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 Nov 2019
Rest your face in these hands of mine
No grasp or claspe necessary
As steaming whisps escape your peppermint lips
I realize this
That you aren't even close to a distant memory, no
You are just as clay
A white lipped cup of herbal tea
Intoxicating and soothing
Dulcetly flooding all of these cold November senses in me
A younger me didn't write like this. A younger me didn't enjoy IT this much.


Her, Most Beautiful, Peppermint Tea

 Sep 2019
I cannot pull a star out of the night sky for you
But I can
With an uncupped hand
Coax every living firefly alive
To glow for you
OG title was going to be - Just To Make You Smile
 Sep 2019
You’d have better luck storing rain in your mouth
Steadying quiet clouds with your eyes

Mere perfection doesn’t exist I see
And the cake is a lie

It’s the desire to interject
And infuse
Which I push against

Yourself insinuating from which I hide

This look says me
Let me feel my feelings felt
Or else there is no point left alive
A name would be too personal here. But I will say that there was once a time, when my intuition was very right about something. And in that moment, I felt awful about life. Because I knew what was happening, and yet the other person, who was supposed to reassure me of such, only furthered the deception and tried to comfort me with kindness, not truth. Which is something, to me, that is super personal. Don't forcibly stop my feelings felt, unless you have a **** good reason for doing so.

Just Let Me Feel My Feelings Sometimes. That to me, is humanity.
 Feb 2019
Through clusters of thoughts of you..
Star memories roll on shadow plains true..
Your light waves link to my very essence..
As I am connected in soul network to your presence..

Into the expanse of thoughts of you..
Endless moments of smiles and virtues..
Constellations inside of your eyes..
Moments of forever written in the sky..

You glance to me in streak of light..
Passing by my stars in this dream lit night..
My eyes absorb every bit of your shine..
Under this heavens vault dream sky of mine..
She passed on by in the sky....
 Feb 2019
The moment someone knows me
The moment someone sees
I exist
I am present
I am back to being me

And so I go where noone knows me
To where I'm openly not seen
To not exist for a few hours
Is such a blessing
Not to be
The January Lasts

It's not about non-existence. It's about getting away from the self without reset. It's about being... Refreshed. And we all do that differently.
 Jan 2019
Falling is either a joke
Or just that
A fall

No tripping or catching
When you fall
You fall
You Fall When You Fall
 Dec 2018
How I stand corrected with myself..
My hands run through the clouds bringing down the rain..
The rain washes away all the colors again..

(It was that easy to forget me wasn't it..)

This truth set me free..
A truth I told myself was true a long time ago..
Only I wanted it to be a beautiful lie..

(It was that easy to forget me wasn't it..)

I crush this little dream crystal of hope..
All the dreams wash away from the rain from my face..
They run off with some memories that will soon be forgotten..

(It was that easy to forget me wasn't it..)

Please don't be in the stars tonight..
Let them bring me wonder and awe..
Because I know I am not in your stars..

(Because it was so easy to forget about me..)
I was right....
 May 2018
The universe puts her headphones on
And plays her favorite track
The raindrops in the meadow burst
And soak the earth
And with her feet up on the world
She smiles from ear to ear
And plays it back
What songs does the universe listen to? Is there a more beautiful sound than the rain falling in the secluded meadow. Truthfully, I don't know. But I do love the sound of these words as they roll off the tongue. YUPP!

BIG THANKS to everyone who liked, commented, and helped make this verse the Poem of the day (on 05/18/18). I really appreciate it! You can listen to me read this poem live on SoundCloud. Just follow the link and have an awesome day!
 May 2018
I could not find you in the woods..
With the moon as my light..
You were lost in seven thoughts..
Lost and out of sight..

Your light steps were fading..
Your stardust too..
Pinch harmonics and shadow voices..
Are coming through..

I see you looking toward the stars..
And then you look toward me..
Your eyes are filled with moonlight..
You shine and leave to the star sea..
what horizons await us, what skies fasten
to the bright ambers of our dreaming bones?

our love, water trickling over
a pebble in a stream,

the whoosh of  
leaves and a shadow in the dark,

the ghost of a poem
written in a dream,

the splendour of the tide,

both everything and

our love neither a poem or a sigh,
all the winds battling,

spring's blue moon waiting near the
water for one slow ripple to reach
 Apr 2018
I have looked to the night sky in my dreams many times.
Sometimes the stars are leaving.  
They shine brightly for a moment and then blast off into the universe..
This time the stars were chasing eachother..
I could see them..
It was as if the stars were childeren playing tag with eachother.
But then they noticed me looking at them..
They stopped for a brief moment..
Then faded into the darkness..
This strange beyond is reaching out to me..
Again and again..
I love it!!
Makes me feel at home!
Which makes me question..
Where is home?
playful stars..
 Jan 2018
I can tell you the neverminds..
I can tell you how far we are behind..
I know I won't be alone..
I know I am full of unknowns..
Some of my songs are about you..
Some of my poems too..
Some of my dreams came true..
Some of my nightmares too..
The ghost are coming..
The ghost are running..
The ghost are singing..
The ghost are dreaming..
The song is playing..
The song is fading..
The song is repeating..
What I have been saying...............................
Just a song
 Dec 2017
I am not a great man
By any means
But I am
One of the many
Known as Me
A simple complexity
Far from deity
A human
Observation - My publish poems option keep erroring for some reason - So I'm working out of my drafts - Tell Elliot please. (:
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