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Destiny Aug 2022
The highest recognition of a female role model and mentor will never go to my mother because the things she was supposed to teach me were taught to me by another.

Another mother, yes but so much like the big sister I never had but always wanted. From simple conversations about how to be me to complex conversations about how to let go.

She helped me understand it all without being made to feel small. She helped me let go of the anger and resentment I held onto so dearly in hopes that you would eventually come around.

The jealousy speaks louder than my heartbeat in the midst of a severe anxiety attack when I feel as though my lungs are being crushed. This feeling of jealousy I know all too well because I remember it being taught by you.
Destiny Apr 2021
I feel like I'm drowning and no one can save me
I feel like I am screaming but no one can hear me
I feel like I am falling but none is there to rescue me
do you feel what I feel or is it just me
By Michayla.H
Destiny Apr 2021
no one understands
no one gets it
no one loves me
no one feels the way I feel
no one gets me
no one knows me
but sometimes you have to let someone in so they can get to know you
By MIchayla
Destiny Apr 2021
from the way I talk to the way I walk god made me for a reason and I am living the best I can and we all have a purpose one day and we all have a reason to stay
By Michayla.H
Destiny Apr 2021
sometimes holding on hurts more than letting go
sometimes crying is better than laughing
sometimes someone not being around is better than them being around and hurting you
and sometimes life is hard but it's just a battle that leads to a victory
By Michayla.H
Destiny Apr 2021
I gave you all had to lose
my soul my heart my finest Jul
I lowered my walls so you could break them
for what? for you to hurt me again
I thought you were better than the others
but I thought wrong
this what I get for thinking and not knowing I guess
you taught me not to trust people so easily
so now people have to gain my trust which I should have done in the first place.
so now that I think of it you taught me a life lesson so thanks

By Michayla
sometimes you getting hurt is for the better
Destiny Apr 2021
it's not always happy in my eyes
it's not always happy in my head
but I put a smile on and go through the day
fake it till you make it am I right
people always say they want a perfect life, a perfect love story
but I just want a life that is worth living for
you can take a picture of yourself and people will think you are the happiest person on the planet
when really its the opposite
you are crying behind closed doors
you can fule someone buy not saying one thing wrong

so when you think someone's life is perfect think about the things you don't see
by Michayla.H
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