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Keith Edward Baucum Keith Edward Baucum Keith Edward Baucum Keith Edward Baucum Keith Edward Baucum Keith Edward Baucum Keith Edward Baucum Keith Edward Baucum Keitb Edward Baucum

Written by Keith Edward Baucum
Keith Edward Baucum
Steve Jun 2017
While anchored in the Port o' Leith
A ****** by the name o' Keith
Went out on the town
With sailors sorrows for to drown.
A woman in every port
Or so he'd thought
Until he caught a funny rash
Which cost him nearly half his cash.
Through the bottom o' a whisky glass
And no' in the arms o' a Scottish lass
He found his blurry dream
Yo ** ** and a jar of cream.
Micheal Wolf Apr 2017
Throughout history the wolves have always been at the door
Always waiting for an opertune moment to strike
Be they wolves disguised, or in plain sight
Always there
Always waiting

But there have always been men and women who step up to face them
without question
Shepherds in another way

A thin blue line stood between all that we cherish and those who would take that away, one attack at a time.

One of that blue line stood and did his duty.
He stood where others ran
He looked into the eyes of the wolves and did not falter
He stood fast to protect his sworn flock
He died in a battle for good.
Keith Palmer
The Good Shepherd
stank man Feb 2017
raggid sharp points
cutting skin and flesh
graising what you once held
soft nimble fingers, which now tightly grip my neck
life leaving my eyes as i see the passion burn in yours
heart racing
your silohette leaving distant memorys of which i wont live to remember
your hands look so much bigger in fists
but i guess it just goes to show
everything is bigger in texas
josh wilbanks Sep 2016
There was a man with massive plans - he was going to change the world. He laid it all out, started his route, then remember he never began. His great great grandfather was shot and became martyr to the racism that's still alive.

I watched a show with a ninja who killed for gold and i didn't care. I watched a show where a movie theater was shot and i got real scared. But just like the ninja i didn't believe - that could never happen to me.

I whent to walmart to pick up some milk and saw a man with a gun to a head. They gave him the cash and whatever he wanted in hopes to not end up dead. I've lived in this town for nearly 18 years - born, raised, and lived.

This is Belmont, the town i grew up.
I could be on cnn.
I'm 15 minutes away from charlotte. The riots hit my home town yesterday.
Rheanna S Feb 2016
There's  nothing  wrong  in  making  a  mistake.
As  lon­g  as  you  don't  follow  it  up  with  encores.

Keith  Wilson.­  Windermere.  UK  2016.;"**

Except - this has been published, already. In 2005 - not 2016. And not by Keith Wilson. See for yourself:

How to Develop a Positive Life
By Bob Mangroo, 2005

Links provided in group:
Martin Luther had a dream
Geronimo had visions
People use all sorts of ways
To come to their decisions

Tea leaf readers in a cup
A Psychic with some cards
Looking at a twirling disc
And dancing in the yard

Decision making's easy
If you have the correct tool
You may get the right answer
Or you may end up a fool

Shaman in a sweat lodge
Chew peyote just to see
What the others can not visualize
But what comes easy to folks like me

Some roll dice, and others bones
To get the answer that they need
Others ask the dead to help
To get their answer freed

I myself use none of these
None of these at all
I sit down with a bourbon
And my old Magic Black 8-ball

I switched the little answer ball
It has answers....only two
One is just the one word "dude"
And "what would Keith Richards do?"

"Dude" is universal
It has helped me win not lose
Because it's meaning changes
Depending on the "u"'s

Say it with one U...dude
it means don't even think it
But add eight more and make it duuuuuuuuude
And there's no question you should drink it

The other answer's simple
What would good old Keefy do?
If it didn't **** old Keefy
It won't **** me and you

So, use your magic mushrooms
Dance with spirits in the hall
But I'll make my decisions
With my plastic, black eight ball
Darrielle Oct 2014
How Do I say goodbye when I  can hardly let go.
  How do I say goodbye if I won't accept  that you're already at heaven's door.
Maybe one day I'll find a way to be happy that you're not in pain, but at piece. Although it may seem selfish, I do hate that you're so far away.
Now that I can't see you each and every day.
You weren't just my uncle but also my best friend. I did looked forward to those days that you made me smile, they were always real never pretend.

How do I say goodbye when I don't want to believe you're not here,
  How do I say goodbye without shedding tears.
To me this may never seem real, you're my uncle I thought you'd always be here.
  Knowing that you're gone forever is what I fear most.

There is No answer to how do I say goodbye because It's not forever just until we meet in heaven.
For my uncle Keith, I love you. Still can't believe you left us like this but I love you anyway.

— The End —