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Zechary DeWolf Oct 2014
Sleep drifts heavy,
a fog, a mist, a shroud,
yet You cling to my mind

Like the last breathe of a cigarette,
or the sweet taste of chocolate,
you linger,
a welcome reminder
of the sweetness that graces my mouth

You're there on my lips,
and you linger,
like the hot burn of cinnamon candy,
or the cold bite of Winter's kiss.

In every sweet taste,
or sharp bite,
you linger
Zechary DeWolf Jun 2014
Kiss me
Bite me
Tease me, and excite me

Until every nerve is full of the teasing,
Of your teeth on my neck.
Give just enough that it
And then tease me more.
Wrap me in you,
A hot mess of
               And desire...
Bite me when you shouldn't.
Scratch me; bring me
Higher, higher, higher.
Then tease me,
And please me.
Scratch me
And catch me,
As I fall down over the edge
Of your sweet desire's ledge.
Zechary DeWolf Jun 2014
Have you ever felt the ache?
That twinging,
need, when you're alone,
wishing they were near.
The tumultuous storm  in your gut when
plans fall  through,
or you have to go a
But tell me, is it worth
that twinging,
feeling of guilty paranoia when you
              and lie?
There are two pains in this world,
that of loneliness,
and that of deceit.
Can you understand
my frustration
at the choice?
I want to
see you,
        hold you,
              kiss you,
but not in deceit.
I'm sorry if this ends us,
but lying will end me.
Zechary DeWolf Jun 2014
She has stars in her eyes,
and doesn't even know
Zechary DeWolf Jun 2014
you say you're sad,
you cannot help but sink down, down, down.
but just know I'll be there.
no matter how

when  the stars burn out  and all we have left is
the rain we shared,
I'll be there.
or when you feel like everyone, everything, is gone
and you are all alone,
I'll be there.

I will be there to hold your hand,
to stay up late,
to steal you away from sleep,
just because I am jealous
that it hold you every night,
and I will not let go.

I'll be there when sickness hits,
to nurture and to heal;
when sadness strikes,
to cheer and console.

when you most need a
friend, a lover,
a hug,
the kind you fall into,  lay your head down softly,
and wrap your entirety, because the burden of this life is too strong for your worn and weary shoulders,
I'll be there, to be your Atlas.

I'll be there for you as the world turns,
and when it stops to let us off.
I'll be there.
someone is always there,if you just look.
Zechary DeWolf Jun 2014
To whom do I owe
the pleasure of meeting you?

you, the one who has touched this raw,
broken heart
and tended the wounds left by the
wrongs of the past.

you've stitched
my compassion, my love light, my
into itself, anew with light of

every memory is a drop in the pool of life.
you, however, are a river,
always moving, changing...
flooding with good feelings.

so to whom do I humbly owe
the pleasure of having met you,
drawn you closer into my heart,
opened up to your healing passion?
for all those hurt, and healed by those close to them, the old and the new.
Zechary DeWolf Jun 2014
Just as the stars lay sparkling in her eyes
so does the night's beauty shine
in her smile.
the moon's light dances in her hair and clings
to her like a perfume of
radiance bathes her.

Grace falls on her
as she moves, caressing
my eyes with pure, elegant, perfection.
How can she be compared to anything?

Her legs,
waist, forming the perfect
as they slide into her hips,
and what lies
such womanly accents.

oh, how I long to be there,
where she is.
how I long for her
and long to reveal mine to her in

Nothing hidden,
nothing kept

she does steal my heart with
glance from such
light, twinkling eyes
as they silently say,
"Come and get me"
and I

Oh how I long to be there,
where she is;
to share all our secrets
and to
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