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 Aug 2021
hello is not a word
so much as a greeting is a sky
which stretches out above our heads
into the coulded mists and parting looks of waiting eyes
 Aug 2021
You are the restless morning
Breaking over dark horizons
Devoid of light

You see me through
And usher in the dawn
With glorious, knowing, radiant sight

You see me as I am
Not just how I live
And practice, play, at this impatient life

No you are more than nothing
Less than some
With all the coolness of this defeated night

Your seeing makes me bright
 Jul 2021
I once spoke freely with a joyous ease
A rippling sound which resembled wind
And the breeze in which entanglements kept
These trees her hair leaves even now I see

As nature speaks softly of many things
And calling turns echoes to the hills unseen
Your glance alone in anticipation of what
Still held me motionless as evergreen glades

Your phosphorus glowing eyes of stars
With limpid pools of wonderous means
No more than nothing or something or of
Yes moreso my mind with you how it pleads

For one more just conversation with me
Beneath moon and sky and days without eternity
By the grasp of mother natures ask into air I speak
Begging these eyes for another moment to see
I met you here, over three years ago.

Come back?
 Feb 2021
In the pulling of gravitational love, up
I need not pray for you will also find
that an entirely different universe
both warming, and cold, and burning
rests in motion there
spinning inside her beating chest

A taste can only reach so far
so take my sound
 Jan 2021
Maybe today
My words will change
The face of the earth
And make her smile
Smile again
 Jan 2021
I had a thought
the other day
(in the shower).

And we
(in our fooling around)
both slipped and fell
on a bar of soap
called reality.

Painfully fun it was.
Hue hue.

From my second notebook titled "Shower Thoughts."
 Oct 2020
Somedays I hate the way my own body heat, collects and is in entrapped within. In the arms of wind I nowtimes wish, that I could relax again and just for a moment be. Truly, cool and light, airy and free.
Not serene. Just tired of thought and the comforting heat. Please no more. Please. Just let me be.
 Aug 2020
Does the sunlight worry about its moonlight reflection?
When it cannot see stars either you or me?
Because even in darkness it just sits back,
And with ice on its arm,

Just breathe my friend. Don't worry about what you're supposed to be. You were created to live, be it only for a set number of days. Does the sun worry about exhausting itself, or the stars worry about crashing down? The answer is no, and also no you shouldn't. Trust me, we're all burning out in our own beautiful way. Embrace it and be light.

That and take care!
 May 2020
Until the sunlight bounced its last light
Another gleaming face
And we
Looking up amidst the lenses
Memories bright as burning eyes
Puddling in skies
Above you see
And when the moon winked at us
We knew that it was alright to love
when the moon winked at us
 Mar 2020
At the bottom of every cup
Their is either
Acceptance or ignorance
Loss or desire
For more or less knowing
There is thirst in every human throat
For the drink of mind which will return
For some a nothing ounce
For others all which the senses can possibly remeber and inspire
With fire, and water, and heart to beat
No drink lasts by drink
Or by slow plastic perspire
No Human Drink Eternal
 Feb 2020
My old heart roams around with you
Cut out of schedules
Grown out of loafers
Like the gifts once found
Beneath the pleasant tree we once shared
In one
I am all of memory
And once yours
No more
And she can have it. (: (:
 Feb 2020
This rain has met its match in me
Such short ends becoming nothing

Bursting I am lonely at all
Not a heartthrob

But tall as Pine and less of Willow

It’s just a breeze

I ache when you’re not here
“Honestly, the only thing that gives me comfort you guys. Is while I’m sitting at home, staring at the ceiling just wishing that I had someone to talk to. Is knowing that none of you idiots realize how lucky you are.”

Not really a personal verse. I just really like the tune and wanted to embody it in verse.
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