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Matt Jursin May 2011
I fell in love with a girl.
And when I say fell, I mean crashed, heart-first.
Immersed every inch of my self.
Into this love...

We went swimming.
So willingly.

And I held you...
So close.
So tight.
And we slept so sound in those surroundings.
In silence.
In the dark.

You didnt need a TV those nights to keep the boogeyman at bay.

So willingly...
I quenched you in my arms...
So that our hearts could perpetuate perfect pulses.
In a symphony of moving atoms.
And we produced thermal fusion.

I see you.
My reflection.
That first time we locked eyes...
We saw souls.
Such a beautiful collision...
And formed one heavenly body.
That's why I cried over this division.
This imperfect perfection.

And I never gave 2nd thought when you told me i'd never lose you.
I believed you.
But then...I wanted to.
I wanted you.
I still do.

I'm still trying to brush away the dust as it settles into sentiment.

This reflection...
Rippled but real...
Forms rings of imperfect perfection...

When we're both looking in the same direction.
M Salinger Jul 2018
The sun dips,
behind the mountain,
behind the treeline,
into the

The way I wish you would.

Your eyes,
the colour of evergreens
drenched in dawn
& gilded

the afterglow,
the embers of the day
fading & strong,
reminding me of another
day, with you
& without you

I know, you know
no one is
but, do you

In Here?

I'm scared this might be the
any one of us gets

You & me.

Dive into the
so I can take your hand
& walk barefoot
while everyone we love
while the night cools the
& we're drunk off the
of a true midsummer night's

When will you finally
tell me,
certain as the dew
that kisses the morning,
that the only lips
you want mine to
are yours?

Because I can feel your
the way a breeze can tell of a

Lean into me.

As we take in the
that surrounds us,
so I can put my head on your shoulder
& rest easy
hearing your heart beat

Because mine
beats for

Tell me you'll find me
when the time is

Because I'll wait for you.

The endless
grey abyss of winter,
painful & biting & testing
I'll wait for you like
I wait for

Full of promises & possibilities
& life

So dig deep.
Because you are
enduring all this
in between.

Because you are the
deep evening sky
& I am the coral clouds
as the sun dips,
behind the mountain,
behind the treeline,
into the
Inspired by the great beauty of British Columbia and how it's grandeur and imposing nature can be reminiscent of imperfect love
Kenya83 Mar 2017
Oozing charm and fluency, over exuberantly, without vanity or pride or an arrogance of mind
remaining humble and kind
looking just fine
Not with the fittest physic or perfect teeth, manicured hands drenched in gold leaf
Or a sharp suit and tie which underneath emptiness lies
But a beauty that shines bright like a beacon
signalling hardship, success, failure, determination
Strong and truthful
Unapologetically flawed
Lost youth and adult gains
Ageing memories and hunger pains
slight wrinkles, cheeks with dimples
it's quite simple
perfection is meaningless
It lacks personality and taste
Humility, humour and good grace
The hard times you stared point-blank in the face
However, on the other hand
It's like you're from another land
Im lost
In your perfect imperfections
Filters and airbrush aren't a true reflection
Of the life you've lived of the story you've told
When you've been weak when you've been bold
what made you happy or caused you stress
How you like to chill and rest
Or put your mind and body to the test
I want to see what makes you, you
I long to see it all
For its what makes you beautiful
The wind, it whispers like a choir of hags,
under the light of the moonbeams,
there lay a broken child.
In his filth, he mutters,
in his dirt, he shudders,
so quick to judge we are,
the Prodigy Son.

Crackling trees and dried up leaves,
under the light of the moonbeams,
they shelter the child.
It cannot be said,
that the everlasting dead,
can't raise the living youth,
and show them how to be alive.

Out of the furnace and into the fire,
one mans plight is another mans pleasure.
Buried beneath garbage, recycled from his head,
his undeniable will is hard to measure.

The chatter is growing louder,
among the who's and what's,
the where's and when's,
the how's and why's,
they're racing round,
throwing sand,
throwing stones,
blasting the boy,
the fears he holds,
the anger he stores,
they set the trees on fire,
the dry leaves burn ten fold,
it's a hot box,
a red hot forge,
it melts his skin and bones,
then dies as quick as it caught,
and from the ashes, the Imperfect Son is born.

Rising above the smoldering orange embers,
under the white light of the moonbeams,
there stands the Imperfect Son,
and he washes his hands with mud.
Copyright Barry Pietrantonio
Rustle McBride Jan 2017
You said one day we'd be together
Not for the night, but for forever
You said one day
                        that you would be
                                                  my one and only

But here I am, all these years later
the gap between grown only greater
And word from you
                        comes only through
                                                  when you are lonely

What happened to your grand design?
Were you really planning to be mine?
Or am I a fool
                        who wanted wool
                                                but fell for cotton?

Imperfect then, Imperfect now
Never wanted perfection anyhow
Just can't believe
                      I'd be deceived
                                                and then forgotten
I wish you were here tonight,
the stars are peering through the clouds,
it just finished down pouring out,
you can smell the pavement.

I'm cruising down I-93,
there's a blazing red smoldering on the horizon,
probably just light pollution,
but it's burning up the sky,
burning it alive,
and it fades into the black night,
like the fire in your eyes,
only not as bright.
Copyright Barry Pietrantonio
Dinodust Apr 2018
She’s imperfect
But at least she tries

She’s messy
But lovable

She’s good
But she’s ******* herself

She’s sweet
But she lies

She’s happy
But lonely at times
Hey, I need your help.
Eager yellings have got me over-thinking,
linking what I think with pain,
I'm on the brink of breaking.
Each incision to my brain,
has never really completely faded.
Onto reality, formality presents us to hide everything.
Wrongly suggesting,
we'd be better investing
imperfect perfections-
I've been working on this for awhile now.
Everyone is different, And us, as a society, has said we've accepted that, but we really haven't . We only accept the differences WE understand.
All feedback is welcome and appreciated!
XyL0S Oct 2018

A cluster of breaths

Cold feet,

I'm still,
And hoping to pass on.

WordsHelp Sep 2018
Believe me,
Your soul- exquisite.
Love, you are perfectly
Indranys Sep 15
Sometimes a person prays with tears
When the words are missing...
It hurts the most
When your heart bleed...
But no one saw it including your dear ones...
You pretend to smile...
And No one feel your pain through your eyes
You fell loneliness...
Your pain is growing slowly
All you can do it let your heart bleed..

And the last..
You must take a deep breath
And you must to say...
Don't you sad !!
Don't you sad !!
Every pain that makes your heart bleed gives a lesson...
You are strong person
Strong to forgive..
You are strong person..
Strong to forgive
Because forgiveness is the best form of love
King Panda Nov 2017
starlight snaps your
cigarette awake. the imperfect
circles of earth’s motion orbit
around your breast. the moon
from your ears.
north and south run
the rivers of
smeared mascara,

you stop. listen to

the man
playing fiddle with
bar light.
Bill MacEachern Oct 2018

Oh whoa is US
What can WE do
Our perfect union’s
About to undo

We The People
WE’ve been here before
Back 15 year
And 20 score

We fought our neighbors
Our brothers too
Oh whoa was US
What WE did do

Those battle drums
They beat again
Not Reb’s nor Yank’s
Now, Rep’s and Dem’s

Oh Whoa is US
What can WE do
Our perfect union’s
Long overdue
Electra730 Dec 2018
You always look at me
like I'm a goddess
even though I'm not that pretty
even though I'm not that smart
Oh Albert, You must have the biggest heart
to love something
so imperfect
I was never fully able to understand
why he loved me so much
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