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Imperfect Desire Jul 2020
The first time you saw his pictures you should’ve ran,
Are you now only stuck in this relationship because you are one of his greatest fans?
Believe me if you stay you might just **** him up with your bedside table lamp
Because baby he played you
And your whole relationship was an enormous sham

You deserve better than this, more than the world
I only wish you could see how your soft, tender smiles are worth more than the oceans’ pearls
These men don’t value you so why do you continue to give them your time?
Is it because they continue to floss their scanty little dimes?
Stop asking him if he even gives a flying ****
Because to him and his friends you were just an easy, ugly duck

The love was and will never be there
And it’s okay to cry your heart out for now my sweet, little dear
But only sob for a few days over his harsh ways
And please remember that losing him will be just another phase...

Imperfect Desire **
Follow me on Instagram @imperfectdesirexx for daily quotes and poetry ❤️. I am currently going through a heartbreak and I hope this poem will help others to get the courage to leave a man/woman who does not value them 💔.
Imperfect Desire Jan 2020
You bombofucking ****
You are so full of ****
My biggest regret is letting you hit
You approached me when I was in a dark state
And I initially insisted that I wanted us to wait
But you got into my head
Ultimately mutilating my mental health
You told me a **** tonne of ******* and lies so I could sympathize with the fact that your mother died
And it worked because you got what you wanted
And I went against my better judgement because I thought you were different
Despite knowing that you are an emotionally stunted criminal
Who gets by in life by doing the bare minimal
You told me all the things I wanted to hear
But you left out the most important thing my dear,

I told you that I cry myself to sleep most nights
And you promised to be my shining knight
You claimed that you will always be here
But just like all the other ******* in the end, you didn’t care
The biggest crime you’ve committed was not by being a druggie’s plug  
- It is taking advantage of my trust and love.

You will now become the one **** that I’ll never claim
Not because my ***** is ashamed
But I prefer not to give you anymore fame
However, you are not to be fully blamed
I realized that I needed someone to distract me from my loneliness
And I need to work on the self love that I’ve lost.

In the end, I FORGIVE YOU for piercing my heart
However, I still consider you as a little piece of ****
But for me to move on I need to say goodbye to you my beautiful green-eyed Codeine
I’ve given you enough of my energy and it’s time to leave you in 2019.

Imperfect Desire **
For all those who battle depression and loneliness we should not let guys/girls use us. We are better than that.
  Oct 2015 Imperfect Desire
Sia Jane
It's hard to write a poem
When there's nothing going on
It's hard to think of what to say
When you've given most of it away

As poets we never scratch the surface
We delve within, disclose our deepest sin
We crave our pain, declare it's for our art
Yet more often than not have no idea where to start

But start we do and start we must
A deep desire in all of us
To spill out on the written page
What little bit we have tried to save

Ink now is the poets blood
Fragments of self pour from within
Silence is our safety net
To stop us from bleeding out

Although it's hard to write a poem
With nothing going on
We still find words to form a verse
From deep within our marrow bone

Work © Mike Hauser & © Sia Jane
Mike opened this piece and we went from there.
Hope you enjoy this Hello Poetry collaboration too :)

It goes without saying, just how honoured we are to have this as Daily <3
Y'all are the greatest <3
Thank you so much <3
  Oct 2015 Imperfect Desire
You're a one night stand
But we spent too many nights
I lost count of it.

You're that unexpected kiss
On a drunken wasted night
Of vomits and *****.

You're that awkward hi
Exchanged by strangers who
Thought they both knew each other
But were clearly mistaken for another.

You're the bruise that turns blue
When I accidentally bump my leg
On the corner of the bed.

You're the scar that I never
Knew I had.

You're the bittersweet taste in
My mouth every morning.

You're the last thought lingering
In my head before slumber takes me
And you're the vagueness that
Haunts me in my dreams.

You're the scalding hot shower
In a cold freezing morning.

You're the boiling tea that numbs
My tongue for the rest of the day.

You're the obsession
I will never learn to let go of.

You're that person I will
Never get to call mine.

You're the one that got away.
Imperfect Desire Mar 2015
His deep hazel eyes,
                     That are full of
Pain and torment, that is hiding behind his
Wishing for another, someone to call his
     But inlove with his best friend,
     Who he secretly stalks at home
   That his other half has found another,
    Meditating on this he gives up and says
                 "WHY BOTHER"
                   Life is full of ****,
So he puts on one of those perfect,believing
              ­  And pretends to be
       While slowly losing the love of his

Knowing this person was an amazing gift I've received from life,
But what makes it cruel and hurtful is that I cannot be his love and his wife....

Imperfect Desire **
Imperfect Desire Mar 2015
Am I the only one that has their demons feasting upon their souls?
They say it is easy to tie a noose around your mind,
To overcome the urges and temptations of ending your life with a suicide
They don't know the true pain and torment that is going on in my head
An epic battle that leaves me with restless nights in bed
"End your life already" they say, as they prey on me during my weakest hours
Sometimes I give into the voices, carrying the sharp blade to my wrist
Crying as I struggle to mutter three powerful words that keeps me going
Choking on my sobs, my lungs deflate with a desire to say that God loves me
I try to convince myself that God is trying to test my faith
And to just wait, wait and wait
Then my Demons will eventually go AWAY.....

~Imperfect Desire **
  Feb 2015 Imperfect Desire
I look happy, don’t I?
there are no cuts on my wrists
all you see
is the smile on my lips
maybe even a spark in my eyes
and all you hear
is me telling everyone i'm fine
maybe even a laugh once in a while

but when will you look deep into my eyes
look beneath the spark and the blue color
see the emptiness and the darkness in me

   when you will realize
the smile is a facade
i'm not happy, it's fake, i'm hiding my tears
   when you will see
the spark is a blur
i'm not happy, i’m on the edge to tears
   when you will hear
the laugh is a scream
i'm not happy, i’m choking on pain

did you check my heart? it’s filled with scars

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