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Madeysin Nov 23
I glued my legs together with black berry jam
The sweetest spread
Madeysin Nov 10
Did you become an alcoholic because of a girl or because of the world?
Whatever your answer is, same.
Madeysin Oct 30
Today I made love to myself with the windows open
The breeze blew my legs ajar
The wind whistled and tickled me all the way to my core
Today I made love to myself with the windows open
Mother Nature called me a *****
Madeysin Sep 1
Pull at the seams
Knot up your dreams
Pack away the magazines

Your skin a thin sheen, stretched and smacked against your thighs

Your frame a sagging conundrum to be condemned by the click

Weight loss is a huge trick
The more you lose the less you, you are
Madeysin Aug 11
I stepped off & I stepped out
The curtain closed & I with it
Swept up into the rafters to rest
A melodramatic sarcophagus
Madeysin Aug 5
Pillowed chest cavity,
Accordion to articulate the pressure in my clavicle.

A firm press to seep out the excess,
To access my insides,
To accept I’ll never be like those other girls.

To drape this weight along my neck, is too much to bare. I’d hand it off to you, but you’re not there.

Madeysin Jul 30
Living on the edge with so many stipulations, suffocating
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