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Phil Meup Mar 2021
A question mark

Is half a heart
and without you
I'm torn apart,
We're torn in two.

I'm left here  
With no right to ask.
Yet I can't go in circles.
Because isn't half a heart

A question mark?
Phil Meup Jan 2021
Do you believe in fate?
Or is it just some romanticized emotion?
Do you think people are connected?
Or does love only come from devotion?
Have you ever felt sad without knowing why?
So you stare while you drive and you try not to cry
The salt water blurs out the road as it sits in my eye

Everything in me wants to let those waters cascade down my imperfect skin
Yet everything in me holds back that raging sea with the quick motion of blinking lashes

There is nothing and everything in that moment
Time is here and every emotion once felt rises to the surface
Every regret of a path not taken stares at these flooded bloodshot blue windows
They shine the brightest at these moments
Who I truly am dances and shines as it reflects my inner most being
My soul swims in the blue

Regret smiles
No tears are shed
I smile
Regret subsides
It always does
I always love

When time continues I exist
When time stops I thrive
I’m here I’m alive and somehow I survive
Phil Meup Nov 2020
Sometimes when God closes a door
You're stuck in the room

Conception dies
Those heavy hips and light brown thighs
Those bright red lips and sky blue eyes
Have made him look up to the skies
And then he stops and there he cries
The truth gives way as down he lies
He just gave up his enterprise

The grown man is a boy who tries
To love the girl no compromise
Who loves him first without disguise
And lays with him till sun does rise

But then she left him for a prize
He lays in grass and waves at flys
He sinks still lower from his highs
His girl is gone he couldn’t arise
She left him to his own demise

And he’s alone
So far from home
Not one to care
No one to share
He’s still alone
No place his home

So he lays on the grass and he cries his eyes dry
And he wipes off his tears
And he gives up the years
And he stands in the wind and he walks to the door
Opens it up and he looks in the house
Closes the doors now he’s stuck in the room
Sits on the floor as he lays in the tomb

And his fists start beatin
And his heart starts bleedin
Then the room falls apart as he falls on his head
And his tomb opens up its the dawn of the dead
The energy is breakin in
There is no time for takin in
The moment is medicinal
The opening old windowsill
The life he has is underway
There’s no more time to sit and pray
The beast is risin from the grave
Forgetting of the girl who gave
Forgiving all her precious ways
The old man's reached his end of days
The new man he has just begun
And so stands against the flame
the song of him is still unsung


And there he goes
And there he goes
And he goes
And then he’s gone
And then he’s gone
And he’s gone
And he’s not wrong
And he’s not wrong
And he’s wrong

— The End —