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14.5k · Nov 2018
Micah G Nov 2018
Can I give a girl anything  
Except what she wants
5.6k · Nov 2018
Micah G Nov 2018
What makes you this way
Is it the game on your computer
Or is it in your DNA?

Is it alcohol?
Or drugs?
The urge to end it all?
Deathly Spirits, do they tug at you?

Or is it PTSD?
Images and feelings from long ago
That you can’t unsee?
What made us cross the line 19 years ago?————————————
I’ve always wondered why so many shootings are happening nowadays. What is it individually that causes these, and what are exactly are they thinking?
1.2k · Nov 2018
The Cruel Mother (a la 2018)
Micah G Nov 2018
In the pale white light
    Fine Flowers in the valley
She learned of child to come in the night
    The green leaves they grow rarely

The night came sooner than expected, it did
    Fine Flowers in the valley
She went to the clinic and did it in
    The green leaves they grow rarely

Walking down the street she saw a child
    Fine Flowers in the valley
And saw the love they shared and smiled
    The green leaves they grow rarely
A shorter, modern take on The Cruel Mother
Don’t take this the wrong way. It is in no way meant to throw shade or degrade those who have had abortions.
I very much disagree with them but can’t put myself in their shoes as a male.
693 · Nov 2019
Micah G Nov 2019
They say I cannot hurt,
They say I can't complain,
They say my pain is a fantasy
They have not seen my brain.

They say I am okay,
They say that I am cured,
They say my problems are in my head
Of that they can be sure.

They say that I am strong,
They say that I am weak,
They cannot decide for sake of my mind
And that is why I bleed.
619 · Nov 2018
Micah G Nov 2018
Say the waves of the angry sea

I respond with every once of rebellion in me
I will be who I want me to be
Stay true to yourself and remember who your are
580 · Nov 2019
Micah G Nov 2019
I am tongue-tied
And I hesitate
To ask you
What I need of you

I was a tad hurt before
That is true
But I don't see pain in you
I see a brightness

I want to take the leap
554 · Nov 2019
Micah G Nov 2019
The wine is red
His robe is blue
My *** is sore
From sitting in this pew
517 · Jun 2019
Why I Write
Micah G Jun 2019
I write mostly for acceptance
That much is true
But mostly it is
To escape

My kind is a terrible place
Dark business
Unproclaimed and without much ado
Scarred by Evils omnipresence

While they write of love that is true
I write of darkness’ admittance
Despite its bitter aftertaste
I never seek repentance
433 · Nov 2018
A Haiku
Micah G Nov 2018
The night sky is bright
So alive and so busy
Unlike her dark eyes
422 · Nov 2018
Micah G Nov 2018
A leaf in the wind
Free from the tree that bound it
But carried by hard winds
What is freedom to you? At what cost does it come?
395 · Nov 2018
RIP Stan Lee
390 · Feb 2020
Valentine’s Day
Micah G Feb 2020
Valentine’s Day
Is a bane
All it contains
Is poetry plain
And that’s all that I have to say
357 · Jun 2019
Micah G Jun 2019
Do not talk to me,
I could care less.
I’d rather slip a noose round my neck,
A gun would be too much of a mess.
And besides, there’s more fun in being alive.
So for now I keep my mind in check,
And I sleep a little less.
James slips a noose around my neck.
332 · Nov 2019
Micah G Nov 2019
The midnight ink.
Perfectly dabbled upon the printed page
Or written,
I don’t discriminate.

The breath I feel in each turned page,
And the life in my fingertips
As they brush
The timid paper.

My thoughts,
Flowing blissfully by
In harmony
With the black type.

The lamp next to me,
Providing necessary lumination
For my endeavor.
A beacon of hope in the black room.

That is peace.
Currently reading “Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can’t Stop Talking”. It’s good so far. I’m an INTJ-A myself so it is relevant it seems. Picked it up today at HPB.
317 · Nov 2018
Bus Window
Micah G Nov 2018
It is cold outside
And warm in here. There is mist
On the window. Can’t see.
311 · Nov 2019
Micah G Nov 2019
The notebook is red
My jacket is blue
I'm way too bored
To do this work that is due
301 · Nov 2018
Freestyling Poetry #1
Micah G Nov 2018
I carry the weight of my sin
I feel no worth within
Is all I see at times
Self-righteousness make me blind
It’s hard to see
Anything but
With all this anger in me
Just leave me be
Or I’ll snap and you may be
I’ve done it before
And I’ll do it again
I’ll leave not only your heart but your body sore
I’m sorry bro
Freestyled in 1 min 24 sec. what do you guys think?
280 · Feb 2020
If I am Empty
Micah G Feb 2020
If I am empty, lad
Then I must be fillable
And forsaken land
Then I am still tillable
So hand me a pint
And I’ll drink the tankard full
And we’ll be on our merry way
265 · Nov 2019
When I pull my hair
Micah G Nov 2019
When I pull my hair
off of my chin, now so sparse
I can get away
263 · Nov 2019
The water flows free
Micah G Nov 2019
The water flows free
and caresses the landscape - -
winter comes along.
The river is now frozen
And what was is gone away
259 · Nov 2018
US Navy
Micah G Nov 2018
Semper Fortis
Forged by the Sea
The American patriot
Ashore and afloat
The Marine Corp *****
We have the SEALs
And we own you
Kiss my salty seadog boots
For my bro Kevin
245 · Feb 2020
crisp and yellow things
Micah G Feb 2020
Crisp and yellow things
Small suns in my open mouth-
Crap! The bag’s empty!
224 · Nov 2018
Micah G Nov 2018
I am not of this day and age
I much belong to the open range

My Texan spirit you cannot cage
I live by many an old adage

I feel at home with danger close
A gun on my hip and a glimmer of hope

I am like the antelope
Skittish with no way to cope

Tip my hat off to the side
Here or there I can’t decide

I’m a cowboy till I die
Thats is something you’ll never pry
219 · Feb 2020
Who Remains?
Micah G Feb 2020
When flesh prevails
And spirit fails
Who remains?

When passions die
And evil lies
Who remains?

When love is lost
And warm faith is frost
Who remains?

When blood is shed
And near is death
Who remains?

When the others fall
And one stands tall
Who remains?

I will tell you who remains
I will tell you who saves with grace
Yahweh saves

Our Father remains
217 · Nov 2018
The Kids Aren’t Alright
Micah G Nov 2018
Lost in a world we don’t know
But grew up in
We don’t know what to do
So we drink, and get high
And we laugh and we cry
And love (or so we think), and we
Have issues but are too proud to see a shrink
So eventually we die
We blow our brains out and slit our wrists
We overdose and drive off cliffs
You get it
And meanwhile
Those of us who survive support those who are lost
When we are still not out of the dark yet
I’m fine but this is for a friend
214 · Nov 2018
The Branches
Micah G Nov 2018
Two branches alike
Of the same wood, but they will
Never touch despite this
205 · Nov 2018
Haiku #1
Micah G Nov 2018
Beautiful Flower
Golden, blue, and dark green
Captured in the vase
Are you the flower?
174 · Nov 2018
Haiku #4
Micah G Nov 2018
A dark bull mesquite
Old and strong and wise and good
Dies for expansion
What must we sacrifice for the expansion of our urban jungles?
165 · Nov 2018
Haiku #5
Micah G Nov 2018
The mist flows freely
Of it’s own free will, kind of.
In and out of the light
Yes I know it’s 5-7-6... Danrin Excess Syllable on The Last Line Style lol
165 · Nov 2018
Micah G Nov 2018
I loved you
But you didn’t back
You said that you did, too
But then you went behind my back

So I say it’s time to cut the crap
I’ve had enough of you
Leave me to the scars and the cracks
I knew you were too good to be true
162 · Nov 2018
Micah G Nov 2018
You are my body armor
My Kevlar

You protect me from enemy fire
You secure me in situations dire

You are heavy but the end result
Is worth the struggle
Who is your Kevlar?
148 · Nov 2018
Haiku #2
Micah G Nov 2018
Sad-hearted green man
Sickly heart too small, no love
Redemption is near
Just saw The Grinch. Good one for my little brothers. Was a fun movie
144 · Nov 2019
Those lazy days when
Micah G Nov 2019
Those lazy days when
Your soul pleads with you to leave - -
So you leave the house
You get in the car, city bound
And breathe in the books and ink
141 · Nov 2018
The Temple
Micah G Nov 2018
The once great temple
Is now decayed and turned green
Where did the people go?
141 · Nov 2019
The nests in the tree
Micah G Nov 2019
The nests in the tree
Nestled deep in their black holes
Are much like a corpse’s
139 · Nov 2018
Why I Write Haiku
Micah G Nov 2018
Why I write haiku
Because it is a puzzle
And I forget you

Why I write haiku
Because it is a puzzle
And I forget you
You are like the winter snow
And this is a summer rain
A (very) short Renga-style haiku Inspired by Haydi’s “like you”
Micah G Nov 2018
Watashi wa su o taberu ama-sa to
kōshinryō ni kuwaete kanojo wa kōcha
de watashi o tsukutta
I taste vinegar
Along with sweetness and spice
In the tea she made me
131 · Nov 2018
Where The West Wind Blows
Micah G Nov 2018
If you stand still and listen
You may hear in a whisper,
The West Wind

Like a storm it approaches
Each man and woman
The West Wind

It is the end of an era
The beginning of new life
The West Wind

One day it will reach you
It will take us too
The West Wind

But where will we be taken
If and where will we awaken
The West Wind
We all must come to grips with our mortality, and what we will do with what time we have. And where we are going afterwards....
128 · Dec 2018
Suspicious Mind
Micah G Dec 2018
If you can lie to me
who else is
and did?

If you sweet mother
can speak such injustice
who else held me down?
125 · Jan 2020
Micah G Jan 2020
Magic Mead-master
Sovereign seeker of sight

Command the Valkyrie Battalion
Casting triumph and disaster
Great Lord of Asgard on high

Glory, Ymir-slayer
Glory, World-shaper
All powerful till Ragnarok arrives
123 · Nov 2018
The Young
Micah G Nov 2018
So quickly they ran
And so far, they ran so far.
At last they will settle
119 · Nov 2018
Micah G Nov 2018
Held by transience
Be free to be who you are
Open up their eyes
118 · Nov 2018
Micah G Nov 2018
Your room is this way
No ma’am it’s okay
Forget ya
Don’t forget those who have fallen to time. Stand with them and be kind.
117 · Nov 2019
The Roof
Micah G Nov 2019
A tin roof wetted
By falling rain that should cleanse
But it only smears
116 · Nov 2018
I’m not worthy
Micah G Nov 2018
I’m nothing special
I could easily be a millionaire before 30
I have faced no true adversity
Despite my everyday struggles

I have no backstory
I have no PAIN
I feel nothing
To my sin I am enslaved

I go to church
And I have a nice truck
I have everything set before me
Success is within my grasp

I am not worthy to be here
I am the ultimate grey man
I’m white and straight
The image of evil to fools
115 · Nov 2018
Haiku #3
Micah G Nov 2018
Drops on the window
Different sizes and shapes
All of one substance
Semi-traditional haiku on...
112 · Nov 2019
shadow of St. Helens
Micah G Nov 2019
shadow of St. Helens
disaster breeds great beauty - -
the power that was here
111 · Feb 2020
Micah G Feb 2020
There once was only
Until one day a sound resounded in the heavens
Rebounded at each barrier
Shattering and shaking
Breaking the woven fabric
Like it was attacking a bandit
Stealing potential.
And now we have this astounding creation
Cremated by human hands
And blandly recalled in sub-par bars
and meter and rhyme
Because none can do it justice
This universe and space and time.
Bittersweet indeed.
And every day more tears rain down
from Elohim eyes
While we stagnate satisfied by
Evil lives
Content to die without purpose
Victims of
Passion, Politics, *******,
Painkillers, Pandemics, Parlor talk
And we walk steady
Rocking our inadequacy for all to see
Never to see the salt is gone
And all we reap is weeping
And broken teeth.
107 · Nov 2018
The Tea
Micah G Nov 2018
I taste vinegar
Along with sweetness and spice
In the tea she made me
Life in a cup
104 · Jun 2019
The Final Scene
Micah G Jun 2019
Shadows dance around and round,
Into the wall my head does pound.
My wrists lie bare to the floor,
My brother enters through the door.
He finally sees what he always saw,
Except now open lies his filthy maw.
The pain I cause is worthy today.
Now I lie here, finally slain...
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