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Jordan stenberg Dec 2012
her stare her voice so sweet

last year i remembered we talked we poured our hearts out

i was a great friend to you but all you did in the end was walk away

because i truly loved you at the time i didnt make my move when we hung out

well i moved on i said good bye to you i no longer do but those memorys made me who i am today

one day we can be friends again whenever but right now you dont want to even try so whats the point

now i walk the line of the nice guys who failed but this war does not involve you it didn't have to end with silence one day i want answers to finally to learn the ways of a crazy year gone wrong
stank man Feb 2017
raggid sharp points
cutting skin and flesh
graising what you once held
soft nimble fingers, which now tightly grip my neck
life leaving my eyes as i see the passion burn in yours
heart racing
your silohette leaving distant memorys of which i wont live to remember
your hands look so much bigger in fists
but i guess it just goes to show
everything is bigger in texas
Elizabeth Lovato Nov 2015
Pictures are like windows into someone else's memory
Maybe that's why in this day in age we are obsessed with the best quality and quantity of photos because we never want to forget the best times in our life
Annie Quill Jan 2016
Are like the light of long gone stars
Still shining in our sky
Seen by us
Much like the story's our constellations tell
Our memory changes
Every time we remember
Minute alterations are made
Changing without heed
Of the original iteration
darren laird Mar 2010
I can't hold this in i have to let this go,
the feelin inside stays, wit me an grows an grows,
can I live with a lie .an not live the truth
do i pay with distance memorys,
the sin that was never mine to begin ,
the past were i tryed to leave it ,
but name huge past forever not lost
for R past so sweetly given ,
people like me make your life have some given an meanin ,
put thanks u won't get from me, all i can say is this ,
"******* U **** AN ****** DIE "
Mike Finney Jan 2012

Not a token drawn around the neck, but


Jewel upon the finger that will forever dream


Memorys branded into the very tissues; a


Made to torment the mind until the day comes


Our earthly mother calls us.


Fruits of our nature dry a bond that's


Broken by the lord himself. My cries, the


of Hades in the pounding of my death


scarabs that peel the skin away in


Treading across my soul, leaving scars


Which I may never again love.


Thorns grow in craters of damages


Has, with no way back; leave


Without the means to help and cannot


without something in return.


out will not chase me

Eric Preneveau Sep 2011
more of a rap:

I find my mind start to wonder in places it shouldn't be,
i see messed up things someone normal wouldn't see.

But what can you expect living in a broken home?
You know something wrong when you feel safer alone.

I feel like one day i'll walk in to see bodys all over the floor,
i'll have a gun in my hand covered in blood, guts and gore.

But i won't know what happened,
won't know that it was me.

i'd call the cops,
thinking someone else is guilty.

My mind starts twitchen,
memorys glitchen.

Feelin need to ****,
because im enjoying the thrill.

i know it's bad, but it satisfies my needs,
i'm just hopin that the cops don't have any leads.

i grew up a victim of paranoia and depression,
now im standing tall making all my confessions.

This song ain't a rhyme it's a warning,
because im gonna be a killer by the morning.
fate is a cruel mistress
whose icy hand churns our stomachs
and poisons our minds at the flick of a finger
and whisper words of sadness and of dark memorys
that blacken the brightest lights
and in a language only she knows
she speaks,
an untimely end for us all
Madeysin Apr 2015
It's been a long time naturally,
That'll I'll cry myself to sleep,
Exhaust the brain until thinking isn't able,
Wash your cheeks dry with the memorys,
Pain doesn't go away Exspecially on cloudy,
This void radiates out of my chest,
You filled it so well...
Collate the broken shells of life...
I hate being human.
I hate cats, like why
Elizabeth Jan 2019
And I felt like running, running so far I lost sight of everyone in my life or soon to be. I couldn’t find anywhere to go, every place so full of memories, every place so full of the depression lingering in my life in moments where I should have been happy or something along those lines. I never knew a happiness where I didn’t feel a sadness along with it too. I sat on the roof only pondering what it meant to be alive. I was told there was a difference between living and being alive but does living mean sunsets and cherry trees? Or happiness on clouds of sunshine? I didn’t know. I didn’t know what it meant to want to get out of bed every morning or ride bicycles through summers filled with faint memorys of people no longer in my life. I wanted to live but I didn’t want to be alive...
What is living?
Kimmy-Nichole Aug 2010
experience one moment that can create the ver forgetables
begin the memorys that escape the ordinary and outstep the extrodinary
soak it all in
In hopes to never feel it again
make it matter for the morning isnt neccesarily near
sycokitten Nov 2011
weak willed, i listen to the collision of manic thoughts that resurface like a neverending disease whenever you are mentioned.*


the whirl of memorys start, and in the mass hysteria of mental chaos i feel my fingers slip over the keys to write to you. of what is not important. simply a few meaningless words will set me up above the clouds in a serene distant state. the promise of that momentary bliss is enough to keep my reasonable side hidden away... she'll come out later, and when she comes so will the negative ideas. the "why did i say thats", and "what is he thinkings" all of which will riot through the clouds ripping them apart until i fall and smash back into newly cold reality.

of course by then the conversation will have ended and i wont know what you think of the crazed words i somehow managed to smash into thoughts that sounded like sentences at the time, but now look like the disasterous scribbled rought draft of a 5th grade report over an unknown topic.

so with the last of my resolve i hold down the backspace key until all of the mangled writing is gone. you of course have no knowledge of this inner turmoil because i never hit enter.. i tell myself thats for the best but im not sure if i believe that, then again if you lie to yourself long enough you can believe anything. so why not, it's only survival..
CGW Nov 2017
You can count your steps one at a time
I'll keep track
Stack up the unforgivable memorys
Forget all the things I said
It doesn't matter anymore

I locked your heart outside in the
For the wolves to feast on
For them to turn the snow red

King for queen
It doesn't matter because in the end
We'll all be dead
But I'll be the one digging your grave

This is the darkness that never ends
The unforgivable memorys that lay stacked on your grave

Something in me crys for you
But you don't answer
Now the wolves are hungry and I've locked myself out
Ashley Smith Jun 2010
Marks fade,
Memorys stay,
Hearts stop,
Tears fall,
He finally looks and disappears within his shame.
Saint Audrey Dec 2017
I can't get so bogged down
Like i do now
So often its
Boring to be found and
Lost at the same time
Finding time to lie in
My bed, or a coffin
Whatever works
For better or worse

Plans I don't make
Can't really change
Or fall through at all
Funny enough
My whole things been
Mauled and I'm standing here
Coughing and blocking out
More ideas

Pretentious melody's play in my head
But I can't slip into
Real world explanations
The sky can only be one of two colors
A sentiment tied to
One or the other
Or I'm left wondering why
It has to be

I'm still sick of every friendship I make
Its hard to examine the memorys
What I take, and what i leave behind
Trivial, and i wish i had a bit more

I don't care about my future
Irregardless people will still be
And treat me the same
Way, and I'll still be pining for
The same things
Guarded and
Mostly friendless
Tristan Wilson Sep 2013
Inhale, exhale
Inhale, exhale

She fights but can't find the strength to pick herself up.
She lays on her side.
Slowly her soul leaves her body.

The light leaves within in her eyes.
Her body turns cold and pale.
It didn't take long for me to notice she was forever gone.
Wondering in the infinite bliss.

Memorys are all I have.
Photos are all I possess.
Thanfull for your presence in my life.
My eyes turn red.
You leave during the cold night.

So now your gone.

Eric Paz May 2011
i looked deep inside my head.
i looked for all the memorys that made me wish i was dead.
the ones i chopped up and burned because i dread. the main ones that **** with my head.
i knew right there and then that a memory is all it was
theirs no if, then's, and because. its over. so why the fuzz.
So i let it go and the pain went away i became more confident this way. i stop running away from when i opened Pandora's box the demons came out but i think that's what its all about!
Ranger Jan 2015
Drinking deeply of this dark brown drink
I would cure the thoughts that I think
How I once searched the bottom of a glass
And turned my self in to an ***
There was one thing it with in this bottle
By broken will and heart it did coddle
The memorys it would drive from my brain
Pushing down that deep dark pain
What it did to my life I could never tell
This bottle.. this drink it became my cell
Fighting in red rage
A life that hated me and kept me in a cage
Today was tempting to drink again
Remembering the good

I dumped it down the drain
Some times you cry for help
is the most silent things in the world
that only an angel can hear
Bad is good but good is bad.
Only what you have lost
Is what you realized you had.
Thinking about it now
The price, no...the cost
It make you sad.
I've felt the pain
It hurts to much
And do to my mistakes
Ive lost my crutch.
Friends will come
Friends will go
Memorys melt away like sun on snow.
My mind is soil
I feel very drop of cold water rush in
It seems I'll never feel a warm thought ever again.
Is god a guild or goal.
This game we play with our soul
Must have an end.
The game always has a winner and a loser.
Yet some lose more than the rest.
To me the losers are the ones that wait.
Those who suffer through this pain and hate.
But if you leave the game you win that's my fate.
So look through my eyes and you will see.
Your mind will pivot.
And you'll realize the goal of life
Isn't to live it.
Josue cruz Sep 2015
I have alot of things to remember
One of them was with you
You allways made me happy
I loved it when we went to the fair in september
And when we swam in the pool
I remember when we though obout you as a granny
There where times we would fight but it was allways cool
I loved the way you looked in those black tights
I miss being with you
I love these memorys of you
But I need to forget them soon
Elizabeth Nov 2014
You're all I want

I need you here.

Don't you see, what I feel is sincere?

I finally got the nerve to say, what keeps me up at night, what haunts me by day.

And all you could express was that the feelings are unrequited. Something you've said so much it seemed almost recited.

But in the end I blame yours truly.
I kind of wish that you'd just use me.

What you don't understand is that I don't care how much it will hurt, because to me that's less than you're worth.

I would live with every moment of pain because I would have memorys of you to keep me sane.

So I'll write it again in a billion different fonts, just to express **you're all that I want.
Leka Sep 2017
our eyes meet
thousands of memorys
yet we don't know each other
Andrew T Hannah Mar 2014
lay on the  
rise up and rekindle all the memorys that  
listen to the  
for all those who  

the red cresent moon rising  
the limp, dead body's cast a warning  
one shattered soul takes in the
her blood stained hands still  

the only thing more dead is the hole  
to be her you must know what it is when a soul's dead

to out live all the blood  
to                    home
a black cloak and veil cover the  
she's a being that  
always wearing an unseen mask

what tragedy had been  

no one could ever have guessed how long her  
a past the world never gave her a chance

as if the world feels her  

bearing the cruel curse she  
in a way she is  
like a poisin dart embedded in the  
slowly eating away till the

can't count all the blood lined roads  

the deaths fall down onto an unmarked score

to her life is  
her chance was taken away
Max Petersen Jul 2013
i cant stop to say hello with a mirrored glow reflecting in your eyes
i need to foget those things that make my memorys painfully harsh
lm new and will move like i am
born with a collection of who i was
but i dont know who i am
i was a boy strength no part hope just filling me
Jordan stenberg Apr 2014
so i finally found someone now i worry if its gonna be short lived

short lived as success of some people who achieve their dreams to be ripped away

I be god ****** if i am ******* over again  i promise if its for someone else i

will  let karma  smack them in the face   cut  my heart up heck carve all you

please  i have many scars with various dark dark memorys  and good ones this happens well  war path  will consume ones heart and one will fail

because i did nothing to deserve it

i be god ****** if somone comes in and takes my life from me
Mr Bluesky Oct 2015
Walks we may never remember
As our souls pass on
But some things
Can never be forgot,
The way we connect
When our arms interlock
The way I always recognized you
Even when we knew each other not
Centuries may pass
And memorys will fade
But these feelings
They shall not
RhiannonMystique Feb 2016
I sit in this empty room
crying the tears of the memorys
of you

im alone in this world
but surrounded in voices
but none understand
what we had...and
if i explain it
they wont believe it

so ill just keep our secrets locked in this empty room
including all the tears ive cried over you...
no one will know about the secrets i keep
RhiannonMystique Nov 2015
i've never felt this way
no more and more alone every day
than when i bled everyday for the numbness
you left an im just broken now
without you i have no reason to walk this earth
i might just leave here with out a warning

i miss you Ash...

forever is forever.......right?...

you were my best friend

ill fallow down those memorys till i see you again <3
i loved you Ash

we all miss you....
you were never a mistake...
you were beautiful...
i wish you believed me...

so ill let the fire burn....and ill be the ashes that'll lead me to youre eyes
kevin kilby Nov 2015
I'm holding my self together piece by piece but the love of god will never sieze my mind is lost in bad memorys that never seem to go away but when the pain subsides thats when I get my pride and gods decency and protection   guide me in truth and away from fright and leads me into the light
EM Nov 2014
all of our memorys all of our feelings all of us faded away with the sound of those words ending it, i felt like my heart walked away with you, i quikly realised the mistake i've done as you got further and further away from me, your smile i'll miss it oh so much your eyes and the way you look at me the touch of your hands the racing of my heart when you walk by, the butterflies in my stomache when you talk to me.. gosh i love you it torments me but i do, i love you, what good will it bring if i deny it? none.. i've never been a faithfull person but i found myself devoted to you but i can't continue to be like this, it has been along run but it has to HAS to.. it will! i promise!
RhiannonMystique Nov 2015
Is this youre chance
to greive

but theyres no one on the other side

there is no one to watch you
there is no one to keep you awake
at night
through the storms and the clouds

just haunted memorys past
or are you just hoping someone will give it up?

cause there is no one to greive on the other side
Troy Jan 2018
If I die
would I remember you at all
Do you remember me
Or is death the end of it all.
Life is so beautiful
And full
With your memories
In it
Even sad at times.
I would rather live with sad
Than die with no memorys of you.
Without my memories of you
I am truly
Sumeria Nov 2018
My love u gone and i missing everyday no call no letter just the memorys i stored in side of my heart time gones ny and I cant believe you gone my tears i cry is only a few more of them can roll dwn my face i love u so much the moment i say u can be replace the time we spent cant be explain. I wish u was here to stop my heart from aching. U must fill my present. For it heavy. I wish i would relive the moment when. Act the way i did. call me.. Please call for u need me and i need u my heart is heavy thinking bout you it like i can reach your soul come back to me.
Amber Mar 2016
Would you remember me
If I was gone tomorrow?
Never to be seen again?

Would you remember me
And all the great times we had?
Or would the memorys fade out of existance?

— The End —