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softcomponent Sep 13
keeping something away from myself

is harder than ever keeping it away from all others, a feeling of what's been felt

like a monster of mechanistic mechanical deities in the mask of an elk

as you melt into crusts below the surface of the Earth,

I tried to give birth to something more than I, as an individual, will ever be worth

could ever be a part of as any true influence which captures an axial tilt,

yet here I am continuing the trial like a trapped spirit embodied as a curse,

a progressive insofar as I'm miles ahead in a hearse that's headed off the edge of all turf,

and the next true hope I'll ever really have is:

"Cosmic burial is my first option, should that ever work."
softcomponent Sep 13
Remember that time we flew to the Moon,

Where the angels were angles and later was soon?

Where we dream of the stars,

We see light beyond time.

Cosmic corpses piled up

Visceral line after line

Lighting all we call space, firmament, and the night sky

and you can't help asking “why not?”

before asking “why?”

It's the way we are born

to receive and to grow,

but there's a little bit more

you're unlikely to know, so

join us

as I show how to move mountains,

to my child, in the snow;

Not all good things come easy,

but all we nurture, we grow.

I'll show you how to open Hell's Gate

With a shotgun at the devil's throat

before our emotions in emoticons

explode into a joke.
softcomponent Dec 2021
Ockham's razor



a different




how we'll see it

now and later
softcomponent Feb 2021
There are little pieces of yourself on the kitchen counter.

You find it in your soul to blink and look away,

wiring it all in writing for posterity,

because ink can draw outlines, maybe a little piece of you

will float back.

part of you hopes not,

as if there were

one thing you promised

you'd never do.
softcomponent Jan 2021
the capitol is burning .

                      the capital is burning .
softcomponent Oct 2020
always offer a second option,

and be willing to fill the will of the optics

*** sometimes deep behind your

eyes you can feel eruptions of meaning, and beauty

of all past, present, and future

tenses spoken like tennis into a word we're all still computing,

post truth is an acute definition in the face of

Silicon Valley rising to a mountain without might,

something designed to sooner or rather than later erupt in a sight

of obvious devastation, tragedy, and existential

awareness and insight on the brevity

and obscurity of human infatuation with

their own genealogy, insights,

or winked eyes replaced in inked lines to

maintain a certain secrecy,

the answer being nothing in particular,

softcomponent Oct 2020
"Curiosity killed the cat."                     

What this really means

is that,

at a certain point of investigation,


can become





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