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"Poetry is dead."

Then why are we here?
The first day my book "now you know" was out, it was ranked #79 in poetry by women. It's available on Amazon.
Trying to prove yourself
to someone that doesn't
deserve you is a lose-lose.

They will never notice
and you're giving pieces
of yourself to someone
who only loves their
You spoke,
and my soul spilled
all over the floor.
Did you leave because
I was too much to handle?

Did I toss you too many
***** to juggle?
How do you think
he learned to touch
you like that, darling?

He didn't learn
that himself.
You left me with
words I can't remember
and memories I wish
to forget.
Loving the wrong person
can be poisonous.
And I drank every drop.
The way you love
shows you've been
taken for granted
one too many times.
I poured my heart out to you.

But everything just seeped through the holes-

Hidden by a consoling smile.
Tell me why you
planted each flower
on your wrist so
I know where not
to stomp.
Nothing will wake me
as well as your hand
in between my thighs.
I will live forever
in the ink of a pen
and a letter on a page.
All you were to me,
was a passing face
on my journey to
She gave herself to
a thief
disguised as
as prince.
She was used to people
taking advantage of her.
Her mind and emotions
became dark.

A boy came along
and shed some light
through the darkness.

Her anger dissolved
into calm.
For the first time,
she tasted sweetness
and serenity.
I have notebooks soaking
up my emotions-
no one see's the flood.
I wish nothing but
the best for you.
But I'm glad I wasn't
the best for you.
I became exposed
the moment we met,

though I still encourage
you to undress me.
We too,
live and shrivel
like all beautiful flowers.
I learned I didn't need you.
Because I have everything now,
and you are nowhere
to be found.
Your sun-kissed hair
matches the gold rays
and you wonder why
I'm amazed by you.
You're prettiest when
your lips aren't bleeding
with words.
I will die,
and so will you.
So love me while
we have time.
"I hate liars."

"But I love you."
The first person we love,
is often the person that
shows us pain.
I would follow you to
every city.
And write a poem
about you in each one.
Soon enough,
these will all just
be memories,
a book filled with a ton.
I'm not sorry,
my words hit too deep
and hurt you.

That was the point
of them.
I gave myself to you.
I was yours even when I wasn’t.
I couldn't ask
for a better heartbreak-

Thank you.
You my dear,
could make the sky smile.
My hair matched your eyes,
and I grew tired of the color.
So I made my hair red-
To match my lips,
and the love I gave to another.
A piece from my published book "now you know"
You touched my heart
and made it your new
I crave the touch
of a loyal tongue
dancing on the ground
where few men have
You had my forever
tucked in your back pocket,
waiting for the right
time to play it.
You breathe in light
and exhale glitter-
Everything you touch
becomes magic.

— The End —