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  Feb 2020 Micah G
Micah G Feb 2020
When flesh prevails
And spirit fails
Who remains?

When passions die
And evil lies
Who remains?

When love is lost
And warm faith is frost
Who remains?

When blood is shed
And near is death
Who remains?

When the others fall
And one stands tall
Who remains?

I will tell you who remains
I will tell you who saves with grace
Yahweh saves

Our Father remains
Micah G Feb 2020
There once was only
Until one day a sound resounded in the heavens
Rebounded at each barrier
Shattering and shaking
Breaking the woven fabric
Like it was attacking a bandit
Stealing potential.
And now we have this astounding creation
Cremated by human hands
And blandly recalled in sub-par bars
and meter and rhyme
Because none can do it justice
This universe and space and time.
Bittersweet indeed.
And every day more tears rain down
from Elohim eyes
While we stagnate satisfied by
Evil lives
Content to die without purpose
Victims of
Passion, Politics, *******,
Painkillers, Pandemics, Parlor talk
And we walk steady
Rocking our inadequacy for all to see
Never to see the salt is gone
And all we reap is weeping
And broken teeth.
  Feb 2020 Micah G
Love's only weakness
Is also its greatest strength:
It defies reason

My thoughts on Valentine’s Day
Micah G Feb 2020
Valentine’s Day
Is a bane
All it contains
Is poetry plain
And that’s all that I have to say
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