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Young and a menace; living my life for what it is,
Only you can do you!
Understand that we all go through this crazy world and
No one is alone!
Go out

And see the world and
Never take this life for granted! "
...Oops I,
Did it again, I forgot what I was losing

My mind about,"
Everybody has those days, you're
Not alone in this world.
And send a message: I was young and a menace"
Certified and "
here for the psych assessment" and
Everyone's gone mad; "
I'm here for the...
                                    For the......

wrote this after Stayin Out All Night as I was inspired by some lyrics
of course it was Fall Out Boy, they are my biggest inspiration.
But hope you enjoy, this may not make sense but I had fun with it.
Your eyes.
A menace.
Yet something so precious.
Your look.
So cold.
Yet as valuable as gold.
Your touch.
So tough.
No feeling of love.
Your words.
A lie.
Only to hurt they try.
And you smile.
Oh, that smile!
Makes you forget about the rest.

your eyes are soft.

Your look is caring.

Your touch is gentle.

Your words are kind.
So who are you really?
What is a Father?
Is he a Person?
A Thing?
Or a Feather?
What is his Life?
Is it Carefree and Spontaneous
Or Tormenting and Strife?

Who is he in which a Person could know?
What are his Abilities which only he could show?
Does he Work, for the sake of a Family?
Or sleeps and pigs around, being a Menace and Lazy?

Who could this man be, to the Eyes of Children,
A Hard Rock or a Soft Leaven?

Does he Pile over Everyone
And takes Control?

Is he the Eagle, the Head of the Nest,
Playing a very important Role?

Does he impersonate Father Christmas
With all his Treats and Gifts?

Is he a Lover, with a Strong Heart for *******
Hugging greatly and giving Love-Lifts?

Does he Pray,
Or Face-Religious?

Or a Braver,
Or Spontaneous?

Is he a Disciplinarian
Wherewithin all Members under him
Are tuned to his Command?

Or a Freester,
Who gives his Kids their darling Freedom
Without any Demand?

Does he care,
For the People and Loved Ones around him?

Is he Provocative,
Uncaring for Anyone behind his Dim?

Mostly, he is the Grass,
Herding the Future for his Offspring?

Or the Lamb,
Stubborn and very Unwilling?

And so, whatever he is,
Or does,
A Father is a Father,
Anonymous or Specific
I wouldn't mind.

Just as long as he has

I'll be Glad and Content. As any Son should be.
Lyn Senz 2 Nov 2013
a menace
clouds my mind
all the wrongs
and berating
and bossing
so much time goes
listening to his woes
but I have to
you see
because the menace
is me

©2012 Lyn
MANIA— "I was Young and a Menace,"

A Champion, so Stay Frosty/Royal Milk Tea and

Never forget to Hold Me Tight or Don't. "I'm just The Last Of The Real Ones."

I love Wilson (Expensive Mistakes). Shall we go to Church

And Heavens Gate down the Sunshine Riptide with a Bishops Knife Trick?
McNally/Flanders, Inc.
Another quick edit but this one is Fall Out Boy's track list for MANIA.
Just wanted to do something different and fun. Enjoy.
Stephen E Yocum Sep 2013
Can there possibly be,
any more affable and
devoted friend than big old dog?

Dogs; the only animal in the world,
bred, and raised that have within
them one driving passion and desire,
to live along side and please their
human companions.

Should we find reason to scold,
or forcibly correct them for some
transgression of unwanted behavior,
They merely love us with their eyes
of shinning acceptance and affection,
Ready to forgive and forget.

A dog is not petty, they hold no grudges.
They seldom nag, never talk too much,
In short they are the perfect friend.

Other than a hopeful encouraging gaze,
Two times a day, like clock work,
Beseeching us as they do, for food,
They seldom require anything of us.
Except to be protected, loved
And treated fair.

Oh sure they also let us know when,
they need to go outside to do their Duty.
Now that is so completely preferable,
to that other odious option.
How **** smart is that?
Sometimes I don't even know,
when I got to go to the bathroom,
And I'm an intelligent human.

At least once a day, they
conspicuously stand at the
door, leash in their mouth
looking to go outside,
for a little exercise.
And gentle reminder to us,
that a brisk walk would,
do us more good, than them.

I can sometimes be a little down,
When along comes my canine clown,
And charms and delights all that,
Right out of me. Such is their nature.

Even merely going out to the garage,
for less than five minutes,
Upon my return, I'm excitedly,
lovingly greeted as if,
I'd been gone forever.

Five minutes or five days,
To a dog, it does not matter.
Unconditional love has
no built in time meter.

If you could hook up,
their gyrating, manic tails,
to your house current,
no utilities' bills need be paid.

Sometimes I swear,
that old dog of mine,
is actually smiling.

Long tailed dogs can be a bit of a menace,
What with their "Excitement Whip" appendage,
slapping seated kids on the floor, in the face,
And sweeping all the little bric-er-brac,
keep sakes, right off your coffee table.
A small price to pay for all their affection,  

I like people just fine,
but I must honestly admit,
to the company of noble dogs,
I can be completely content.

Sure occasionally I seek the
reassuring comradeship,
of some good humans
As long as my dog,
can come along,
and attend the party too.

When I was a child,
we moved a lot,
Human Friends
were not in abundance.
It was an old loving dog.
that pulled me through,
all those dark hours and,
I have never forgotten.

It was about then,
that I truly understood,
that dogs are people too.
Much smarter than,
we give them credit.

The only real sad part
to this compatible pairing,
this marriage of the heart,
is that we must always,
it seems, out live our buddies.

Love is love and
gone is gone
and nothing
can ever change that.

That loss has come
to me, more times
than I care to remember.
I weep and morn and
Swear to never ever,
Suffer that pain again.
That my last dear friend,
was beyond replacement.

Yet a sweet new
little puppy can
do wonders to heal
a sad broken heart.

Once more you begin,
to open your soul
and embrace that
young pup forever.
And what was old,
is new again.

And just starting over,
that fresh beginning,
That new budding
Is what's important.

For no man is an Island
as long as he has a
good dog beside him.
A little surgery, sure. Over stated, maybe too
sentimental, could be. But if you ever had a
great dog in your life I think you'll get it.
To those of you that hate this write, go buy
or rescue a dog and a year or so later talk
to me. Or better yet write some verse.
I bet it will contain some of this same
sentimental dribble will drip from your
chin too.
Irina BBota Jan 20
I left my thoughts on the pillow
and started waltzing on the carpet barefoot
just to see that wicked smile of yours
while the cloud's throwing out its soot,
making alliances with the purple storm,
unwelcoming the beauty of the darkness
the one between the stars,
keeping us in the fortress of unfulfilled dreams,
leaving us all behind stainless steel made bars.

I left my thoughts on the pillow,
the bedroom sins remain in the night,
your kiss has left all my senses in turmoil,
for I was and I am a very old soul inside.
Charmed and crowned by Madame Tempest,
looking for a bone of guilt,
expecting the unexpected at a wedding's breakfast,
a brilliant book of menace she has built.

I left my last thoughts on the pillow,
and then I left the other dark half of mine
that annihilated this restlessness from my soul.
Now I can shout out loud: I'm alive!
Dawnstar Apr 8
Bold Captain Gray comes down
To islands warm,
Where tawny men are chattel;
Sees brightly Patrick Spens
Survive a storm,
And wants to win the battle!

But when the cannon
Shots roar all 'round them
And punch a hole in th' aft deck;
Laments that Spens was found
A man too "holey"
Murmur around the carrack!

What were his last words,
Tell them to me boys,
Or I'll get raw with fury!
For Patrick owed your
Weight in Spanish coin;
God stablished I his jury!

But when the men had
Still not loosed their lips,
E'en under pain or menace;
Says Gray, what senators
Be these lads who still
Possess no fear of penance?

Then comes the lookout boy
From up above,
Where long the mast had held him;
Says, Patrick Spens just
Gave me his last word;
See here, it's writ on vellum!

Then up the captain roars...
And makes to burn the stores...
For tricks the crew had played...
With rage, the captain said:
     Beehive the rightless dogs, to hell ‘em,
     Give me the answer scrawled on vellum!
Donall Dempsey Sep 2018

I follow the road
of my father’s voice

journey with him
along white roads...over green fields

to school & back

(shoes if at all...worn only to church)

picking up the cuts & scabs
stubbed toes

his going to school
would entail

in the early years of the 1920’s
only so much history to me

to him

his toes
knowing the wind
in the grass

for what it is

his toes
clasping a rock
fording a stream

Irish & poems
bubbling through his head

babbling along
the tongue

words thrown to
those lost summer skies

startling a blackbird
spouting his poetry

with poetry
of his own

(3 miles to school...3 miles back)

his mind a skimmed stone
dancing along a river

over unforgiving

thorns attacking his feet
with undisguised relish

the vehemence of glass
glinting greedily

for the next footstep

the menace
of the twisted rusty nail

& its treachery
betraying the next footfall

as he walks over
the unremitting years

into my eyes
wide with wonder

listening to him
tell of himself

as a little boy

to his little boy
the me of then

my eyes now

following the road
of my father’s voice

as it wanders
JaxSpade Jan 31
Lazor beams
Shot in every difference
It was the future room
Of past decisions

I saw one hit the ground
As I jumped toward the ceiling

Lazor beams
In a galactic cloud
Of feelings

I could dodge a few
But I got shot too
Right through the heart
In the bulls eyes center

Lazor beams
Cutting through the atmosphere
And severing
Even if it means killing

Shot in every distance
Of the worlds limits

Sabers of synergetic
Light emitted cutlery
Beyond the speeding bullets method

Lazor beams
Shot by the menace

Did they get you
Did they get us
Onoma Feb 10
there's a bell ringing in the dark...

that leaves the better of its blood

in a bat's head.

come morning--those reverberating

flits will disperse their aberrations

amongst townspeople.

who'll prove emissaries of fear.

town to town, big and small--whose

dragging eclipse tills the soil.

damp and stank with monsters that

lean forth their full menace.

to tear away the kiss that was about

to be ours.

trying to snarl and **** away the bliss

that broke through.

rattling February branches, so we may come

to understand how they remain plunged

in winter's gut.

as to stiffen, and not adore winter as much

as spring.

--yet dare i say they've kissed...look

behind your eyes my love~

(winter & spring, this...)
Seb Tha Guru Oct 2018
You don’t like my hair.
You don’t like my face.
You don’t like how I talk.
You don’t like my taste.

You don’t like how I think.
But I still ask why.
You be on my back.
That why I get so high.

You don’t like how I’m quiet.
You don’t like how I dress.
I may seem like a menace,
but I clean up my mess.

You don’t like my page.
You don’t like my songs.
You don’t like my poetry.
You only string me along.

You can’t feel my heart.
You can’t clear my head.
After a couple more writings,
I’ll be long gone, dead.

You don’t like when I’m outside.
But you don’t like me blue.
You ignore all my pain.
This story ain’t nothing new.

Trying to no longer let you make me sad.
Tired of back stabbing friends, and people making mad.

They say time heals all, but I guess that’s one thing we never had.

But I have..
Worser things to stress.

I was trying to be so blind.
Learning how to be kind.
But contemplating up in my mind.
Why did I hang around some fakes.

It took Mac dying to get a phone call.
And to be honest, you was better saying nothing at all.

But I'll keep it all inside.
I will laugh on my own.
While you and your little clique stays scavengers at my throne.

Wrapping up another writing then I think of something strange.
It’s funny how, everyone you bought around said they was the same. Little did I know, you all would change.
The X Rhymes Apr 18

Tom would try to abstain
from that place in his brain
and the ghost house hid deep in his mind
where the shadows suggest
there’s an unwelcome guest
or a thing best kept lost Tom would find

from the dusty old clocks
come the dead tics and tocs
but the hands on the face have long stilled
no alarm ever rings
and no pendulum swings
time itself was the first to get killed

from the bowels of that lair

comes a creak on the stair

and the scratching of long finger nails

then a bang from the wall
with a clang down the hall
while the wind vocalises its wails

down it’s darkest corridor
somewhere on the 13th floor

is a long since abandoned damp room
where a door black as night
with a latch that's held its darkest corridor
leaks a mist of green menace and gloom

and beyond that wood frame
is the thing Tom won't name
in the corner, it patiently hides

a malevolent thought
he had once fought and caught

it's the room where his demon resides

and that loathsome old fright
he’d locked up good and tight

has a nature that’s shrouded in mystery

why he holds it secure
Tom won’t tell, he’ll demure

only says ‘it's best consigned to history’

since he knows if it’s found
then he will hear the sound

of its voice through the hole for the lock

and the key on his chain
Tom would turn once again
set it free so it could run amok

so he keeps the door closed
and his feelings composed
and his time in there tries to keep short
since although it is small
Tom can clearly recall
all the heartache and havoc it wrought

the last time he’d passed through
he had sealed it with glue

to keep access and egress restricted

then he nailed the door shut
with some wood he had cut

to forget that it ever existed

when he thought that he’d won
that his labour was done

Tom had vowed to return there no more
but was so keen to win
he’d nailed something else in
so at best he could call it a draw

when it comes to Tom’s door
he’s made mistakes before
since that room also houses his heart

when you love what’s been lost
then a very high cost

is a certainty right from the start.
What’s in yours?
Vaishali Mar 2018
Black is the bad guy
Shut the blinds when he's around
He is the villain in every story
And his cousin white,
walks away in misplaced glory

White is the good guy
The ideal paragon
Pleasantly paralleling black's life
White is peace,white is calm
White is shelter in a raging storm

I believe in black though
I believe he is misconstrued
To walk his path alone
Black won't ever be a rainbow
But black still longs to shine
Still wants to glow

I watch white scatter
Scatter away
From the pretentious veneer
It is an oblivious red
A ***** yellow
So much more
Than a perfect intangible rainbow

And black waits patiently
It waits for white
To take over the pleasantries
After a dreary night

White is the guy
That took you to the party
Black is the one
Who tried to make sure
You return home safely.

White is a menagerie
Of beautiful words
Like antiquities
For looking,not touching
Black is simple words
written beautifully

But you are blind
Blind to the fancy layers
Of white's games
Blind to the many colors
Blind to what's uncertain
Blind to black's good intent

Little specks of white on black
Is a starlit sky
And streaks of black on white
Is what everyone has
But tries to hide

Gradually the sun goes
And the virtue of white
Is nothing without
Outer light

But in space
where white abandons you
Gravity fails to console you
Black wraps around you
Like a blanket
Comforting you
Reminding you of all the nights
You slept peacefully in its embrace

But when the moon is gone
We worship the sun
Moon is for blank canvases
Sun is for life
Sun is for love
Sun is for white
Sun is the incandascent hope
Sun is humankind
Wrapped in a ball of luminous might.

Black realizes it is vain
Misunderstood,muted,a menace
In a world blissfully broken
Beautifully burnt
Blatantly barren
And Bleakly - dark

So it departs
It takes the spirits
It takes the ghosts
It takes the dark along

We see the sun at night
Such harsh , abrasive light
Shines for immortal eternity
Reigning over a kingdom
That no longer reveres it

We tell our children
"Once there was the peaceful dark
He'd fight away light
He loved the stars
We knew we were real
Because of the shadows of our heart
But he left along with his children
Because the ruthless white
Wanted humanity all for itself
Once there was black
Once there was a backdrop
For the good deeds and iridescent
Hope to shine against
Now there is white
And it shines , shines
It shines away
Till we desire a black sky"
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