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stank man Feb 2018
I would call it taboo
They would call it disgrace
When I kiss from your neck
Right up to your face

Lingering touches
Hold more than you know
Naked and vulnerable
Still so much too show

Born from my heartbreak
You were never one to speak
So actions spoke loudest
And it was beautifully bleak

Stripped down from our clothes
Soft skin gliding together
The bridge has been crossed
But I could stay here forever

When our souls intertwine
Is when I feel most at home
Yet, between friends and lovers
Is a place called ‘alone’

And so you tell me you love me
I know what you mean
But I can’t help but wonder
What might have been

And so I kiss from your neck
Right up to your face
Because to be alone with you
Is my favourite place
stank man Apr 2017
of all the people
that cross my mind
when it came to you
my brain was blind

i write of pain
of hate and regret
but how about about
the first time we met

rain down windows
mascara down face
but next to you
i think I found my place

clouds didn't pass
the rain wouldn't leave
but the thought of you
i could do anything but grieve

and so i haven't wrote
about you yet
and of all the times
i hope never to forget
stank man Apr 2017
radiating from your body
its all you know
it was once all you wanted

burning me from the inside out
but not the kind you can make
a mere fraction of what you know you can do

something oh-so-close to comfort
but the burning is all you've ever known
you gave me all you could

in both my eyes and hair
chapped lips which call desperately for yours
the fire which surrounds us is nothing compared the burning

i don't mind
now we can match

when i saw you
anger rippling in the flames you create
there is more to you than this

the first time you saw me again
the first time you let me hold you
the first time you felt heat
the first fire
stank man Feb 2017
raggid sharp points
cutting skin and flesh
graising what you once held
soft nimble fingers, which now tightly grip my neck
life leaving my eyes as i see the passion burn in yours
heart racing
your silohette leaving distant memorys of which i wont live to remember
your hands look so much bigger in fists
but i guess it just goes to show
everything is bigger in texas
  Jun 2016 stank man
Alex's Pipe Dreams
How pretty is a deadly thing
Under your control?
How much pleasure does it bring
Your damaged, darkened soul,
Having such a pretty knife to hold?

Oh, aren’t deadly things the best?
When the terrors come at night
And they lay your mind to rest
When he sleeps by your side
And you don’t need them to fight
Did he pass some kind of test?

Oh, aren’t deadly things beautiful?
You protect when under protection
Low self esteem but looking dreadful
So you add him to your collection
Judging by the way he gets you
He must be a deadly thing, too.

Oh, aren’t deadly things the best
Sleeping peacefully on your chest?
stank man Jun 2016
Here he lurks
shadows and fear
twisted dreams and something that itches
somewhere in between the lines,
you know He's near
the pupil of their eye
twitching of skin
He has been Here for a while now.
please like the poem if you enjoyed it, it really helps me
stank man Jun 2016
we're diffrent.
you choose one
i choose the other
we don't think alike
but somehow we got along,

you live in the past                                                  i live in the present
noitcelfer ym ruoy ekil sti dna                    and its like your my reflection
so maybe its time that i went left                          and you stayed right
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