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Powdered sugar
It's raining white
You look absolutely beautiful tonight
You set my nerves alight
A burning fire in your heart
Enough to tear me apart
The delicate flakes coming down
Softly resting on your crown
On your delicate hair, a curly brown
It's snowing all around
They land softly on the ground
Without the slightest sound
Emma O'Toole Jan 2021
I like how the snow,
glistens and glows,
I like how the snow falls upon my face,
I like how the snow shows his grace,
I like how the snows makes everything still,
I like how the snow feels beneath my boot,
I like how the snow makes me wanna dance,
I like how the snow does his dance.
Emma O'Toole Jan 2021
The little white drop falls upon my shoe,
not a clue who I am or what I do,
The little white drop smiles to the sky, melted away as it slowly dies,
Oh, little white drop now on my shoulder you melt upon my chest feeling colder,
Oh, little white drops trickling done my spine, falling from my crown making a trail to the ground,
oh, little white drops come again soon, I only see you once a year and I miss you.
Oh little white drops you make me feel new, making my hands freeze up until the blood flows again soon.
snow -
A snowflake’s lifespan, once but a droplet,
Now infinitely a unique object.
Oh, lucky snowflake! You never compete
With other snowflakes. You are formed complete.

Oh, to be so born! To become my own
Arriving on Earth, meant to be alone.
You lucky snowflake! You have no power
But grow beautiful, to live an hour.

You are not long here, made of winter chill,
But precious snowflake! Do hold your shape still!
I am so common, never quite like you!
Each of you snowflakes, are a snowflake true!

Of frozen water, from the cloud above,
You became special, one and only love.
To live snowflakes’ lives! What would I have felt?
None would be like me, but too quick to melt.
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A N N A Nov 2018
Love can be painful
Love can hurt
But our love is true
The truest of them all
No matter what tries to separate us
My heart will find its way back to yours
I will always find my way back to you
Gemma Davies Oct 2018
Snowflakes are the butterflies of winter...
Floating around, pretty and light.
The more of them that drift around...
The more beautiful the sight.

Snowflakes are the butterflies of winter...
They make even the messiest garden, shine.
No matter if the flakes are thick and heavy...
Or just a light dusting that's small and fine.

Snowflakes are the butterflies of winter...
Gliding through the skies, uncaged and free.
Only resting when the winds conclude...
Gently resting on every roof, hill or tree.

Snowflakes are the butterflies of winter...
Only present for such a short while.
A flying visit, and then they're gone...
But they sure do leave a smile.

Snowflakes are the butterflies of winter...
Making your garden glisten and glow.
They go wherever they please...
And please wherever they go.
My poem was lovingly made into a 'Me to You Bear' video:
Umi Dec 2017
Look outside and watch the snow
If you see it falling then just go!
Have some fun in those pure white fields

Make an angel out of snow or even an entire man
And enjoy the winter as long as you can

You could also simply just go and sledge, if you find a hill
Surely that could give you a nice little thrill

Or enjoy the cold, cuddling your lover
A chocolate milk and a blanket would be a nice cover

Or you could write
Under an starlit night
Full of wonder and delight
Amazed by this season and its might

~ Umi
Anna Nov 2017
You look up
and see
❅ snowflakes ❅ dance
in the air.
You reach out
to catch them,
but they melt
as soon as they feel
your warm palm.
It's just snowing outside and it's so beautiful, so this came to my mind.
:) < 3
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