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Just enough riddles
To number thirteen.
What makes me giggle,
You might call obscene!

The start of the end,
At the end of time.
Comes first in Earth,
And finishes rhyme.

Inside this foul clan, you will find
Not just two, but three of my kind.

What doth thine eye
Most keenly spy
During the calm
Of the stormy sky?

Actors eagerly
This primary line,
Then participated.

It might make you think
Of something like "aches",
The black ball in pool
With the number "8".

A young man, Arnie
Placed his ball on me
When he stopped mixing
This drink, lemony.

Beginning of first,
But never in last.
It's how you begin
To scribe the text fast.

The one who's reading
This most bizarre tale,
On who I depend
To somehow prevail!

The first word's a name,
The third can explain
The point of this game,
So simple and plain.

B-A-C-F-E - F-E-A - D-H-A-A-G
If you are unable to answer the riddle, I'll eventually reveal it, but I have faith in you.

— The End —