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Kitten Yvad Mar 2021
this blue
cloud sheep squish
and right by my face

like baked goods
and i wonder as
my anxiety rolls over
me in waves

why does the
cloud sheep squish
smell like this?

like the acacia bakery
under my window
it hints at baclavas

the warm ever ambiance fights  back against the cold blue air,
which is heavy,
baby, rolls with
waiting water steam;
baked good steam
like fresh laundry
freshly baked laundry dreams

i touch it by my face
i know its there
use as a face pillow
not to wonder what
its saccharine insides

i fall asleep anxiety
faint idea of
fresh baked pastry scent
blue cloud sheep squish
and peppermint
Carlo C Gomez May 2020
Don't just settle
For being someone's
Flavor of the month

Learn what it takes
To make love stick
Colm Nov 2019
Rest your face in these hands of mine
No grasp or claspe necessary
As steaming whisps escape your peppermint lips
I realize this
That you aren't even close to a distant memory, no
You are just as clay
A white lipped cup of herbal tea
Intoxicating and soothing
Dulcetly flooding all of these cold November senses in me
A younger me didn't write like this. A younger me didn't enjoy IT this much.


Her, Most Beautiful, Peppermint Tea

Jillian Jesser Jun 2019
Gravitating toward home
with its star stained skyline
a latch on every door
torn over coffee
the smell of peppermint
a tear here where tears have been
the hope of a stranger
helping to embolden
an empty cup
Z Mar 2019
"i'm always fine"
i've said that line
a thousand times before
that everything's okay
i'm sunny, i'm funny,
don't touch me
don't call my name like it's yours
i see blurs of peppermint and fingerprints
a hedonistic temperment
supplying my internal wars
that you don't have to fight
and it’s not your fault
but don't assume this is easy for me
to be what we were once, formerly
i feel too much, i overheat,
you touch me and i stall
Austin Mizelle Dec 2018
My relationship
With her will be like that of
The night sky and stars.
For her
Godlink Jun 2018
Of peppermint lips and candy

sparks fly
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