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Max Petersen Oct 2013
over saturated flower trying to breath from the lungs in my chest
the birds suffocating in my skull are breaking their bones in an attempt to get free
boy in his home wants nothing but to leave
to breed in himself a heart that is as free as the bird in his sky
Max Petersen Sep 2013
so when the waves ask with forceful brunt of physical emotion
when the skys shatter with a terential light and booming sound
and the grass grows with a grace like a dance reaching towards the light of life
ill see the station of my world blooming like a shroom from the strands of energy that penetrate everything
Max Petersen Sep 2013
Jailed in an incantation of growth
i change and my life stays the same
no longer satisfied by my home
the dogs howling in the distance
the microwave going in the neighbors
the screaming kids running like beasts down the streets
my madness
the asylum that im stuck inside
my mind pulsing with a thought of tragedy
this tragedy where love dies and the work goes on
i need to leave
escape this place and be the bird
my feathers mimic the colors i like
green, red, blue, and gold
bay head taking in the sea
empty glass ******* air
the resonance of the empty like a hum from the moon
the darkness like the breaking untouched night
things are falling apart
and im staying the same
my skin like the coat of the rich in the winter
i wear it with pride
i wont ***** myself with the repetition
i wont breed flowers here
taking a chance on the life of another
a complement in time
you and i are the same
still recognizing the shame in routine
lets leave
and watch the birds drag themselves in the dirt
like the bees scraping fragrance of flowers
Max Petersen Aug 2013
unfinished thoughts on the row of the night
waving on the dream of unfinished thoughts
i've lived and forgotten
and suppressed
my life is complete and is what i am today
i am a bug going, gleaming, and learning all there is to learn
Max Petersen Aug 2013
still is the look when nothing is found
im expecting a sunrise and clouds
rain is a privilege
ill let the wet fall on me
my shoulders dont get cold
they are golden and bare
ill look into their eyes
being, pure, naked
ill be free
like them ill be free
ill never get back to what i was
so ill embrace who i am now
Max Petersen Aug 2013
Cause for alarm
Good heart pumping the head
Horizons nice view
I see you well
I loom
Scraped knees on the side streets
Shout of the balcony into the sea carried by a wave
Smoke eye burn
Smooth skin riddles with historic woes
Sunsets and dawn and the evening
Wave goodbye to the cool air
Max Petersen Aug 2013
Teach me
im watching
teach me
im wide and willing
im still and waiting
im soft and maleable
i need teaching of how things are
of how things should be
of the light that bounces off and from all the trees
i see their light and it sees me
i feel its care for me strecthing past my imagination
streams of flight and concsious ripples carrying me towards the one
the once bright gleam of the sun peaking past the mountains
as we circle
what is will always be
whats here has always been
whats learned is constantly growing
until forgetting happens
well rise towards god
and finally forget
in one terential struggle of accurate compulsion
we want more
and in the process we forget what we have learned
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