And even though it hurts the most to say I love you, I always will. In stolen moon light I sit writing something of hope and what could be happiness. My words are broken like my heart, my mind is cold like December. In fallen leaves I found love on an October evening in the middle of no where reading books of fairytales that never seemed to come true. I wrote Dad at the top of a paper I hoped to finish writing but, in reality I  don’t even know where to start. Where do I begin when love has no ending, where do I begin when once what was love is gone...
Father I hope you know you mean the world to me
Elizabeth Sep 14
And it was the saddest thing to realize that even though someone could give so much love they would get so little in return because the world is a cold cold place. The world is hurting and yearning for someone to feel their pain. The world wants revenge on the lovers who paint hearts, beautiful colors of yellows and emerald green. And I’d learn that the fairytales were never true for no knight ends up being with thier princess no matter how much love he gives them. No moon could shine any brighter than the loneliest star looking for love. A love they may never find. A love that may never be.
Elizabeth Sep 9
The taste of the yellow paint sits on my tongue. Sizzling in all its glory the paint, so silent, so still, is washed away. Washed away like side walk art on a stormy November night. What we had was lost somewhere between that night and the day we made art together. We plastered our love on a canvas with paint, red paint. The hearts we drew were full, full of questions, full
of hope, and full of love, for our once lost souls had been found. Found by each other so lonely and so sad we painted and made art. We expressed how we felt on paper so thin. I sit in my room on this cold evening writing of our love story and what it used to be. Deep down I wish we were still we.
September 8, 2018
Elizabeth Aug 24
And he talked as if when morning came the sun would no longer shine. The way he talked about life and everything in it made the stars twinkle in perfect moonlight. The way he spoke of the things he loved like they were childhoood dreams come true made my heart dance like a ballerina through the mountains of endless hopes and dreams. And on this night my wish came true, my wish came true that I would meet someone just like you, with a mind so freeing... so beautiful.
Take me on your wings
Elizabeth Aug 14
And each day I was told it would get better. In worn shoes I would walk the long route to school, and dream of all the things I would do. Autumn leaves danced at my feet and the kids on sixteenth street shouted fall songs. I was a lonely kid with a journal and hopes for things my mother always told me I could achieve. I was told to do great things but I was told only the lucky ones make it far enough to see the stars lining up at their feet. I went home on cold nights and sat at my window in search of someone just as lonely as me and I found it in the sky shining down on me. The loneliest star once told me so, I could make it far and before I’d know, it would only get better from here.
A poem I wrote in 8th grade...
  Aug 14 Elizabeth
ethan gaskill
i walked down the stairs
and saw you at the kitchen table
at first glance i noticed you writing
but i couldn't see a piece of paper
i walked up behind you
and put my hand on your shoulder
you looked up at me
with a smile that could light chicago
and pointed to all the pencil marks
on the map you were holding
and said "these are the places i want to go"
until then i'd never seen
poetry that i couldn't read
but something about the lines
and all the plans they represented
brought a tear to my eye
"let's go then" i said
as we ran upstairs to pack a bag
reminiscing about memories
we didn't yet have
and dreaming with both eyes open
  Aug 14 Elizabeth
Flowers like silk
Just like my sister's skirt
When the flower bud absorbs the sun
I see my sister weaving
The gold rays to her cloth
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