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I know why the joker
  Doth smile and jest,
And laughs so gleefully at thee.
     Thy spirits, he soothes,
      With frolicking moves;
The way he sways is so lovely.

   The cracks that he'll take
  Are enough to make
The dimmest and dullest of minds
      Feel stricken and stabbed
       With all that he's jabbed:
His kicks are gained heeding your bind.

   Showcases of joy,
  He seeks to employ:
Even if it's at your expense,
      He'll take your dismay,
       And cast it away!
Despite his obvious offense...
Aug 2016 · 377
Vermillion Inferno
You've such a bitter temperament,
Those foul blows were no accident.
Every scorch you brutally dealt
For all this searing pain you felt
Left behind a disastrous wreck,
Decimating your foes to specks.
Your artful carnage stands unmatched
Since the moment your anger hatched!

You forcibly feed your contempt
In some ruthless way to attempt
Stoking the flames which brew inside
Your calloused heart you try to hide.
It needn't be put on display,
It plainly seems it's in dismay.
You must reject this bitter spite!
Against this hatred, you must fight!

In darkest skies and blackest sea,
You mustn't fuel your misery.
Towards the light, you have to strive!
Only in love, you'll feel alive.
Passion's a challenge to control,
Never must it take such a toll
On your spirit and innermost
Fiery soul and ageless ghost!

You must regain sound discipline
and ensure that you'll surely win
This battle waged within yourself,
And claim triumph for no one else.
With power comes responsibility,
'Tis only used sparingly and wisely.
To abuse such gifts proves futility,
Done in foolish manner, quite naively.

Exercise thine strength by showing restraint,
True power's revealed when it's kept at bay.
Though firm discipline's what you should acquaint,
Ne'er should you succumb as easy prey

To those who labor under false belief
That they can freely make others feel grief.
The repercussions to likely entail
From such heinous acts they deem justified

Will show that higher powers will prevail,
And by these powers, we should all abide.
He's off to spend every night and day
Watching his dreams slowly fade away
Into the void of endless abyss,
The blackened skies of a hazy mist.

He longingly recalls his desires,
Cast asunder in their pyre.
The world decreed that he'll never need
Such useless whims in his foul mire!

"What good could you ever try to prove?
You were made to fail, and born to lose!
You think you only need be clever
To saunter your way through this grand ruse?"

Although they tried, he stands undeterred
From their efforts to make him unnerved.
He calmly waits for his opportune
Break into eminence, coming soon!

Though he witnessed his dream's demise,
He knew quite well it spelled not the end.
He felt confident when he surmised
That on his dreams, he could depend!

He knew the death of an idea
Could only beget another's birth.
When one seems to fall, the next stands tall,
And what ensues brings plentiful mirth!

All these dreams, they shan't stop producing,
It just takes an active fantasy!
You can spend as much time as needed,
And you're bound to think infinitely

About all the possibilities
You could imagine eternally!
Endless bouts of fruitful pondering,
All this brainwork, you'll be marvelling!

Though you stifle our labors, it seems
Nothing can truly **** all our dreams!
Jul 2016 · 829
A Sonnet for Maleficent Woe
Do you dare dabble in unknown power
To crush any decrepit enemy
Who foolishly tries to flee and cower
From your unrivaled, profound devilry?

Will you wager your own fateful demise,
Even though your sanity's quite terrorized
At the atrocious nightmares you create
Which none can fathom, yet you celebrate?

They've nowhere to retreat from this downfall
You've wreaked upon their sordid sanctity!
Now, what they must heed is the final call
Of their imperative fatality!

Suffering in this agonizing Hell,
They'll spend the rest of eternity.
Just enough riddles
To number thirteen.
What makes me giggle,
You might call obscene!

The start of the end,
At the end of time.
Comes first in Earth,
And finishes rhyme.

Inside this foul clan, you will find
Not just two, but three of my kind.

What doth thine eye
Most keenly spy
During the calm
Of the stormy sky?

Actors eagerly
This primary line,
Then participated.

It might make you think
Of something like "aches",
The black ball in pool
With the number "8".

A young man, Arnie
Placed his ball on me
When he stopped mixing
This drink, lemony.

Beginning of first,
But never in last.
It's how you begin
To scribe the text fast.

The one who's reading
This most bizarre tale,
On who I depend
To somehow prevail!

The first word's a name,
The third can explain
The point of this game,
So simple and plain.

B-A-C-F-E - F-E-A - D-H-A-A-G
If you are unable to answer the riddle, I'll eventually reveal it, but I have faith in you.
Jun 2016 · 280
A Gift Made Moot
There seems to be a slight downfall
With how I sometimes "know it all".
Even though I can still predict
All these outcomes, I must admit

That since I fail to ever act
During these events taking place,
I question why my mind is wracked;
All these issues, I cannot face.

Preemptive sense with a pretense
Is practically self-defeating.
Though you carry knowledge, immense,
You'll soon find yourself repeating

The same mistakes you made before,
And you'll make them forevermore.
If I would eat alphabet soup,
And afterwards, take a nice, long ****,
The random combination of letters
In the bowl's water, all splattered,

Would make an infinite amount
Of sense when compared
To all the ramblings you surmount
And somehow feel obliged to share.
Jun 2016 · 204
The Fallacy of Good Intent
It seems as though the road to Hell
Was only paved with good intent.
Though you try to offer a hand,
You often feel abrupt lament

For such shameful, yet obvious
Indignant and deplorable
Remarks you knew they'd not repent
And knew would sound just horrible.

How they can't think before speaking
Only makes all their arguments
Lose any credibility
And creates such a vast dissent

With those who see past the futility
Behind this debate's disgraceful content.
There are many fates which we can conceive
That easily prove to be worse than death.
The type of cruel doom most cannot believe,
The kind of affair which sharpens your breath.

You could succumb to plague, famine, or war,
All these atrocities, you would labor
For what may seem like an endless purview,
And all these nefarious blights, you'd rue.

You could feel regret for what might've been,
And solely dwell in memories of past,
Constantly question what you did, and when,
Think of why you went where you would hold fast.

Death's a luxury compared to the strain
That's inherent with life's shackling chains.
I shouldn't give you

The acknowledgement

You desperately seek,
Since your temperament

Compells you to do
What most consider


And pitifully bitter.

You solely act on
Sudden impulses
Which you can't even
Attempt to ignore.

I'm not just a pawn
Who follows repulsive
Banter you spew
And seem to implore

Is free of any
Erroneous speech,
Though this fallacy,
I have to ponder:

How can you remain aptly confident
When all these relationships, you *squandered?
Jun 2016 · 225
State of Entropy
Why must we fight this ongoing war?
For how much longer must blood be shed?
Why was it started in the first place?
Can't you see people we send are dead?

You only think in your own interests,
You just seem to think about yourself.
To Hell with your greed and selfishness,
You pigs don't care for anyone else!

You tear apart innocent lives,
That's how your profits seem to thrive!
When you pigs face untimely wrath,
You'll have none to blame for this path

Of self-destruction you all wrought!
Your own demise is what you brought!
Life is a vapor.
As quickly as it was made,
So it vanishes.
Jun 2016 · 189
Time to Finally Speak Up
For years, I dreamt of ending the life
Which I regrettably shared with you.
A life through which I felt so much pain,
I thought there was nothing else to do

But be the glutton for punishments
You seemed to think I somehow deserved.
Why a child should be so viciously
Abused makes me feel beyond perturbed.

Still, I no longer wish to harbor
Dreadful woe and despair that you wrought.
I severed our ties, then realized
The prison in which I had felt caught

Could not be upheld once I could see
You never had power over me.
No matter how bleak
Passing days may seem,
You needn't act meek
Basking in the gleam

Of the sun's lustrous
Beams blazing upon
Your face, so wondrous
When not kept withdrawn.

You possess beauty
Hidden secretly
Since you sheepishly

Shy away from their prying eyes
And the cold sting of their shrill cries.
The world outside patiently waits
Until you return so they'll berate

Whatever you try
To possibly do;
You have to defy
Those words they imbue

On your imprinted spirit, so weary.
Surely, you haven't envisioned this dreary
Outcome you face every ****** day.
You know there must be other ways

To make yourself feel comfortable
With the world that's surrounding you.
You know your joy's sustainable,
And the dreams you keep will come true.

Hopefully, you learn just how to prevail
In this perilous and turbulent tale!
May 2016 · 259
Wretched insects crawl across my frail skin,
Though the sensation proves to be phantom.
I lacerate my sanity, worn thin,
And gaze in horror at what I've become.

I ferociously claw at the slightest
Hint of a pest gnawing adamantly
At my many sensitive nerve endings--
I know I'm not thinking rationally.

Usually, I lead myself to believe
That outside sources are the root of these
Unsettling woes and disturbances,
But I plainly see the true circumstance--

It's only cruel trickery I create,
Fretful byproducts of my mind's poor state.
Apr 2016 · 209
Acceptance of Ignorance
The people's total willingness
To accept such blatant ignorance
Seems like quite a condemnation.
Though this illusion seems like bliss,
It also seems like the causation

For many obstacles we face--
How we try to hastily race
To somehow appease these morons--
God forbid they might feel displaced,
It's not like the life they knew's gone

If someone finally brought forth the facts
And proved they were totally true,
Though quickly, they'd refute this evidence
And stick with the **** they first knew.
Apr 2016 · 390
Cacophony of Hell
Sharply played notes ring in the air,
You hear its shrill sound, but from where?
It starts to buzz, and you wonder why
No one else noticed this screeching cry.

The noise of static suddenly flares,
You can't help but emptily stare
As this boisterous clamor grinds
At the inside of your clattered mind.

This cacophony soon makes you weak,
You can't help but produce a shriek!
Your screams will soon become quite hoarse,
And none will fathom your discourse.

Soon, this tumultuous discord
Puts you in a downwards spiral,
And all the others somehow ignore
*This hellish fright, so wickedly vile.
Apr 2016 · 281
Sad Daddy
I don't know why, but Daddy's sad again.
He just wants to cry all alone in the den.
It'll be okay, though Mommy's gone away,
I'm sure she'll be coming back soon someday.

He doesn't say where exactly she stays,
But when she comes back, I do want to play.
We'll all feel happy when we're together,
And hopefully, Daddy will feel better.

I went to see him, but he was standing
On a chair with a rope around his neck.
He can't stop yelling, he kept demanding
That I call Grandma and not interject.

I'm not really sure what he was planning,
But when I went back downstairs just to see,
From the rope he tied, he was just hanging,
And could only stare blankly back at me.
Finding no pleasure in daily routines
Surprisingly treasured by the machines
Reminding you it's just the status quo
And part of the life in which we all grow,

Unsatisfied with droll simplicities,
You might indulge in distant fantasies-
Magnified on a world you set apart
From the forgotten one others have wrought.

An escape is often necessary,
But you can't forget where you still remain,
Though time you spend in either world's nary
Going to keep you entirely sane.

These choices you make are arbitrary-
Hopefully, you'll still be kept entertained.
Mar 2016 · 445
Relieved of a Grievance
The waters are calm, the current carries
The depths of a pain which turned cumbersome.
Gently flowing downstream, into the night,
That crippling burden suddenly feels numb.

No longer can this suffering persist,
Not as he quietly rolls through the mist
After his final drop to the lowest
Point to which others are still unbeknownst.

His body falls limp, struck dead by the jump,
That bridge was undoubtedly high enough
To make his fall into the distant sump
Not just seem like another empty bluff.

At least he can't feel the sorrow and pain
He use to feel for the life he disdained.
Your inner peace was heavily disturbed,
Everyone saw how you started to stir,
But none among them truly understands
Everything for which you already planned

Was placed on a ****** indefinite hold,
And now, that chapter must remain untold
Until your time to shine will make itself known,
But this restlessness has fretfully grown...

Your impatience, often unrecognized,
Seems to steadily simmer and brew.
It's usually heard when you chastise
Something trivial anyone might do.

I sometimes feel this tension, unreal,
And I don't wish to keep stoking that flame,
But you must realize we share the same prize
In this perilous and unwavering game!

We've walked down these roads
More times than we know,
But still, we carry on.

The rush and the thrill
Will grant us our fill,
Our muse's strength is not yet gone!
During the days I spend slaving away
For some measly tips and minimum pay,
I often listen to unheard music,
And hope for the soonest chance I can play

These songs I still practice repeatedly
And usually perform quite easily--
Their sequences of notes strung together
Weren't ever difficult to remember.

What I've always enjoyed doing the most
Is getting the right to happily boast
About crushing what they said I can't do--
Hopefully, I've shown them a trick or two!

This music still swirls inside of my head,
And I spend so much time in "rehearsal",
I make all the motions asleep in bed--
More time spent "playing" is always helpful!
Mar 2016 · 211
Breath of Fresh Air
Oh, how I'm hoping this breath of fresh air
Will help blow away these woeful despairs
Constantly given to undeserving
And innocent people who are yearning

For a change amidst all this scenery
Making them grow increasingly weary.
I understand a life devoid of change
Can soon make yourself start feeling quite strange--

You might wonder about what you're missing,
Maybe you'll stop yourself from resisting
The tempting calling of grand adventure--
The alluring thought of such wondrous splendors

Could help keep you driven to try finding
The reward which you so desperately seek.
This goal seems so powerfully binding,
But luckily, neither of us are weak!
Such a bitter grudge you longingly hold,
This poison surges in your darkened heart.
You carry a malice so fretfully cold,
Your soul is what you regrettably wrought.

You're brimming with an anger unneeded,
You muster quite an excessive amount.
This hatred you brew seems so deep-seated,
And all of this mindless drivel you tout

Spreads a bleak foulness throughout everyone,
Creating all of these hostilities.
You're a monger of folly who needs shunned;
You're surely not spreading some pleasantry!

You're merely a wretch, a putrid spirit--
Unwanted and useless, a stupid ***.
Mar 2016 · 652
A Sonnet for Debbie
Nothing will sever our bonding tether,
We will forever remain together.
Our hearts united, never divided--
When we encountered, that's what empowered

The connection between our bleating souls,
Their detection of this pairing, so bold.
I soon decided we were like-minded--
For you, I've scoured, and somehow heard

Of a lustrous lass with charm aplenty,
She's one of a kind, there aren't too many.
With your love provided, I was guided
By the moment spurred, and felt undeterred.

**You truly are life's greatest gift for me,
Right by your side, I vow to always be.
Mar 2016 · 912
War for Peace
"We fight war for peace!"
"Their evil won't cease!"*
Based on what I see,

You bomb these countries,
Making refugees
Who just want to flee
This whole travesty.

People helplessly
Leave all these cities
Because you destroyed
Everything they've known.

With sinless lives, you wrongly toyed.
It seems "their evil's" not alone.
I realize people can debate on the topic of sin and who is or isn't guilty of it. However, there are a countless number of people who've lost their lives to war simply as casualties. What crime did they commit, exactly? Why should innocent people be punished for the wrongdoing of someone else?
If I could not think,
Then I cannot be,
Yet I'm past the brink
Of reality.

I wander on plains
That somehow sustain,
But what I perceive,
You'd never believe

To ever be true
Or part of this world.
Your mind would unglue
And become unfurled

To the realms most eyes never see
Or accept as reality.
Growing tired of this pain,
Though impatient, how you fought!
Did you ever make a change?
Won't give that a second thought.

A soul seeming so badly stained,
Looking so rough and wrought.
Though it still seems a little strange,
It's just been through a lot.

There's no need for your disdain,
Don't you know what you were taught?
We all know you're not deranged,
Though peace is what you sought.

Now let all those drops of rain
Help you not be distraught.
Don't you fret now or complain
About bad luck you caught.
Laboring under the strong delusion
That you hold some kind of authority
Only makes you into an amusement
For the rest of your fellow company.

You gladly boast about spending decades
Working a meager, lowly, thankless job.
It's no wonder your sanity seems frayed,
But still, you're acting like a pompous snob.

So what if you became a veteran
Of the local town's pizza syndicate,
You're merely an hourly employee
Who loves to particularly berate

Other workers you still think you're above;
You hold no more power than anyone!
You'll likely stay in this fantasy land,
And probably won't ever understand;

Instead, you'll persist to stubbornly shun
The truth of the matter, which is a fact:
You're just a wretch with a mind that was cracked.
I wrote this piece to basically vent a large amount of frustration I'm feeling towards a  coworker of mine. I don't exactly hate the man. I won't be drug low enough to hate him. However, I do consider him to be a ****-nosed, ****-faced, ****-drinking, ***-guzzling *******. Keith, you'll never read these words, but I sincerely think you're a ****.
Feb 2016 · 270
The Mind's Enslavement
How you can sustain
The relentless pain
Of your withered brain
As it stays contained

In this emptiness
And bleakened abyss
As it still emits
These thoughts, so amiss

Is quite perplexing-
You're likely vexing,
Maybe suspecting
This sordid affair

In which you were placed and left to despair
With this grim burden which you'll always bear.
Feb 2016 · 238
Tonight's gonna be a doozy,
My supply recently went dry.
Might not be feeling too happy,
But I'm sure I'll be staying spry.
I searched for any hidden stash-
Although I failed, at least I tried.

Thoughts are churning, starting to race,
My droopy eyes begin to glaze.
A certain numbness in face
Reveals that I'm in quite a daze.
I must confess, I feel displaced
Inside of this musty, dense haze.

The cat just keeps ******* sneezing,
How annoyed I am's amazing.
Maybe I can help its wheezing-
She can't whine if she starts blazing!
With this notion, I'm just teasing,
Though she'd always stop from freezing!

How long I'll stay awake tonight,
You can all assuredly bet
That I may greet the morning light,
However, nobody should fret-
I'll soon sleep with enough of a fight
And wake up in total regret...
Feb 2016 · 4.1k
21st Century Drummer Boy
Hypnotic music, joyous sounds surround
The fans, all entranced by the performers.
The drummer happily bashes and pounds
Everything he sees shaped like cylinders.

The hi-hat steadily keeps the rhythm,
The bass drum makes a thud, quite powerful.
The crowd can't help but nod along with him
As he makes these beats so insatiable.

The cymbals create such fearful crashes,
And his finely tuned snare shoots roaring pops
Hurtling towards the off-guard masses,
This manic madness just can't seem to stop!

What exactly does he have left to prove?
He simply wants to see everyone *groove!
Feb 2016 · 360
Fearing Nothing
Horrors I've faced over the years
Greatly reduced the amount of fear
I use to feel, but overcame
After besting the toughest game

I've ever known and ever played:
Escaping this mind that once caged
My sanity, soul, and freewill:
The greatest treasures I instilled!

I have no fear of the unknown,
I've learned to know it very well.
I do not fear being alone,
I was once in a private Hell.

Do I fear death? No, not really.
It's just a part of life, clearly.
Though what does death really entail
If it is even anything?
Perhaps what I will have to hail
Is my decay into nothing.
The atoms constructing your left hand and arm
Originate from the dust residue made by the explosion of a star.
The atoms constructing your right hand and arm
Originate from another source, other traces of exploded stardust.

These explosions occurred perhaps millions, maybe billions of years ago.
These infinitely microscopic specks of dust
Have traveled the eternally expanding cosmos
In order to meet, and ultimately create your very form!

What were the immensely staggering odds
Of coming to being?
What were the astounding chances
Of your formation happening?
Feb 2016 · 651
Lessen the Burden
From the time I first recognized
The presence of a painful hold
Upon my heart, I realized
That sadness can sometimes feel cold.

Chills can spread throughout your body,
You can't utter a single word.
This torment almost seems ungodly,
Your mind and soul soon start to blur.

Why I have to acquaint myself
With such woeful misery
Just seems so unnecessary,
A bleak and pious mystery.

It's not like anybody else
Would consider it as fair,
But still, I know somebody's there
To help me flee this ****** despair.

The love of your life, beloved friend,
Endearing, caring counterpart,
The one who always will depend
On the unity of your hearts

Will nurture you the best they can
Until you're ready to return
To the life both of you began,
Free of the shackles you once spurned.

Wherever we decide to go,
There's something I'll forever know:
Inside my heart, you have a place
No foulness could hope to erase!
The arrival of a newborn life,
A treasure to behold.
The beginning moments of your time
Have worth tenfold in gold.

You've just begun your very own
Path within this bustling world.
What better place to spend these days
Than feeling warm and gently curled

In the firmly protective and oh, so loving
Arms of Mom and Dad.
Into a family of Kings, you're born!
Being dealt that hand's not bad.

We all welcome you happily,
You're quite a sight to see.
May you now and forever be
A bundle of wonder,
A boy we joyfully call Mordy!
One of my closest friends, Jacobey King, recently helped introduce his son, Mordecai, into the world. I was absolutely delighted for him and his wife, Alexis. I visited them in the hospital just recently and was stricken with awe at this infant, this source of life not only born but a few hours ago. I even had the privilege of holding him, and I felt the warmest and most comforting sensation of energy radiating from him. He was such a peaceful baby. He made no cries, he didn't fuss. He was such a calm and docile baby. As I held him, he only relaxed and dozed sleepily. It was a beautiful moment for me. I can't even imagine how powerfully moving it might be for his parents!

Also, he's already been given a fitting nickname: Mordy.
Feb 2016 · 1.2k
Another Lover of Winter
Dazzling displays of downpouring snow
From an ashy and charcoal sky above
Peacefully drifts toward the ground below,
Creating serene scenery I love!

The atmosphere on these quieted streets
Seems rather calm in the still of the night.
During the daylight, even your heartbeat
Could be heard if you might listen just right!

Blanketed are these snowy linen lands
With a sheet colored as white as the moon.
This wint'ry blessing is utterly grand,
It's enough to make me slightly swoon.

I've always found the snowfall enthralling,
I choose to embrace its tempting calling!
Schizophrenia is a private cell
Reserved for just one in the depths of Hell,
A place without an exact location,
A damnation found in desperation

For an escape from feeling trapped inside
The spot you sought refuge and tried to hide
From vicious voices, all disembodied.
Solitude's precious, but also oddly

Does enough to make you feel too alone.
Perhaps you'll miss some voice's monotone
Droning that lectured, but still seemed to care,
Though some of those voices wrought your despair.

You mustn't forget some voices are real,
And yet, those can often cause your ordeals.
I'm not exactly aiming to romanticize this debilitating illness. I'm a sufferer of it, and was hoping to convey how I experience part of it. I don't mind anyone writing about it, but I seriously don't understand why some people think they want it. I can absolutely assure you it's nothing but a living nightmare that can last a lifetime. To desire such horrendous atrocities for yourself is a sign that you're seriously misguided.
Feb 2016 · 237
Fortune Seeker
May you be granted the mercy you seek
During this hard time, becoming so bleak.
You always deserved this chance not given;
For quite some time now, you've been imprisoned

Within this cramped abode with company
Not exactly what you'd think as dandy.
You have every right to venture towards
Prosperous treasures on faraway shores.

Though your many efforts might sometimes fail,
You must continue with setting your sail!
You can't just give up, you've not reached the end:
You never know what lies around the bend!

You're much too stubborn to stop now, my dear...
You've come this far, you have nothing to fear!
It seems that all life becomes a big blur
When it fades into fuzzy memories
Of old recollections that churn and swirl
In a part of the mind once thought empty.

Faint images seen begin to appear,
Though they were considered misplaced and lost.
This past visioning will soon start to clear,
But unknown is the true price of the cost

Of regaining sight of past experience
Throughout an entire lifetime's worth of
Personal penance and inherent lament,
Addiction for distraction, a love

For misery's indulgence, evilness
Bubbling inside a decrepit heart...
Perhaps the past might have its blurriness,
But I remember so I'm not torn apart.
Feb 2016 · 397
The Wonders of the Dreamer
Arriving at the final time
Of the current day,
Hoping for a tranquil slumber
In a dream to sway

Through the soft calmness of the night,
A comfy spot to lie
As vivid sights soon start crossing
The mind's ever-watchful eye.

Pleasantries begin to surround
This scene, so surreal.
Lucidity seems within reach
As more is revealed

Inside this wondrous dream of yours;
You soon start to question
What other wonders can be found
In your imagination!
You've likely pondered
The reason you're here,
The reason behind
Anything at all.

It's commonly wondered,
You needn't fear!
You're trying to find
Your own life's catchall.

Well, I can tell you,
But are you quite sure
You want the surprise
Revealed and unfurled?

You've already come
This far, I suppose.
Hopefully, you'll be
The next one who knows!

The purpose of life
Is continuance
Of what gives purpose,
Our own existence

Depends upon you
Keeping life going,
Helping our own race
Continue growing.

Now, that's merely one
Of our life's meaning,
Yet our damnation

Lies in our people
Still populating
This overcrowded,

Race of all humans,
Raised to reproduce,
But what's our limit
Before we're reduced

To being unable
To help ourselves
When we're overwhelmed
By how deep we delved

In this instinctual
Desire to expand
The booming birthing
Of our race, so "grand"?

Too much of something
Good is quite simply
What needs avoiding,
Lest the impending penalty...
Feb 2016 · 154
A Haiku for Nothing
What if nothing's real?
Where would it ever be found
Except in our minds?
To yearn for comfort
In your grievous heart,
Blighted by traumas
Which tore it apart,

You aim to consult
These friends from afar,
Not realizing
They won't mend these scars

If they're miles away
From the very source
Of these ghastly wounds
Causing the discourse

Amidst those that claim
To offer support,
Yet witness your pain,
But give help of no sort.

You're left all alone,
Not a soul nearby
To muffle your moans
Or soften your cries.

Your heart's turned to stone,
Though love's what you sought.
There's ice in your bones;
Your soul's left to rot.
Why become engrossed
In follies they boast
When other splendors
Are found easily?

The world possesses
Much better catches
And much more in store
If you're patiently

Awaiting a find
That could blow your mind
At its very core!
Still, you lazily

Accept the same spiel
They seem to still deal:
A gigantic bore's
What it is, basically.
Jan 2016 · 604
The Village Idiot
Unprovoked, you often squabble
With strangers you don't even know.
Often spouting unkind ramblings,
Seems like your head suffered a blow.

You rant and rave, not making sense,
You babble such mindless drivel.
The head you carry seems so dense;
In your little world, you revel.

You spew such foul atrocities
No one can seem to comprehend.
Still, you speak in this gibberish
No one wishes to understand.

Your madness and stupidity
Are such a sad combination.
Hopefully, you enjoy all your
Nonsensical fascinations.
Jan 2016 · 349
Coming of Autumn
Withering life starts to surround
The blazing colors seen around
Decrepit forestry looking glum,
Yet beauty's found within Autumn.

Life upon Earth begins rebirth,
Reasons aplenty for feeling mirth!
Towering trees soon shed their leaves,
'Tis no reason for us to greave!

Taking walks amongst the woods,
It should be easily understood
When life ends its annual race,
Yet another will take its place.

This phase of nature's quite a sight;
In its scenery lies delight.
No need to fear it when it comes,
Instead, revel in the glory of Autumn!
Jan 2016 · 274
How can I begin to explain
This sudden rush of happiness?
It's not something I try to feign,
As far as I'm concerned, I'm blessed
To be overcome with all this
Blissful wonder swirling inside
Of my tender heart that had missed
The feelings it was sure had died.
I'll embrace the glorious joy
I've inexplicably found!
It surely seems not like a ploy
In which I'm trying to be bound.
Nevertheless, I feel quite nice.
In this splendor, I'll be basking.
It's quite the opposite of a vice,
I needn't resort to any masking
Of all this bright, splendid delight.
Still in my sight, I see the light
Despite any past forms of plight;
Its pursuance still feels so right.
Surely, you're not still believing
That all you know is somehow real.
This grand illusion which you're seeing,
The one you hear, the one you feel,

Is just a dream's conjuration,
A wondrous scheme, a great charade!
Stuck within your imagination,
You're caught behind this grim facade.

You've known a life entirely
Fantasized by your eager mind.
There's no meaning to reality.
What's left for you to maybe find?

Continue dreaming--dream bigger!
The power always lied in you.
Don't stay bound to your earthly figure,
In this dream, who's to say what to do?

You're gifted with seemingly endless
Choices to make and all their outcomes.
How's your time considered precious?
Our perception creates such humdrum.

Nothing exists, can't you see?
Save for empty space, and you!
And you're but a mere thought freely
Roaming amidst this nothingness;
Whether or not that might seem true
Is determined by how you perceive
This spectacle we call reality!
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