown colder now
Oct 2019 · 638
The answer
I can hear my bones talking to God, they ask him why he hates us and he says he wrote the fracture lines in our skin with perfect precision, he did not create us with the knowledge to heal.
And yet.
Oct 2019 · 253
The ask
The ocean floor is littered with whale bones
Ivory dreams that sink forgotten amongst silt
The fish swim in between ribs like birds flitter through mine
Asphalst graveyards lined with tiny carcasses
Where once survivalists and now just carrion
I saw a signpost for a crematorium and thought of
The way your hand burns against my cheek
Everything on heaven and earth is eaten by sunlight and decay
In the distance there are trees being felled
I hear nothing and so pretend they have not died
But I can feel their groaning bodies, I can feel the axe swing
In my sharp exhale when you put your palm to my knee
If I close my eyes I see the temples that used to stand here
Where once we prayed to Gods and now buy coffee
The prayer on our lips much softer now
But I still feel like a sacrifice when you kiss me
A pyre dream, quick as flame and soft as smoke
Who's dreams do I carry with me in this life?
Who's aching heart do i remember when the wolf howls?
I witnessed birds die midflight and fall by the hundreds
My atoms rocked into memory of their first journey
Spread across a thousand stars that crashed into yours
Became then the fish that was born between whale ribs
How many lives do I carry inside of me?
What histories lie beneath my feet?
Who's bones am I standing on right now?
Who's deaths will fall like ash atop mine?
Today I managed to convince myself that there was not a single soul in the world who loved me
That I was alone amongst stars whose names were long forgotten
Just as my own name was on the prescipice
Already a half murmered phrase, a syllable dropped here and there
Just me in inky sky watching my own hands crumble to smoke
Carried away on a wind that will not even return my echo to me
I saw a shooting star and recognised her for the girl I sat opposite on a bus once
Dared not call her name for knowledge she did not herself know it anymore
The smoke climbed further, my arms and all the nerves inside them
Unravelling into shadow, even as my own shadow had long since fled
Once upon the sunlight I could have called forth memory
Gripped his heart in my fist and demand one more day
Another aching hour before the unmaking
The smoke has her silken hands around my neck
Tender as an embrace I collapse into her mouth
As I am consumed I see the faces of everyone I carried inside my heart
Forget their names, their voices, the colours of their eyes
And am too forgotten by all but the nights' cold quiet
Everything is lost to the hungry dark
Small, but a death just the same
Oct 2019 · 304
I spin in slow symphony around a heart that beats to the song of the dawn and is broken by sunset
Oct 2019 · 402
New Age Folklore
New age folklore tells us
We will find pollution pixies
in the scraped bare remnants
Of houses that were gutted
By an overflowing sea
Their blue skin flecked with mud, and eyes
Red and burning from the chemical stench
Black dogs are just white dogs
Doused in oil and waiting for a flame to catch
They sit outside of graveyards and watch
Not for what has come but what will be
Ten thousand fae women, weeping
As radiation has stolen their fertility
And hunger ravaged their children
Ten thousand changelings with bloated stomachs
And empty eyes
We will tell campfire stories of mannan maclir
And how his whole ocean
Boiled and frothed, the palms of his god-hands
Still too small to contain the damage
His collosal eyes weeping tears that drowned a village
When he saw trawler nets of whales he once taught to speak
Present magic is an ugly thing, tar black and tasting of war
Red caps, with their bleeding heads and wide grins
Are the only true victors in this slaughter
But even they mourn their unseelie cousins
The wild hunt chases oath breakers in their white houses
Those sitting on thrones of corpses
Still shovelling money into stuffed pockets
The dogs are baying and savage, nightmares every one
And no match for every iron bullet that they face
None come back alive
Their pelts are traded with ivory, prices stacked
The heads of dreams now wall decor in overlarge houses
New age folklore is the silent death of every myth and legend
That lended hope under smoggy skies
Magic dies in a blanket of ash
Choking on the dust of indifference
Sep 2019 · 197
Calamity goddess
They came from the curling tip of the world
She-cats with pelts of ink and smoke
Stars hidden in the folds of their fur
And in their mouths they held the suns’ fire
Where they stepped, trees grew, Rowan and ash
That blossomed and bowed and died before their next tread
They came to the great mouth of the ocean
That hissed and dragged it’s heaving body
Out from the reach of teeth that shine with the moon’s cold
When they spoke it was not with one voice but with all voices
Birthing cities and civilisations with a roll of their tongue
Drooling lifetimes into that sandy threshold
It was many kings and one
A different time, a different world
That beat with the same heart as the one before it
Not knowing it would expire with an exhaled breath
The planets above slowed their spinning
Millennia hastened to glimpse the void that was their eyes
Blinking darkness that held tired dreams and secret truths
That let spring bloom endless on each eyelash
The sisters that were one goddess that was all Time  
Loosed a cry heard at the reaches of the endless dark itself
And even that shuddered
Sep 2019 · 188
Melancholy monsters
I have always thought myself some small part wolf
Not for teeth nor fur, mine are not so long as that
And before you laugh, not for tail either,
Maybe for my strong legs, but no
I am not wolf like you think of wolf
I only share in one thing, bask in it
Wolf and I, and our moon. How we love her
In the way that only wolves and women can
I was born under her, too. Her sign.
Mother called me moonchild, told me my eyes
Though brown as the dirt below me
Held all the light that reflected from her body
She is, to me, the anchor I tie my nights to
I reach to her the way the tides do; ceaselessly
Strange to think something so far
Can be held so close inside me
But I look at her and think of magic
Of spreading my arms and soaking up whatever brightness she can give
And when I look at her, when she is full-bellied
Joyous and content in her inky kingdom
I feel more wolf than girl
The music playing in my ears is still music
But it is also howling, echoing inside and out of me
Would that I could sing like they do,
Hoping that my small voice could carry to her
How lucky the stars to have that blessing
But still, she sets and takes my heart with her
And I nod at the sun and tilt my face into her gold beauty
But it is only a warm thing, only heat
There is no magic in her light for me
No music
And me, still, not even wolf
Not Hers enough to sing and be heard
Not enough of the Earth to plant roots elsewhere
Caught, as the tides are
As only wolves and women know how to be
Sep 2019 · 177
Declothed, deboned
I come home stumbling drunk
In a haze of morning light
The barest whisper of spring
A soft promise of dawn
I uncradle my heart from my palms
Step neatly out of my dew dappled clothes
Undress and hang up my skin
The freckled mess of it
Remove the pins from my hair
Let it tumble and fall from my scalp
I put firm fingers into a hollow chest
Gently pluck out all my organs
Stack them in labelled boxes
Let the light splinter through my ribs
I smile a slow grin, all teeth and sorrow
Fold myself tenderly onto the floor
Be illuminated as the hours pass
Basking in sunshine and love
Coax the flowers out with songs
Sung through rattling teeth
Swallowed, consumed, wholly hugged
By the growth of green grass
Inside a honey glow room
The wind is a kiss goodbye
The body sleeps
The wind sleeps
I am survived by my softness
Aug 2019 · 207
Bee was humming to herself in the garden
Aching for the sweetness
Of the most brilliant bloom
When she spotted Rose
Who sat red and waiting and wonderful,
A single drop of blood
In a firmament of white
Landing lightly on Rose’s crimson body,
just as it was Rose’s nature to give
So it was Bee’s nature to take
But no sweetness could tempt Bee
To steal a kiss from Rose’s lips

The months grappled with each other
Spring yielding to summer’s glare
With bee and rose beneath them
Delighting in each other’s beauty
And made alive with buzzing conversation
And still Bee had stolen nothing
To spin to honey, though she knew
It would be a nectar to make gods jealous
Bee would not take, and Rose
Who was red as the dawn
Could not bring herself to give
If it meant Bee would move onwards
To other beacons of light in the garden

And so it went

Rose knew she was dying
Could feel the cold wind creeping
And killing her sisters around her
So she said to Bee
“Take all I have left to give you,
Make something decadent of me”
Bee’s small heart broke within her chest
But she could not stand before winter
And demand it pass over a single rose
And in the hush of November
Bee spun pollen into poetry
Adorned it with a single beating grief
And from the sweetest, reddest rose
Came the bitterest of tastes
Aug 2019 · 172
I used to love lighting
There is blood in my mouth
And I can still taste his kiss
An echo of a promise on my lips
His love has always felt like violence
Like a storm that does not break
Only builds, and I sit
Enraptured in the ozone
Rabbit in wolfs hungry jaws
He spins my hair around his finger
Smiles a liar’s smile
Tells me he loves me
And I hear thunder
Aug 2019 · 186
what a relief
There are dogs barking next door, they've been at it for at least an hour and for some reason, it is making me Incredibly anxious
and all at once I am remembering every wound I ever inflicted or received
as though I were both the blade and the parting flesh, and I feel as though
I have always been this moment, this suspended breath
Slowly circling around a clenched fist until the time of my expiry
I am the snapping of a dogs jaws and the spit that hits the ground
and I am still, too, the ground that shivers in disgust at such violence,
anyway, its probably just the anxiety talking, probably just me stumbling again
over words and truth in my haste to release whatever air I keep trapped in my lungs
whatever wound inside me is currently yawning open and closed, quick as the caught birds' breast
hey, i think the dogs have stopped barking
maggots feasting on a butterfly’s corpse
    One time a boy kissed me

the ruined back post-bullet
    He spun me in his strong arms

wasp nest humming in a yellowed skull
    Said he loved me with fierceness

shrapnel lodged in a spine somewhere
    Told me he would never let me go

blood and water mixing in the sink
    But he did. He did

body on the beach, pale and bloated
    In my nightmares I see him walking away

wild dogs with intestines in their jaws
    I see glimpses of another life

the slow swing of a fist
    In those, he holds me in his strong arms

bruised blue cheek, uglier for its healing
    In those, he does not lie to me

one tear caught on a trembling eyelash*
    In those, I am survived by my softness
Aug 2019 · 290
Eulogy for the last hearth
Into an empty field she cried it
no witnesses but wheat and wind
hand ****** at her breast
voice cracking and hoarse

"I am more than a dream"

the sky a blush above her
dawn, a distant fond memory
bathed in gold light
her lilting voice, softer now

"I am more than this hope,
this reckless want"

shushed gently by the grass
against her trembling knees
she sinks slowly into the earth
murmers kindly to her own soul

"I'm more than this. I have to be"

The sky no longer rose hued
Breeze whispering through her hair
Night falls, and with it
an ember of the sun flickers out
Aug 2019 · 201
A boy is a loaded gun
Deadly and true
Heavy with the weight of himself
His tiny moving parts
Smelling like oil and death and blood
Trigger finger quick as the flash of his smile
The white of his teeth reflected
In the whites of her eyes
A girl is an open wound
Scar riddled and lame
From all the bullets she has been grazed by
Surely one, one day will **** her
Or the lead in her body
All poisonous trace of him
Will seep into her bloodstream
Find her heart, aquiver in fear
Rabbit under the barrel
Experienced hunter, this one
His hands do not shake
His lips do not twitch
His eyes cold and hard as the weapon
The world is a red battlefield
Silence, but for his steady breath
Her tearful pleas
The boy reloads.
Jun 2019 · 244
The wolves stepped from the wood
Padfoot, quickstep, under ****** moon
Their mouths agape and yawning
Tongues lolling to steam the air
Eyes yellow and gold
The first wolf that had ever walked
Swallowed a portion of the sun
And they have been hoarding fire
Inside them ever since
And these wolves, from the darkening wood
With their misted fur backs
Twitching ears and slow careful steps
They lift their heads in one drawn-out moment
Speak with one voice
A voice that echoes like man
That lilts with arrogance not of wolf
To say that the world was raining blood.
The sun
The moon
They heard the wrongness of that voice
Saw the guns pointed at weeping muzzles
And they heeded
Noise shattered the ever-night
Sunlight averts her eyes
A moon crimson and shameful
The sky exploded in death
The woods grew darker
Jun 2019 · 207
Sleeping king that sings to my dreams
Who weaves slender horrors most deadly
That hold back all my nightmares
My stalactite lord, under earth I look
Over hill and tomb I search
And do not find a clue of you
I trace your face in books of old tithes
Debts paid and kingdoms conquered
The fossils of you that smash against
The sea of a world you never sailed to
There is no one living who could tell me
What mouth produced such lilting voice,
Eager tongue and godly drawl
My ears tremble with it, when
The world has forgotten how.
But the dreams
The dreams know your name
The nightmares, too
Jun 2019 · 285
When Eve plucked golden apple
From supple branch
Her lip curled in sly smile
As Adam looked on, fearful
Teeth rending forbidden fruit
Tasting like wrath and every secret God had ever kept
When those juices dribbled from her chin
Turning to blood beneath her forked tongue
She knew she could set Eden to blaze
Leave smouldering ash where beauty once dwelt
Snake winding up her thigh
Tongue slipping to taste hellfire
Every story ends with her
With woman
With a smile that torches the world
Jun 2019 · 179
I rip off the bandaid
And uncover the terrible truth beneath
It weeps afresh
Gaping red eye staring at me
Bleeding it’s own tiny sorrows
The walls press harder and harder
Boat in a glass bottle that lets the whole ocean in
The rush of it swallowing everything else
Mast, hull and keel becoming sodden
Driftwood piercing lungs and letting
That whisper trickle through
Seeping poison and rot and wrath
Truth enough to drown in
Truth that stares to the splintered ship of myself
Truth that ripples only the world and not the water,
I look away first
Jun 2019 · 171
I will not always love myself
I do not, and cannot
In a world like this
With a body like mine
That dips and rises like a mountain range
With its too-dark veins
A stark and unflattering contrast
To my moonrise skin
The rivers and tributaries that swim
It is not always as beautiful
As an awakening earth
This hair like mud
Eyes like mud
Barren soil that cannot always
Yield great harvest
I will not always bear fruit
This body, small and easily crushed underfoot
Do we always love the bug?
That breaks beneath our heel?
Body of mine that does not sing for me
Voice of mine that cracks and breaks
I will not always crave to hear the echo
But ...
I know that though I will weep
On mornings where I do not glow inside the sun
In all the ways I am so desperate to
On mornings where his palm on my stomach
Is the soft tether that keeps me dreaming
On mornings where his kisses
Are the only warmth I want to bask in
I know that he loves me
That he loves this body
Moreso the battlefield beneath
And sometimes, mostly, always,
That is enough.
Jun 2019 · 175
Before the break
How could I not love the sky?
When the sun so kindly cups his face
Gold-hued fingers tracing the lines of his mouth
Gentle as I, with his heart aglow through his chest
Her speckled pink blush spreading
As he opens his eyes to her, smiling
Greeting the morning like it is his first one
How bashful she is, to witness the green of his eyes
Sleepy from dreaming, and I
How lucky I am to meet them
Knowing these lips can kiss what the sun can only cradle
So yes, how could I not love the sky
When she has the same warmth for him
That beats in the echoes of my breast
Incandescent, and unending
Jun 2019 · 216
Lovely goddess
She speaks, and stars spill from her lips
She blinks, and flowers bloom on every eyelash
She laughs, and the sun slows it’s turning to hear it
The moon dips into the sea, aching to be closer
It is spring, and magic is waking to her touch
Jun 2019 · 151
Shatter into everything
Tiny cracks that echo into chasms
Lining the great brass wall of my chest
Where once was darkness, now
Light like you have never seen
Sunburst, moonkissed, every shade of silver and gold
I am erupting into unknowns
I am splintering into beauty
It is a wondrous thing
Jun 2019 · 142
I will speak with the sea’s own voice
Kiss with her gentle mouth
Call down the moon to me
And hear the gossip of stars
I will lie with the oceans bloated tongue
Scream with cresting rage
And drown the whole world with myself
I am fathoms deep in a watery dream
One where I had boats in my stomach
And the bones of long-dead monsters in my depths
I am endless in the dark
I am tidal when I sleep
Jun 2019 · 141
Everything moved and nothing changed
Stepped three ways to the right
Clung to the monkey bars of my childhood primary school
Looked out through new eyes into the same world
From frightening unhinged angles
Shadows were still shadows
The sun still beat behind eyes that looked recklessly into it
The shape of you against the ground that was now the sky
And how well you fit there
Looking like you owned the dawn
Jun 2019 · 155
All my little words
There is nothing worse than silence
The silence that pulls taut between two people
Stretched thin and encompasses all that they cannot say to each other
That she loves him, but it will not make him stay
That he has felt like this for a while, and it is not something he can change about her
There is an empty that is fathoms deep between them
Where love once bridged it, just this :
The sound of him packing his things to leave
Her soft sobs that do nothing for anyone
The room is a gutted carcass now
Stripped bare of him
Of all the light he brought into it
And the girl thinks how foolish it is
To be destroyed by something
So fleeting and feeble as love
Jun 2019 · 146
Drought and Drowning
I don't know how to stop giving myself to people
To stop wanting to pour myself into the empty wells
Of those who do not know how to take their fill of me
I am parched for love and overflowing with it
But the ceaseless torrent of me is torture
And I am leaving both drowning and drought in my wake
The ocean inside of me is fathoms deep with yearning
But the world is a cracked, aching thing
It does not know how to grow anew from salt
I do not know how to dilute that which I spill
The thirsty earth, my thirsty mouth, my gaping, hollow everything
Everything sinks come the flood
Jun 2019 · 151
Steal all your gold
Back from those who do not know how to treasure it
Take it from their careless hands
Hold it gently as you coax it back into yourself
Tell them 'this is not how to handle a heart'
Because it was, a heart
That you put into their tender care
See how bruised it is now, how aching?
Do not learn from this the act of anger though
Do not now hoard your gold, dragoness
You can be fierce and gentle at the same time
Give your jewels to those who you adore
And if they break them, bury them, treat with roughness that which you gifted
Then rear your head back, firechild
The sun is inside you, and she says sometimes it is okay
To raise a little hell
Jan 2019 · 201
How do I take the tar
Clogging my body
Thread it through my veins
Into my waiting palms
Where I can shape it
Disperse it,
Press an inky handprint to paper
And have it create something
And not destroy
It is always the way of the ink
To mark, blemish, to claim
A spot of the world for itself
And here I am, succumbed
Full of a seeping dark that,
Here, when the ink
Is fed by the grinning night
I am nothing but the mark
The blemish
The stain
And still I press myself to the world
Handprints that grasp for a way out
And create nothing
Nothing of any worth, at least
Oct 2018 · 388
Celestial body
I find my soul in the dip of his lips
That perfect Cupid’s bow
How it seems to cup my very dreams
I know that my heart sits
In the curl of his smile, a secret thing
Held between us, one grin to another
And still the way he holds my lungs
Under his tongue, rolls them in his mouth
Controls every shudder of my chest
I am transcended when I look at him
Two eyes of spring forest that take me
Boundless into whispering sleep
When the light is absorbed into his skin
And they change from willow to ocean
In a blink we travel miles, and I follow
Eager, with my hands reaching for him
To entwine in the curls of his hair
I am always aching to pull him closer
He is the sun blowing kisses at my moon
And I, with all the brightness he gives me
Will sit peaceful in his orbit
Home, at last
Sep 2018 · 325
A lifetime in the swing
I am a clock that clears its throat and repeats itself
Always stuck on the same sentence
Never able to contribute more to a conversation than a dull click
Over and over, setting teeth to grinding.
I am the clenched fist, too,
All the bones and muscles smiling at each other
Curling up against their lovers
And holding anger inside of them
Like a tongue between teeth
A chime caught midway
I am the midnight hour that echoes inside of itself
The way the impact of fist against mouth
Echoes through eternity
On the hour
Every hour
A metronome of rage
Sep 2018 · 427
Concept #37
concept: it is 7:10 in the morning, my room is bathed in gold from the sun’s slow ascension. It is a beautiful life
Sep 2018 · 644
When Adam ***** Eve
And calls out Lilith’s name
the slinking Power inside her
Opens one sleepy eye
And uncurls two glistening fangs
Eve wraps her fingers around Adam’s given rib
Hands ****** and covered in blood
Eve plunges bone into sacred heart
Hears him gasp from gospel mouth
Mutters her name like prayer,
Like truth
Winds herself around him in python embrace
Swallows the blessed body whole
And becomes the Garden he dies in

God looks away
Sep 2018 · 1.2k
The Sixth Sleep
I have been a dream
I have been a tempest
And a flood
And a raging fire
I have been the creeping dark
The terrible sun
I have been the ghost that knocks my plants over
I have been the spilled soil, too
The branch that taps against my window
I have been a car crash
And a mirror
And a stunted cry in the night
I have been a brilliant sunrise
A bloated ocean
The ghost of my father
I have been the cracked rib of my mother
The snakes’ yawning mouth
Eve herself
I have been a leaking tap
A righteous man
A little sin
The blade and the wound
I have been the wolf and the howl
A bulbous moon
I have been a dream.
Sep 2018 · 300
Concept #36
Concept: White teeth gleam against smiling mouth, laughter drifting like dandelion seeds on the wind. Burnished eyes crinkled and brilliant against the sun. Two hands intertwined and a sky radiant behind them, two hearts alit in weightless chests, red and lustrous.
The light is everywhere.
on falling in love
Sep 2018 · 899
Lose yourself
I have been coming apart
At the seams
Threadbare and worn
Barely a tapestry
And all the world applauds
‘It has been a beautiful unravelling’
Sep 2018 · 356
Concept #35
Concept: everything is fading into sleep as the autumn blankets around you. The sun is low in the sky and it has painted the world gold. There are birds singing quietly as they dream and you, too, are ready to slumber.
You will waken to peace.
Aug 2018 · 351
an Autumn dreaming
A tire swing hangs from a tree
a girl with white teeth is smiling
at the warm chocolate eyes
belonging to the ******* the branch above
the leaves are falling around them both
and turning to gold in their passing
dreams are had inside the treehouse
hands held and secret kisses kept
within a tiny wooden world
the sun is looking fondly on them
and so turns to keep away the chill
that is already darkening the sky
summer dreaming has yielded to winter’s reality
and the girls know this,
they know that when the cold comes
the treehouse will fall apart, made brittle by the ice
but first
If they cannot have the winter, they can at least
have this moment
In the twilight making magic of them
they can share a blanket
and a hope
and a world
and a dream
and some more kisses.
Aug 2018 · 337
Concept #34
Concept: The fault lines in me have started to birth flowers, there is grass growing where the empty dwelt, lavender and larkspur are peeking their periwinkle heads out of every crack and fissure, and I am singing with life
Aug 2018 · 562
All of the stars are falling to Earth
Each one a wish and a promise
My every 11:11 bounding towards me
Breakneck speed and leaking light
But I am not looking at them
The shower of phosphorescence above
Is nothing compared to the lucency of his eyes
Comet and city are coalescing around us
And I see only him
The stars,
The wishes,
It’s all only him
Aug 2018 · 348
Concept #33
Concept: your body has always been anchored by nightmares, locked to the earth by the creeping cold in your bones. One day the sun breaks through a winter sky, melting the ice inside you and letting sleep hold you for but a moment.
And in that moment, that fleeting minute of light,
A dream grew wings.
Aug 2018 · 306
Is there anyone out there with a soul like mine ?
That demands so much more of itself than it can give
That takes more from the world than it could ever hold
Is there anyone who dreams of forests and oceans
Of light that seeps through everything,
Emanating from your own self
I have been searching for words so I may beckon you closer
But please , I don’t want your words
I want your heart and it’s brightness
I ache for what I do not know
Bleed for what has never cut me
There are dreams I have not had yet but I know them
Like I know my own eyes
I beg you, if you see my eyes in your dreams
Do not dismiss me, nor forsake me,
Do not forget that we have known each other
Lifetimes and lifetimes ago
Aug 2018 · 457
I am always sleeping under earth
vines entwined with my limbs
a leaf over each eye
My heart is the slowness of flower
bashful in my blooming
tilting towards the brightest sun
ever still a restless dreamer
tripping over roots in my haste
to get to the wellspring of myself
everything is humming in symphony
my blood is singing back
bedded against the soil
i am a cacophony of life
Aug 2018 · 265
Almost 600 poems
Almost 16 thousand words
I feel I’ve given empty pages
Said nothing of any worth
Aug 2018 · 576
I am the sun in all it’s colour
Brightly shining from a seed
Turning slowly with the seasons
For spring where I exceed
I make my way across the earth
Unending in my greed
Yellow petal and smiling stem
But still
Just a ****
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