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Jule Nov 27
I barely fit in to my own shoes
Yet you expect me to fit in yours, too
Jule Nov 21
If only you could see
What makes rivers flow to seas
Brings love back to me
Matt Apr 2
It’s the end of business as usual
The Lord will strike the nations soon

Multitudes in the valley of decision
And many will die
If you know the Lord Jesus
You know why

These are the judgements just before
The great and terrible Day of the Lord

Isaiah 17 soon to be fulfilled
Lord God Almighty will strike the nations
He doesn’t care about your vacation

Seek Him now why you still can
Yeshua of Nazareth
Is the world’s redeemer and that perfectly righteous God man

Normalcy bias is prevalent everywhere
Many don’t pay attention
Or even care..

It’s the end of seventieth year since Israel became a nation
Yes, we are that fig tree generation
Multitudes of lukewarm in America and across the world
Some think they can decide if they are a boy or a girl..

Manchild of God will soon be caught away
That is what will happen on that great and terrible day
For the faithful bride of Christ are not appointed to wrath
You won’t like life under antichrist Obama
It will be a blood bath

Black eyed Francis putting together his one world religion
But he speaks filthy lies
It was his decision
To become the false prophet of history

Joel 3:18 mentions that the foundations of the earth do shake
Revelation 6:12 mentions this great quake
The sun will be black
Moon as blood red
The earth will be strewn about with the lost dead

Seeing it is a righteous thing with God to recompense tribulation
To them that trouble you;
And to you who are troubled rest with us..... (II Thessalonians 2:6-8)
Pack your bags and don’t miss the bus

The spiritual 144,000 of Israel
Those first fruits of the barley harvest
Will be taken to a place of safety soon
We will return to spread the gospel of Lord Jesus Christ by June

Or around that time
The summer being the time of Shavuot
Leviticus 23 is a parallel and we can see
That the bride of Christ Jesus has reached a critical time in history

It begins with “when he came into the land”
An allusion to that place of safety the Lord has prepared
For the bride, a place for us to hide,
For we are the eternal enemies of the dragon and the dark side
Read Revelation 12 if you want to know what will occur soon

Signs in the heavens last few years
And seven consecutive blood moons
Showing perfect symmetry
The Lord has placed them as signals
So you can see
That Jesus is the eternal God of history

5 g networks sprouting up across the globe
And instantaneous connectivity
It’s not all it’s cracked up to be

Great deception is coming soon
On the day of the blood red moon
Joel 3:21 says the Lord will punish the host
Of high ones that are on high
Nephilim will come with their ships
Out of the sky
Yes they have the ability to take on the form of human beings
But things are not what they seem
Do not be fooled
They are not the creators of man
But they will be spewing this nonsense
That is their wicked plan

Out of their ships come multicolored lights
The lost are drawn like moths
What a terrible sight
And they will return with the mark of the beast as well
A sure ticket to hell

It’s all about control
Satan wants your soul
In this prison planet
Jesus Christ of Nazareth is the only way
Repent of your sins and turn to him today

The mark of the beast will corrupt human DNA
Introducing genetic material of the fallen ones
Across the nation
You won’t here this on your local station

FEMA camps are good to go
Marshall Law will soon be here in America
Don’t you know?
First it will start with civil war
And who are you fighting for?
Come off the fence
Call on Lord Jesus while you can
He is the all powerful God man
Who paid the price for your sins on the tree at Calgary

There is no political solution
To a spiritual problem

Trump is the spiritual forerunner of the one to come
And I guarantee you he’s not a lot of fun
Noahide laws will be in place across the globe soon

Trump will divide Israel
And the Lord will divide the USA
This land and other nations
Have a price to pay
For their wickedness and sin
“Timber” says the Lord Jesus
America is a tree that rots from  within

And you know the worldwide economy
Is a house of cards
A final collapse to the American dollar soon to come
The FED will print and print
Inflation is not fun....

You won’t want to be here for great tribulation
At the midpoint, the antichrist sets up the abomination of desolation
It’s the image of the beast
That will be in the Temple of God
Literal and physical too
Don’t bow down to the image
Really not good for you...
For out of its mouth comes a laser beam

The nations were crying “peace and safety” in February 2019
But things are not what they seem
Tensions with Israel and Iran’s proxies running high
Now rockets fired at Aleppo soar through the sky
Damascus will be a ruinous heap
Do you know about the Lord and the promises He keeps?
He is the Word of God Faithful and True
And he shed His perfect blood for you

Repent and turn to Him today
And join the army of the Lord is what I say

Ezekiel 38:18,19 and Ezekiel 39:6-8
Tell the story of the Lord striking Russia, Turkey, and Iran
These and other nations that come against Israel
Will be destroyed by God
It is his plan
The Day of the Lord will begin
On that day

Warning, warning....
This is a short time away
awknight Mar 2018
A collision of matter
created and never destroyed.
Universes interlaced within
the same sphere.
Holy in nature.
7 year tribulation of souls
7 years of finding truth —
Interlocked fingers;
carve yourself back into

Understand there is no
god within this realm —

A constant creation
of all things.
A destroyer of
the divine.
OnyxSea Nov 2017
From the shining heavens,
to the depths of hell,
are countless places,
in which mortals dwell.

People like me,
who are simple and free,
search for happiness, wherever it may be.

Yet the obstacles are endless,
countless and limitless.

Every goal we set creates another one, harder.
Progressing toward, the highest of the heavens,
eventually even we, begin to falter.

We see that the joys that money may bring,
a life of pleasure, girls and spring,
are ephemeral, illusory, temporary like the wind.
A short term high, like drugs taken at a whim.
These joys and pleasures, and the highs it may bring,
Are no different from the crude, happiness of dreams.
Experiencing them when either rich or poor,
the difference is legality, for good or for ill.

Yet the heavens are temporary, the joys are too.
Whatever once brought us there,
can bring us down too.
Navigating the clouds, transparent as can be.
Fragile like the pleasures that one enjoys within thee.
Striving so hard to maintain this modicum of joy,
we lose sight of it all, overwhelmed by turmoil.

Eventually our attention laxes, our focus disbands,
we descend to the hells, all joys out of hand.
All the happiness we seek, seemingly gone from thee,
we forget that their joys are as temporary as can be.
Mistakenly seeing it as the source which we seek,
we chase them relentlessly, bringing others with thee.

Confusing ourselves, and others who follow me,
we end up on a path, both hellish and heavenly.
These conflicting experiences, strengthening within me,
I become conflicted, as do others who join me.

Soon we all forget, what is happiness and joy.
Seeking a fleeting, temporary ploy.
Deceiving us of happiness, the peace within thee,
Eventually we die, no happiness within me.

If only I saw what was in front of me.
If only I overcame the senses which deceived me.
If only I realized the truth of one,
that both heaven and hell, are meant to be undone.

We separate the two, splitting humans in two,
where some enjoy good, and the rest make do.
Mistaking happiness, to be the fleeting joy of bliss,
we no longer see, that true joy is in this.

Enduring pain, experiencing ease.
Overwhelming the tribulation with true inner peace.
From this all shackles become undone,
for there is nothing, left to be done.
"The Lord is close to the brokenhearted, and saves those who are crushed in spirit." Psalms 34:18

Ive already broken
satan's gravtational pull.
Refuse to let him bring me down.
All I can do is go up Lord.
Higher in you.
Lord I'm already broken.
Heart already cut open.
Commence surgery.
Cardiac arrest me.
Let me die to my flesh so that you can renew me.
Clean my heart so that it beats purely.
Flesh of your flesh.
Bone of your bone.
You created me in your image.
Your clone.
So let my ways mirror yours.
Lord be the center of my life.
My core.
Let my heart be patient.
Let my words be kind.
Let my thoughts be pure.
Lord protect my mind.
Though I cry
Lord catch these tears.
Though I stand in the unknown
Lord calm my fears.
Take my hand.
Hold me close.
Lead me beside your still waters.
Don't let me go.
Just know
these words are sincere.
Lord hear my prayer.
This is just a short prayer I wrote that expresses my desire to be closer to God, strong enough to give up the things that would seperate me from him, and humble enough to let him know I need him (forgiveness), especially during times I turn away from him, as well as trial and tribulation.
Awesome feeling ,
witnessing God's power ,
your own fear ,
knowing no one can save you .
You're really all alone ,
but one must
keep tracking on .
From the time I first recognized
The presence of a painful hold
Upon my heart, I realized
That sadness can sometimes feel cold.

Chills can spread throughout your body,
You can't utter a single word.
This torment almost seems ungodly,
Your mind and soul soon start to blur.

Why I have to acquaint myself
With such woeful misery
Just seems so unnecessary,
A bleak and pious mystery.

It's not like anybody else
Would consider it as fair,
But still, I know somebody's there
To help me flee this ****** despair.

The love of your life, beloved friend,
Endearing, caring counterpart,
The one who always will depend
On the unity of your hearts

Will nurture you the best they can
Until you're ready to return
To the life both of you began,
Free of the shackles you once spurned.

Wherever we decide to go,
There's something I'll forever know:
Inside my heart, you have a place
No foulness could hope to erase!
In burnt out scenes I lingered like some old lab rat or some apocalyptic cockroach glowing in the dark and still existing in this modern wasteland.
Vegas is an illusion 1 billion bright lights shining out in the distance with no true soul or depth.

She was the past and I was too old to look  back.
Or maybe just too jaded my ego too big to fathom her ways.
You are a mystery a unwritten story best left untold no true emotion and an endless supply ******* to keep you warm.

There is solace in isolation a madman's prison the paradise to troubled thoughts I had everything my drugs my ***** my addictions serve me well.

And as for you my dear.
I will see you tonight rapped in lace and bound by secrets.
I will see you for only the way you choose me to see you.

There are no true answers  to questions only more stories.
And she was a chapter unto herself passion, hatred, love, all things she had learned served her as my addictions suited me.

We would meet again for fools in the storm often take shelter anywhere they can.

I never wrote a mystery until I met her.
The powdery snow flutters down,
coloring the mountain ridge white
The two inside a run-down house in a desolate village
huddle together in the winter night

“It’d also been snowing the day we’d met,”
you murmured with a smile
And I’d hidden my face flushed from the hearth
within the shadow of your large sleeve

With a breath of joy,
I sang of spring’s arrival along with the chirping birds
“Your voice is beautiful,” you told me,
and that alone, just those words, made me so happy

“If someday, I no longer had this beautiful voice,
would you still, even then, love me?”
“Of course,”
you said, smiling gently
as your large hand softly stroked my cheek

One leaf-lit summer afternoon,
you collapsed from illness
Our poor married life
couldn’t afford the medicine to cure it

The next day, along with the following,
I did nothing but intently weave
I wouldn’t let your life
fall like the short-lived autumn leaves

The seasons flow by
The bell crickets mark the end of summer with their cries
“Your fingers are beautiful,” you told me,
gripping my wound-covered hands,
but yours were much too cold…

“If someday, I no longer had these beautiful fingers,
would you still, even then, love me?”
“Of course,”
you said, coughing
as your large hands caressed my hurting fingers

Day and night, don’t stop weaving
Hurry, hurry, I need to buy the medicine…
Just a bit more, ony a bit more; before the autumn leaves fall
Until these fingers can’t move… Until these feathers are used up…

“If someday, I were no longer a human,
would you still love me?”

The truth I feared left unable to be told,
I softly pluck the final feather alone…

“Of course,” I say, smiling
I promised I’d embrace you when you lost your wings
And that crane which had beautifully taken flight that day,
I’ve never forgotten, and still remember, even now

And just like always, I love you
A story, written in song sang by Kagamine Rin and *** -

I couldn't help but find myself in tears over this
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