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softcomponent Dec 2021
Ockham's razor



a different




how we'll see it

now and later
softcomponent Feb 2021
There are little pieces of yourself on the kitchen counter.

You find it in your soul to blink and look away,

wiring it all in writing for posterity,

because ink can draw outlines, maybe a little piece of you

will float back.

part of you hopes not,

as if there were

one thing you promised

you'd never do.
softcomponent Jan 2021
the capitol is burning .

                      the capital is burning .
softcomponent Oct 2020
always offer a second option,

and be willing to fill the will of the optics

*** sometimes deep behind your

eyes you can feel eruptions of meaning, and beauty

of all past, present, and future

tenses spoken like tennis into a word we're all still computing,

post truth is an acute definition in the face of

Silicon Valley rising to a mountain without might,

something designed to sooner or rather than later erupt in a sight

of obvious devastation, tragedy, and existential

awareness and insight on the brevity

and obscurity of human infatuation with

their own genealogy, insights,

or winked eyes replaced in inked lines to

maintain a certain secrecy,

the answer being nothing in particular,

softcomponent Oct 2020
"Curiosity killed the cat."                     

What this really means

is that,

at a certain point of investigation,


can become





softcomponent Sep 2020
I imagine a sign in my mind counting the days since my last seizure as if my body were a worksite.

Hurts to think about, but what doesn't these days?

Trump tells the Proud Boys to "stand back and stand by, but I'll tell you what, somebody's got to do something about antifa and the left." Sounds like ****** to me, just much less articulate and with much less to lose (you heard about his four-hundred million dollar debt, right?)

What a wild generation it's happened to be. I think we all eventually saw it coming, but held it off as apparently impossible like an unlikely apocalypse.

Why can't I cold turkey the liquor? I have no money left to spend, yet I act like I do. Champagne diet on a 'wage' that can only afford water. I'm an idiot in my own ways, just like you.
softcomponent Jul 2020

sometimes, I just want

to smoke





until I'm nothing


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