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Apr 2016
Sharply played notes ring in the air,
You hear its shrill sound, but from where?
It starts to buzz, and you wonder why
No one else noticed this screeching cry.

The noise of static suddenly flares,
You can't help but emptily stare
As this boisterous clamor grinds
At the inside of your clattered mind.

This cacophony soon makes you weak,
You can't help but produce a shriek!
Your screams will soon become quite hoarse,
And none will fathom your discourse.

Soon, this tumultuous discord
Puts you in a downwards spiral,
And all the others somehow ignore
*This hellish fright, so wickedly vile.
John F Anderson  III
Written by
John F Anderson III  Zanesville, OH
(Zanesville, OH)   
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