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Jellyfish Mar 2017
Too thoughtful,
too open,
regrets put in motion.

Too awful,
too hurting,
two truths now unearthing.

One secret,
one drug to unleash it.

One passion,
one action,
one heart with two factions.
Jellyfish Jan 2014
A girl that would,
a girl that just couldn't,
mean nothing to me,
but the other that wouldn't?

Or rather,
she shouldn't,
she's taken,
she wouldn't.
A heart made of gold,
I love her,
she's prudent.

The girl that just couldn't,
it's not that she wouldn't,
one side can hide
but the other?
That couldn't.
I still made her moan,
and shuffle,
and tense,
no less to atone
for the mess;
not alone.

And the girl that would?
She's taken,
I shouldn't.
It's not that I wouldn't,
but hell I just couldn't.
Because the other that wouldn't,
was with me,
each time,
and I love her.

And maybe it's worth it,
when later,
both lovesick,
I heard her admit,
that she might love me too.
She couldn't decide,
when her eye met with mine,
to abide moral side
or give in,
and confide.

In a sicken love feeling,
to think to give up,
to consider a fold,
because you might love me too.
Jellyfish Aug 2013
Somewhere deep inside me,
is happiness.
Somewhere inside me,
but none are triumphant.
Stress likes me though,
a lot,
I'm afraid.
Oh just to think of the things I would trade.
To be gone of my mistress,
my headaches,
tight neck.
That ***** I call strain
I would pay to forget.

A thousand gold pieces,
a million copper.
To cope with this ****-up
and cull my taut suffer.
To rest wrought resilience
and shame the old trophy.
A new era,
new chapter.
A new world where I see:
  and Happiness triumphant.
Jellyfish Jun 2013
From love I love a thousand things
but only two or three,
make my heart skip a beat,
melt and drain to feet.
The things in love we overrate
confuse and startle me.
Making out is great and all
but truly you believe?
That touching lips is better than,
holding hands and cheeky grins.
I believe love's greatest things
are silent, private, natural, free.
You know they know you missed a beat
and they know you know they did too.
In that brief and perfect moment,
brain shuts down; instincts cue.

Losing track,
left foot next,
right foot
left foot
stop, and - back.
Brain loads up,
lungs take air,
right foot
left foot
stop - relax.

In those brief and perfect moments,
when your heart drains to your foot,
you know love's worth the tricky
bits before and after put.
The moment after brain reboots
and lungs take air and feet compute.
Just before your head is clear,
you're sober and your thoughts adhere.
You're dizzy, almost, not severe,
in a word, your world - ideal.

For me, maybe, love is near?
I'm a little dizzy..
Jellyfish May 2013
Work, eat, work, sleep.
Work, sigh - new week.

Bank holiday, work then tidy.
Sleep, eat, work now Friday.
Thank Crunchie, eat then tidy.
Iron, sleep, new week, Monday.
Met deadline, pat on back.
Tighter deadline, fancy that.
Have a breakfast, just be late,
work, sleep, work, a date!
Inspiration, "changed my life".
Work, think, change my life.

Starting Monday, new routine.
Work, play! Eat, sleep.
Missed deadline, angry voices.
Work, more work? Awful choices.
Work some more, please the boss.
Work, more work, another week lost.

New tie Tuesday, no one noticed.
Stop and think why I wrote this.
Just like thinking? Maybe not.
Dislike the answer? Bingo! Stop.
Thought too much, behind on deadline.
Work some more, eat then bedtime.
"Thank Crunchie it's Friday" is a famous advertising slogan for the Cadbury Crunchie chocolate bar in the UK.
Jellyfish May 2013
I'm a not-so-hopeless romantic,
I sealed a date,

I flirted I thought
but I knew that I ought
to cut back on my perilous prowl.

My absolute closest best friend,
is in love with this girl,
it would seem.

I told him I like her
but he really likes her
and I can't help but feel mean.

(The girl) We've been friends for a while,
and I've always fancied her style,
but only recently text
(completely unvexed)
and decided to spark up a trial.

Now judge if you must,
but in Molly I trust,
and this girl wants to know how she feels.

So coated in sugar
her words without quiver
request that we share her appeal.

Alone in her room,
four hours and soon,
confused, tired and worn.
There's always the chance,
that our flirting advanced,
our careful responses
and cheekier choices,
will stump this chaotic lovelorn.
"Molly" is a common street name for the "love drug" MDMA
Jellyfish May 2013
I wake up, half past two,
late again, but dreamt of you.
Of all the things I wouldn't do?
Dream of you, a tortured tale.

Save past weeks you're new to me,
a shiny thing in endless sea,
but once too many have I believed,
then broken, lost, bereaved.

In my head you died, you see.
You couldn't have, he cheated she!
But yes, I know, it is, believe.
I didn't try, defaulted fail.

Soon won't pass
but in my head,
a thousand words
were never said,
an empty tale,
a soreful fail,
a broken, heartless, coward.
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