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the AskIt's have no answer

nor do the heads of the snake

of the state-scene.

they pretended they did the

same way way back

in 1918.
softcomponent Sep 2019
The clouds wisp
with shapeless form
above the jagged,
smooth, magnificent
of a still
and                            silent

reminding the rock
that it, to,
is a cloud.
originally written by yours truly sometime in 2011.
softcomponent Sep 2019



I mean,

dripping like a wet set of waterworks, I cry

to express my own ****** analogies

on a sidewalk where no one will

ever stop to give a ****,

unless it's in order to call

the authorities


it's true.

What the ****

IS going ON

(use your words,

not your fists.)

Written on September 1st, 2019 at 12 PM in Victoria, BC, Canada.
softcomponent Jun 2019
you don't terrify me
as you once did,

the tidal waves lose mooring
slipping closer, sipping closer
to my toes.

hidden, as they are,
beneath loose, easily
wetted canvas (no socks).

I have no company,
and thus sip Company lager
to hwhet-the-hwhistle

(just a little....

just a little).
Written Monday, June 3rd, 2019
at Dallas / Fonyo Beach,
Victoria, BC, Canada
softcomponent May 2019
25 years into life on this planet. A quarter of a ******* century. I've attended more friend's funerals than weddings, a sad typicality of the generation I arose in beautiful concert with.

This strange fact reminds me of the opening lines from Allen Ginsberg's Howl:

"I saw the best minds of my generation destroyed by madness, starving hysterical naked,

dragging themselves through the ***** streets at dawn looking for an angry fix."

I too sought this same angry fix, but removed myself from the clutter once death stalked the corners of my own addled streets. I too was destroyed by this madness, but given the gift of a second chance upon which to reform... and the guilt that stretches its legs so cavalierly, so callously, across the resting stool of my mind reminds me of this every day I do not practice sobriety as a dogma (just as I simultaneously recognize I should never accept it--or anything else--as dogma).

It's been two strange years since Anton passed, and he still haunts me as the interpersonal ghost of the relationship we had together which, with his death, has become embodied as said ghost sans the need for either of our particular presence. Perhaps this felt phantom of our collective essence will continue to waft throughout our globular strangeness we call the Earth until all observation becomes impossible for lack of any remaining observers. I loved you once, and I will love you always, and thus will always love you until "always" becomes as relative as "once upon a time."

"Early 17th century: from Greek exēgēsis, from exēgeisthai ‘interpret’, from ex- ‘out of’ + hēgeisthai ‘to guide, lead’."

I read myself and "it's" or "him's" reality like others read scripture itself.

I am neither hetero nor homosexual. I am bisexual, and many (even within the tight 'gay' community) do not understand this when I give an attempt towards a definition of a monogamous relationship, despite it's polyamorous-ness in its long-term oprative-ness, ability, and identity.

A monogo(mish) identity. Something which proves it's loyalty and is only taken in as an operative contingent of oneself thereof. Couldn't be more favor in their flavor, so this is simply a translation of my multiplicity of romances in my monetary destitution (not that anyone has to pay me for anything lol).
softcomponent May 2019
The self-imposed comma
Has eluded me
For decades.

It eludes me now
To this day
And I wonder:

When will I be given a chance?

Or will I take it myself
Hoping not to repeat
Churchill's attempt
In vain glory
To conquer Gallipoli?

But first off,
How do I correct

My own mistakes?
softcomponent Sep 2018
there really is no necessity to go on living. don't treat it like a duty, treat it as a gift. and don't for a minute think you have to take it seriously.      the point is, if you really want to check out of this experience,            

                                       you can.                    


                                                      you just don't have to.
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