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Feb 2020 · 219
Who Remains?
Micah G Feb 2020
When flesh prevails
And spirit fails
Who remains?

When passions die
And evil lies
Who remains?

When love is lost
And warm faith is frost
Who remains?

When blood is shed
And near is death
Who remains?

When the others fall
And one stands tall
Who remains?

I will tell you who remains
I will tell you who saves with grace
Yahweh saves

Our Father remains
Feb 2020 · 111
Micah G Feb 2020
There once was only
Until one day a sound resounded in the heavens
Rebounded at each barrier
Shattering and shaking
Breaking the woven fabric
Like it was attacking a bandit
Stealing potential.
And now we have this astounding creation
Cremated by human hands
And blandly recalled in sub-par bars
and meter and rhyme
Because none can do it justice
This universe and space and time.
Bittersweet indeed.
And every day more tears rain down
from Elohim eyes
While we stagnate satisfied by
Evil lives
Content to die without purpose
Victims of
Passion, Politics, *******,
Painkillers, Pandemics, Parlor talk
And we walk steady
Rocking our inadequacy for all to see
Never to see the salt is gone
And all we reap is weeping
And broken teeth.
Feb 2020 · 390
Valentine’s Day
Micah G Feb 2020
Valentine’s Day
Is a bane
All it contains
Is poetry plain
And that’s all that I have to say
Feb 2020 · 79
Untitled 2
Micah G Feb 2020
They call me a two faced freak
But I know I’m not fake in the least
Sure sometimes I am beastly
And other times priestly
That’s just the complexity of me
That’s a truth that took me too long to see
That there is nothing wrong
Well not worth this long problematic
Space in time I’ve wasted feeling
For myself and everybody else
Embrace the cycle
Maybe Micah is just a complex person
Feb 2020 · 89
War Song 1
Micah G Feb 2020
Burning, beating
Fighting, fleeing
War is a desperate thing

Hacking, slashing
Bashing, bleeding
Glory to the victor, indeed!
Feb 2020 · 280
If I am Empty
Micah G Feb 2020
If I am empty, lad
Then I must be fillable
And forsaken land
Then I am still tillable
So hand me a pint
And I’ll drink the tankard full
And we’ll be on our merry way
Feb 2020 · 245
crisp and yellow things
Micah G Feb 2020
Crisp and yellow things
Small suns in my open mouth-
Crap! The bag’s empty!
Feb 2020 · 61
The Fly
Micah G Feb 2020
The small buzzing fly
Causes me so much grief, but...
Who am I to **** it?
Feb 2020 · 73
A Suburb
Micah G Feb 2020
In the suburb it only takes a certain lens
To see that not all is as it pretends
The mind is so quickly warped by life
And the pain and the darkness and strife

For example, the wind will carry a kite
Such innocence on display but try with might
And you will see that this scene without a care
Is so different than we think, so hear.

The childrens’ exclamations echo in the air
Easily taken as that of a terrified Baudelaire
As if Reversed by some ungodly curse
What once was joy now turned for worse

And the wind of course
Represents the taking of life by force
As life does in the end
Everything will beneath death, bend.

And red the kite is
even as tragic as Les Mis
For that is the color we bleed
And bleed we will Indeed.

So heed my words reader dear, heed
Everything is not what it seems
You may see things one way
But I see differently this day.
Jan 2020 · 125
Micah G Jan 2020
Magic Mead-master
Sovereign seeker of sight

Command the Valkyrie Battalion
Casting triumph and disaster
Great Lord of Asgard on high

Glory, Ymir-slayer
Glory, World-shaper
All powerful till Ragnarok arrives
Jan 2020 · 54
Geri and Freki
Micah G Jan 2020
Hungry and Greedy,
Allfather's honor-beasts,
Fed from the finest of flesh.

Beasts never sated,
On defense no hesitation,
Upon aggression no mercy to seek.

Odin’s soul-hunters,
Dear as his brothers,
Honored grey-manes of the hunt.
Nov 2019 · 75
The Mistress' Reply
Micah G Nov 2019
My Lord, all the time in the world is mine,
And this coy mistress ensures it is not thine.
Nothing lies between us, sir. I guarantee
That no lovers day is set for thee.
Stay thee by the river Humber and complain
I will mind my own Ganges’ plane.
Keep espousing your lover’s lies
For I know what you hide.
You seek no more than each breast,
And none of the heart and soul within my chest.
That is why thou has so much time for ***
And not a second to wait, so you sit, vexed.
That is why you will wait till the last age
To see any hint of skin, much less my heart that for thee I have caged
In cold steel awaiting a better man to warm it.
One who lifts me to Heaven and is humble with wit.
Your love is no dignity or boon,
It is the disgraceful advances of a lustful ****.*

At your back there is a winged chariot, you say?
That you hear closer every day?
That is vengeance coming for a man such as thee
To place you in the deserts of eternity
That you say I should fear.
But do they not place me away from here?
And my beauty?
I would think one such amazing lover would be it his duty
To see that, once again, I am more
Than a pretty shell on the seashore.
Do you not see the little creature inside
The gracious heart beating, so dignified?
Why do you seek this dignity so desperately?
If you truly loved you’d see we’re better separately.

You speak of time devoured
I assume in the love-making of every hour.
Like the birds of prey you mention
I’m sure your hunger matches its conventions.
Your intentions are amorous surely,
But such things from thee I do not hold dearly.
You seek to devour me at once
And at once you will leave me looking as a dunce.
So now each pore fills with fire,
But not with that of your perverted desires.
They fill with the flame of rage and disgust
That a gentleman such as thee would these matters discuss
After being answered. I answered thee clearly too,
And rejected your pursuits.
I choose to languish this slow power
For it is better than languishing in you, overpowered.
Once more, I say I would rather run with the sun
Than stand still, and be undone.
something I did at school for an assignment. Reply to "His Coy Mistress"
Nov 2019 · 78
Micah G Nov 2019
In one line I could tell you everything
no offense but IDK if its just me but i've started to have a distaste for one-line poetry. I didn't care at first, but now it begins to bother me.
Nov 2019 · 580
Micah G Nov 2019
I am tongue-tied
And I hesitate
To ask you
What I need of you

I was a tad hurt before
That is true
But I don't see pain in you
I see a brightness

I want to take the leap
Nov 2019 · 144
Those lazy days when
Micah G Nov 2019
Those lazy days when
Your soul pleads with you to leave - -
So you leave the house
You get in the car, city bound
And breathe in the books and ink
Nov 2019 · 311
Micah G Nov 2019
The notebook is red
My jacket is blue
I'm way too bored
To do this work that is due
Nov 2019 · 112
shadow of St. Helens
Micah G Nov 2019
shadow of St. Helens
disaster breeds great beauty - -
the power that was here
Nov 2019 · 332
Micah G Nov 2019
The midnight ink.
Perfectly dabbled upon the printed page
Or written,
I don’t discriminate.

The breath I feel in each turned page,
And the life in my fingertips
As they brush
The timid paper.

My thoughts,
Flowing blissfully by
In harmony
With the black type.

The lamp next to me,
Providing necessary lumination
For my endeavor.
A beacon of hope in the black room.

That is peace.
Currently reading “Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can’t Stop Talking”. It’s good so far. I’m an INTJ-A myself so it is relevant it seems. Picked it up today at HPB.
Nov 2019 · 554
Micah G Nov 2019
The wine is red
His robe is blue
My *** is sore
From sitting in this pew
Micah G Nov 2019
I’m Smoking a ***,
Taking a drag.

I’m Smoking a ***,
Taking a drag.
One innocent, and one hateful (or hypocritical depending on how you see that last line) ;)

Also, don’t get all in a twist cuz I said ***. I mean no disrespect to LGBTQ peeps on here. You get my gist.
Nov 2019 · 141
The nests in the tree
Micah G Nov 2019
The nests in the tree
Nestled deep in their black holes
Are much like a corpse’s
Nov 2019 · 97
There is chirping...
Micah G Nov 2019
There is chirping...
There’s a bird in the rafters! - -
We must all be cold!
Nov 2019 · 82
Cheeki Breeki
Micah G Nov 2019
Squat low
Drink fast
Get in the Lada and go
Hardbass blyat
Bored and feeling Slavic hehe
Nov 2019 · 71
A Comorbid Wreck I Am
Micah G Nov 2019
I am a wreck.
That’s that.
How can an alleged sociopath react?
Explain that?

I lack the lack of emotion!
Though it’s said only lack of concern.
I may be comorbid with BPD...
It doesn’t sound entirely absurd.

Should I seek treatment?
I think I have a decent handle on it,
And I despise the stigma.
Ah hell!

I broke the rhythm.
Haven’t done anything beyond a haiku or tanka in a while. Figured I’d vent without the veil of nature scenes and stuff.
Nov 2019 · 60
The cold wind bites me
Micah G Nov 2019
The cold wind bites me
Leaving deep wounds in my face - -
I would **** for hot tea
Nov 2019 · 263
The water flows free
Micah G Nov 2019
The water flows free
and caresses the landscape - -
winter comes along.
The river is now frozen
And what was is gone away
Nov 2019 · 53
A dark horse ignites - -
Micah G Nov 2019
A dark horse ignites - -
My mind races to keep up
and the soul takes last
Nov 2019 · 102
In the tea garden
Micah G Nov 2019
In the tea garden
sitting by the old stone towers - -
I see carved initials
Nov 2019 · 69
He lays his head down
Micah G Nov 2019
He lays his head down
On my stomach - -
And we breathe as one
“He” is my dog, not a dude. No offense to the LGBT but wanted to clarify.
Nov 2019 · 67
Looking over the park
Micah G Nov 2019
Looking over the park - -
The people race down the highway
and tires scream on the road
Nov 2019 · 265
When I pull my hair
Micah G Nov 2019
When I pull my hair
off of my chin, now so sparse
I can get away
Nov 2019 · 49
A roadside puddle
Micah G Nov 2019
A roadside puddle
I peer at my reflection
A car speeds through it
Nov 2019 · 53
The Sidewalk
Micah G Nov 2019
A muddy sidewalk
Sure as sunrise, someone falls
How unfortunate
Nov 2019 · 117
The Roof
Micah G Nov 2019
A tin roof wetted
By falling rain that should cleanse
But it only smears
Nov 2019 · 63
The Water and Plant
Micah G Nov 2019
Water droplets land
On the plant it nourished, but
Burn spots they create
Nov 2019 · 61
Micah G Nov 2019
Bleeding for relief
No longer the norm
I no longer flee
I have mastered the storm
Nov 2019 · 44
We are the Heroes
Micah G Nov 2019
When you see the heroes
In the shows we watch
With all of their special powers
That wow us “top notch!”
You wonder if they exist here...

We are those heroes

Each of our own style and kind
Writing stories and emotions and rhymes
Doing what others cannot do
We turn feelings into

But each hero is not without their weakness
You see most of us write because we cannot speak
What we want to say
And hide the things we write away
We are nothing there

But here, we are the heroes.
I just can’t help but notice each poet, even on the amateur level, have a unique style of writing and imagery. Just fascinating to me.
Nov 2019 · 81
In Waves
Micah G Nov 2019
In Waves
It comes and I go with it

It takes me to foreign lands
And to places anew.

In Waves
It comes and I go with it.

It carries me away away
A willing captive
Nov 2019 · 693
Micah G Nov 2019
They say I cannot hurt,
They say I can't complain,
They say my pain is a fantasy
They have not seen my brain.

They say I am okay,
They say that I am cured,
They say my problems are in my head
Of that they can be sure.

They say that I am strong,
They say that I am weak,
They cannot decide for sake of my mind
And that is why I bleed.
Nov 2019 · 63
The Old Woman
Micah G Nov 2019
She died trying
In that old house
She died there

Where each footstep would creak
Like here aged bones
And bend like her back to time

Where each window was broken
Like her will
Knowing nothing
found this in my drafts.
Nov 2019 · 61
My Hate
Micah G Nov 2019
You smile when you come
And smile when you leave
Ask if I’m “okay, love?”
But I know it’s dishonesty
You could’ve killed me!
Nov 2019 · 75
Micah G Nov 2019
The words I have shall never sound, and
The actions I wish upon thee will never land.
You think you have the upper hand
But you know nothing, sad and foul.

I am dying can’t you see, I’m
Wilting before your eyes.
You must change quickly, or should I
Make me blind what darkness I see?

I fight death, not planned of course.
It is in the moment he comes.
Changing patterns mid-poem?
You’d understand if you noticed my mood swings
And all the other little signs.

But you don’t try...
Just another reason why.
Jun 2019 · 65
Marvelous Madness
Micah G Jun 2019
I love the carnage, you see.
It is what attracts me.
The ebony being in my mind
Is with me all the time.

I feel every pulsation of gore in my veins
And I see very stain my Soul has obtained.
The sanguinous movement of it all,
Has me fit to laugh! A ball!

My murderous mind is mine!
Not thine!
It is my cutthroat soul you envy!
Stay away or you I will bury!

My marvelous melancholy macabre mind!
It holds genius of the darker kind!
I am Hades.
And I hold the lady Persephone in my craze.

The West Wind it winds
Much like my rhymes.
I laugh with despair
To see these words there.

Psychosis is my emotion!
I think purple is how I feel.
Peel my skin?
That’s absurd.

Marvelous Macabre Murderous HaHa
Jun 2019 · 82
Why I Did It
Micah G Jun 2019
I’ll have you know why I did it
He spoke
I could not stand his existence

I’m not crazy
I simply awoke
Bloomed like an undead daisy

His bones they are broken
And blood it is spilled
And afterwords I did softly stroke him

I told him of my will
For the world
And whomst I would ****

This happens when I grow bored
I attack and quickly so
It’s how I was born

God made me so, I know
I cannot change the fact
That I have grasped my next victim’s throat

And that’s that.
Jun 2019 · 72
Micah G Jun 2019
Manic I am
My insanity fine tuned like a drag car
Jun 2019 · 95
Micah G Jun 2019
Once I sat alone in a dark room,
Trying my hardest to make something good.

Nothing would flow, not a word.
Nothing to show would I have, not one work.

However, I heard a sound.
A chilling sound that I could not recount.

I looked above me and lo and behold,
An angel stood there and I was stricken with woe.

You,  he said, are not pleasing.
God, he said, you are not heeding.

Yes, I responded, I know but im ill.
He did not respond or seem to be bothered.

You have disappointed the Father, said he
And he perched himself again above me.

And then I felt something change!
Suddenly, I was less deranged so to say.

I looked to my arms and the scars I no longer hid,
But then to my horror I saw what he did.

My skin was like iron!
And my veins they were wires!

And then I shut down,
And the angel frowned.

Suddenly I awoke once more,
And saw no angel at my door.

This wasn’t totally frightening, this vision,
But I was still glad to see blood running crimson.

I wonder what this thought process was
My mind I’m sure, must be abuzz
And black.
Jun 2019 · 517
Why I Write
Micah G Jun 2019
I write mostly for acceptance
That much is true
But mostly it is
To escape

My kind is a terrible place
Dark business
Unproclaimed and without much ado
Scarred by Evils omnipresence

While they write of love that is true
I write of darkness’ admittance
Despite its bitter aftertaste
I never seek repentance
Jun 2019 · 78
A Poem
Micah G Jun 2019
What is a poem?
Is it words?
Is it something we can grasp?
Or is it some abstract peace?

What is a poem?
A window to the soul?
Even nonsense apparently has some meaning
Of some degree

What is a poem?
For if one word can be a poem
And a square on a canvas is art
What is a poem?
Jun 2019 · 83
I Loved Once
Micah G Jun 2019
Once I had love
That is true
But now those days I’ve come to rue

I used to thank the Lord above
That is true
But now I am unable to give him his due

Once there was one I loved
When the creek was clear and blue
But now it runs a crimson hue

We loved and did thoroughly
Each second was not one to lose
We met each night at the old, wooden pews

Then one day she did not show
And where she was no one seemed to know
Until they found her there below
The oak tree by the the creek called Buffalo
No one knew the cause

And now I plead the Lord above
To free me from my ******* to
The earthly plain I’ve come to rue

For she never knew the evil I did do
I had loved not one, but two...
Jun 2019 · 104
The Final Scene
Micah G Jun 2019
Shadows dance around and round,
Into the wall my head does pound.
My wrists lie bare to the floor,
My brother enters through the door.
He finally sees what he always saw,
Except now open lies his filthy maw.
The pain I cause is worthy today.
Now I lie here, finally slain...
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